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Who among us has no use for a few extra dollars? One day in mid-winter of 2009, I was in dire straits with my cash flow, which seemed to have sprung a leak. A lot more was going out than was coming in. I was also most unhappy, both because of my financial situation and the emotional stressors that were plaguing me at this particular time in the workplace. This double barreled misery was almost more than I could tolerate, so I bellowed at my Angels to fix this mess and to notify me when they had a solution. I was beyond angry. I reminded my Angels that it was they who had instructed me in no uncertain terms to remain in the mausoleum of a house with the unending mortgage (see also blog, May 4, 2010); that it was they who put these emotional stressors before me, for whatever cockamamie reason; and I reminded them that they were not living on the physical plane so how could they possibly appreciate all of the demands we must ordinarily endure connected with physicality, which become compounded when they decide to make our lives more interesting. I was not happy. I was anything but happy. In fact, I was on the opposite end of the whole, gigantic, forever-expanding Universe of “happy”.

While I was stewing in my poverty-conscious misery, one of my co-workers came to me with a page from a desk calendar. She held it out and said, “I was told to give you this” (she, too, has direct access to guidance). Filled with curiosity, I read:

“Feeling happy now is the fastest way to bring money into your life”—The Secret

Goosebumps studded my arms and chills ran up my spine as I recognized guidance. Eyes wide, I thanked her profusely for this message, which obviously came in answer to my rant. She told me that for the past few days she had had a sense of needing to contact me and to give me this leaf from her calendar—it just felt “right” to her. She finally remembered to bring the paper to me. Could this message have been any more timely?

Only one obstacle stood in my way: the message read, “feeling happy……”, and I was not happy! I kept that note in my pocket for the rest of the day and tried to come up with a plan to be happy. I remembered Abraham Lincoln’s insightful comment that “a man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be”; I pasted a fake smile on my face and tried to twinkle at everyone. Then, I remembered that old cliche: “fake it ’til you make it”. That seemed good enough for the moment. Perhaps happiness really would come along, followed closely by lots of cold, green cash. It was worth a try.

With this new attitude, and a direct command from my Angels to work as much as I could this past winter, I volunteered for all kinds of duties. If someone wanted a day off, I cheerfully worked. If my manager called in the middle of my sleep and requested that I come in early, I cheerfully obliged. The more I cheerfully worked, the more people asked me to work. The entire winter was spent in working and sleeping, but my cash flow improved significantly. In fact, I found at income tax time that this perky, upbeat attitude had given me a full 20% more income over my base salary!

When I was newly introduced to the idea of “feeling happy now is the fastest way to bring money into your life” I was somewhat taken aback. I would have thought that working extra would bring money into my life. Or that working overtime would contribute to increased income. Perhaps even finding a second (or third, or fourth) job would do the trick. Somehow, just feeling happy seemed irrelevent to attracting money. I talked at length to my good friend, Sue, who has become one of my psychic sounding boards. We explored all of the other ways that each of us thought would have brought money into our lives, and then marveled at this entirely alien concept. Since I had nothing to lose, I decided to work all that I could with a different attitude, a happy attitude of gratitude (see also blog, May 16, 2010), and it has paid off handsomely. Along with bringing cold cash into my sorely depleted coffers, I have learned to work cheerfully and with this cheerfulness find that my fatigue level has also dropped. I can work long hours, concentrating on my work, with 50% less fatigue than before adopting this cheery attitude. Who knew?

Pioneer that I am, I have paved this road for you, too. I am living proof of Angelic advice. Adopting an attitude of cheerfulness, my income rose by 20% in six short months. Not a bad return for feeling happy. I wonder how much my income could rise if I were to become ecstatic?? You have nothing to lose. Get out there, paste a smile on your face, open your wallet, and collect those pennies from Heaven!

Today’s message from your Angels concerns that entirely under-rated attitude, gratitude. It sounds so trite: be grateful for things and people in your life; count your blessings. Mostly, these sound like empty words, platitudes expressed by miserable people who are trying to feel good in their misery. After living with this word intensely for the past year, and for having sporadically felt it for some decades, I am here to tell you that when you practice gratitude, wonders come into your life.

For me, the beginnings of gratitude started after the mushrooms began talking to me. As I shopped in the produce section of the supermarket, the mushrooms wanted to come home with me. “What do I need mushrooms for?” I wondered and totally dismissed the thought. The very next day, I wanted to cook beef stroganoff, which called for—you guessed it—mushrooms. Had I bought them yesterday, I would have them now. Instead, because I did not follow guidance (who knew that mushrooms could talk, anyway?), I had to make that extra trip to the market. Off I went, grumbling to myself about not having followed guidance, and bought the needed mushrooms. As I was cutting them up for dinner, I had the thought that I should thank them for volunteering to be eaten by me. An odd thought, that. Accustomed to taking my vegetables for granted, it was a truly novel idea to thank them for sacrificing themselves on my behalf. Thank them I did, and proceeded to cut them up for dinner. After this initial experience, it has become second nature for me to mentally thank my vegetables, and even the chicken or other meat that I am using, just before I cut them up. I am unsure of the physical effect of this act of gratitude. Perhaps it helps you digest your food better, or perhaps you utilize your food more effectively to keep you healthy and strong. Incidentally, the vegetables and meat don’t mind if you do not acknowledge their sacrifice in becoming your food, but they appreciate your awareness of them, when you do thank them. Somehow, that awareness and appreciation translates into a benefit for you.

