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Today’s idea addresses that thorn in all of our sides, guidance vs. free will.

We, as humans, are endowed with free will, a wonderful gift from the Universe which allows us to decide our course of action in any given situation.  Like any beautiful tool, free will can be used for good or ill.  It can enhance our decision-making or create a nightmare of our life, depending how it is used.  Aligned with guidance, free will literally brings Heaven to earth for us; consistently aligned with ego, it can give us a living Hell. 

We, as humans, are also conscious enough to have access to divine guidance, an access which we can strengthen through constant practice.  When this channel is open, even partially, we are afforded heavenly wisdom whose only purpose is to enrich our lives and enable us to keep to our purpose here on Earth.  With two such powerful tools at our disposal, what prevents us from living to our fullest?  Let us explore this question.

Despite being fully aware of internal messages, how many times have we ignored those very clear messages from our Angels? As a small example, we receive an internal message to take our umbrella with us as we go out the door. The sun is shining and we think the idea is ridiculous, so we leave the bumbershoot at home. Within 10 minutes there is a cloudburst and we are soaked to the skin. Sound familiar?  Many of us have had this experience at one time or another.

Much can also be learned from our fellow travelers on this planet, the insects. Have you ever watched a fly on a window? The fly crawls on the glass, obviously trying to get outside. It keeps crawling up the glass, going as high as it can, attempting to exit the window. A kind-hearted soul might open the window, thinking to help the fly leave. The fly will ignore the opening and continue to crawl up the glass in its attempt to escape. If that same kind-hearted soul now attempts to “herd” the fly to the opening with a piece of paper, for example, the fly will buzz about in confusion, then settle back onto the glass, crawl up it, and totally ignore the open window, which is its escape route to the outside world. As we watch the hapless efforts of that unfortunate fly, we are struck by its single-mindedness, its determination, and its commitment to an avenue which not only will not accomplish its goal, which is escape to the outside world, but will contribute to its death. Our hearts go out to it, but that fly is so convinced of the correctness of  its perception that it will ignore any and all attempts to deter it from its determined path.  Often, in exasperation, I have caught flies in a glass jar and literally transported them out the door, where they happily fly off to their destinies, perhaps a little perplexed at how they happened to be suddenly outside.

In each of these examples, a clear way was presented for optimum effect.  With the umbrella scenario, taking that umbrella along would have enriched life by prevention of being drenched.  In the insect example, paying attention to the open window would result in the fly being outside, which was its own intent anyway.  Yet, neither example gave a satisfactory outcome.  In each case, the being involved had a definite opinion of the situation and a definite opinion of how to accomplish an end result.  The umbrella person only saw a sunny sky, not the rain coming.  The fly was determined to escape by going up the glass, not by going out the window.  If either of them could have pried their thoughts away from their own good opinions, they could have been open to a greater picture and thus had success in their undertakings.

So how, indeed, can we reconcile our free will with that of following guidance?  How can we move past this barrier to allowing guidance to manage our lives?  Through practicing trust.  Understanding that we are not separate from guidance.  Understanding that we really desire to do that which is requested of us.  Finally using our free will in the way in which it was intended:  to freely decide to merge with Heavenly guidance and follow the best advice the Universe can present to us:  free advice, freely given, specifically taylored to our specific needs by our own Angels!  How can anyone argue with that?

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Angels never cease to amaze me. Today, I was invited to luncheon with friends, and, as usual, the topic quickly turned to intuition and synchronicity. One woman, Dawn, shared that she had been living in the past for much of her life. She stated this matter-of-factly, indicating by her voice and manner that she accepted living in the past and really saw no reason to change her outlook. One day, perhaps two years ago, Dawn said that she was sitting and interacting with a group of children when a little seven-year-old girl sat down beside her.

“I have a gift for you,” said the little girl to Dawn.
“A gift?”
“Yes, I have a present,” repeated the little girl, “yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is to come. The present is now.”

As Dawn was digesting these words of wisdom from a little girl who had no idea that Dawn habitually lived in the past, the little girl told Dawn a story: “God has a great big barrel in Heaven where He lives. Each request goes onto a piece of paper and gets dropped into this great, big barrel. Then, God puts His hand all the way down to the bottom of the barrel, and pulls out a request. When God reads your request, you will get your wish.”

As we sat the table and heard these incredible words, goosebumps ran all around. How could a little girl know these things and state them so confidently, with complete assurance that the message was meant for Dawn? And that her words would echo down the years and the miles to us, as we were sitting at that table, four comparative strangers? For, as Dawn relayed the story of the barrell, I suddenly knew that the dearest request of my heart had been read and that it would be soon forthcoming. So, my dear readers, write your dearest requests on that slip of paper, surround it with Light, drop it into the barrel, and hang on when it is granted!

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did”

Hello, Dear Readers. In my very first blog, ever, I am here to tell you just how fast the Universe/Spirit Guides/Holy Spirit can move in your life, as they are today moving in mine. This morning I received the above quote via email from a friend in Florida. Immediately struck by its wisdom and sage advice, I noticed that the quote is really the flip side of “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always had”. Making a mental note to (at some point) implement this timely advice, I drove to my friend’s house to work on my website. Little did I know that my Guides meant the advice for me, right here and right now. The website was beginning to be fleshed out, with actual information under the headings, but no blogs, as of yet. As my friend talked about connecting my website to Facebook and Twitter and encouraging the purchase of a Blackberry for my tweets and blogs, an entirely new and different lifestyle flashed before me. From past experience, I recognized the work of my Guides and knew that this is the correct path. But, but, but–it’s entirely out of my comfort zone!

Here’s an example of what I mean. Most of us have dreamed about a vacation to Hawaii, with its blue waters and languid breezes. What if somebody knocked on your door just now and offered you free tickets to Hawaii for a two-weeks-all-expenses-paid trip; the only catch is that you must leave immediately. How many of us would hem and haw, thinking about all the things we have to do to get ready: feed the cat, stop the mail, notify place of work, and so on? I would wager that most of us would not be able to leave immediately and thus would miss out on the dream trip of a lifetime, all expenses paid. That’s how things work when your Guides/Universe/Holy Spirit puts opportunity in front of you. Things move faster than the speed of light, and it will change your life.

So, ironically, although I had imagined and wished for the past two years for just such an opportunity as is before me now, I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone. In fact, I’m in one galaxy and my comfort zone is in the galaxy just one over. This morning I had committed myself to the idea that “to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did”. This afternoon the Universe obliged me by presenting me with tools and ideas to rock my world. Of course, I will follow this guidance because my past experience tells me that my comfort zone will adjust. I also know from past experience that to choose to not follow this clear guidance will hamper my growth and give me cause for regret.

Try this at home only when you can clearly differentiate between true guidance and your own inner wishes and desires, otherwise you are courting disaster. For those of you who are able to differentiate between true Spirit and your own ego, let’s all take a quantum leap off the mountain, trusting that our comfort zones will catch up with us.