Slowly, and in spurts, I was directed to begin to thank the Universe for a multitude of things which I had previously taken for granted. I began giving mental thanks for my wonderful car, which had brought me home safely, once again. I gave thanks for my warm, soft bed with the wonderful mattress that hugs me just right. I gave thanks for my tight roof, which keeps out the weather in the driving rain. I gave thanks for having enough money to pay my bills any particular month. This last idea I received from my dear sister. Many years ago, I was complaining to her about having to pay so many bills and how the money just seemed to be hemorrhaging from my bank account. She listened in her wonderful way and then said, “I’m always grateful that I have the money to pay the bills”. What a novel idea, I thought. Since then, I, too, have developed the habit of thanking the Universe that I am able to pay my bills, and since then, I always have enough money to pay the bills. It’s close sometimes, but the money is always there.

A propos that idea, just this past week a miracle happened regarding my bills. This miracle is directed related, I believe, to both my continued expressions of gratitude and my expectation of help from my Angels. My car, which is my lifeline to the world, had been acting up. The steering was wobbly, clunks came from unexpected places, the steering wheel was canted 30 degrees from the horizontal, and a rhythmic “thump, thump, thump” was being telegraphed along the driveshaft into the steering wheel when I was stopped at a light. Annoying symptoms, which, I believed, could be addressed by a simple wheel alignment. Silly, naive, little ole me. Wheel alignment? How about rebuilding the front end, to the tune of $3500? There I was, between a rock and a hard place. The car was undriveable in its present condition and I need it for my work, but who has $3500 in their back pockets for a major car repair? Trusting to the Universe, I gave permission for the work to be done and drove away in a very plush loaner car.

The day before I was to pick up my repaired car, I was driving to an appointment in the plush loaner. My mind went blank and I mentally talked with my Angels. Calmly, I told them that I would have to pay for the repairs to my car, but had no visible means of doing so. I told them that they would have to come up with a plan, to reveal the plan to me, and to let me know how all of this would be accomplished. I thanked them for their help and totally put the matter out of my mind. That night, as I was opening the mail, an amazing offer was presented from one of my credit card companies. This particular bank had an offer for 0% interest on cash advances for six months, with only a 4% transaction fee! I could pay for my car repairs! Just to be absolutely certain of the bank’s rules, I called the customer service line. A very helpful representative told me not only the fine points of the rules, but also offered to extend the life of the loan—at 0%—for an additional 3 months! I could not believe my luck. Not only had my Angels presented me with a way to pay for my car repairs, but they did it with a very low interest rate and then extended the loan payment period! Gratefully, I thanked the agent for this offer and told him that he had no earthly idea how helpful this had been. The agent transferred the money to my checking account and I was able to pick up my car the next day, having paid for it in full. Truly, my Angels had, once again, saved my sorry patootie.

These are just a few small examples from my own experiences of how having a feeling of gratitude for elements in my life has allowed even more abundance to flow into it. In the coming days, your Angels will have more to say about this concept of gratitude and plan to show you some of the wonderful benefits that can come your way.

Your Angels have been exhorting you in many of these posts to listen, practice, and observe with all of your senses in order to receive their special messages for you. They have given you important hallmarks by which to judge the authenticity of messages you receive. They wish to emphasize that sustained effort on your part is rewarded, sometimes in unusual ways.

One reward that I have had for most of my life is that I can predict for up to two days when I will encounter a particular person. It works like this: a particular person will be in my life for some time. We interact, talk, laugh, work together. Then the person disappears, usually without my being consciously aware of this. Some time passes. This amount of time is usually long, perhaps weeks, perhaps months. One day, out of the blue, that person’s name or face or personality passes before my inner eyes. With that, I know that I will see that person within, at most, two days time. This has been unfailing. I cannot tell you the “why” or the “wherefore”, I just know that it works.

The first time this happened to me was so unusual that I still remember it vividly. I was 20, in college, and corresponding with my friend, Sandy. She had married at age 19 and had moved away from the town, so sent me letters fairly regularly. Then, quite suddenly, the letters stopped coming. Her husband was in the Service, so I never knew her address until she wrote, and there was no way to contact her unless she contacted me. I was sad not to hear from her, but life went on. After almost a year with no word from her, I had all but forgotten her because of my studies. In an early morning dream, she appeared. But what a dream! I dreamt that I was in a funeral parlor. The open casket was in the center of an austere, gray room, surrounded by colorful flowers. Slowly I approached the casket and looked in, to see the body of Sandy arrayed in her funeral finery! Shocked and saddened, I looked at her young, lovely face and mourned. This image woke me. The images were so real that I wondered if she had, indeed, died. At around noontime, the mail was delivered to the house, and I went to fetch it. There, among the bills and junk mail, was a letter from Sandy, addressed to me. With trembling hands, I opened it to read the first line: “Dear Alex, Hi! I’m not dead……..”! I couldn’t believe this! I had just that morning dreamt that I was at Sandy’s funeral, viewing her body in the open casket, and then a few hours later, I received a letter from her telling me that she is not dead. She would have had to have written that letter several days earlier, then posted it, so somehow I was on her wavelength. But to have had such an usual dream exactly correlating with the arrival of her letter in which she specifically addresses the subject of my dream is simply mind-boggling for me. Perhaps, someday, I will learn the “how”, “why”, and “what” of this particular gift.

Another important reward for your diligent and faithful practice is that you will begin to see ahead—into the “future”. Within the past few years, I find that I am able to predict some events as far ahead as half a day. For example, sometimes I know that I will see a particular person that particular day. Sure enough, the person appears. Often I am at a loss as to how to deal with this, but then I just let Spirit guide me in interactions. When driving to work—which is 45-60 minutes, one way—I find that I can tell which direction the car ahead of me will turn long before we reach an intersection. On the interstate highway, I can feel whether a merging car will be moving into a particular lane, and have been able to avoid many a nasty accident.

While practicing listening to guidance is its own reward, it’s surprising pleasant to realize that rewards other than the obvious are in store. Practice diligently every day (see Recipe for Happiness, May 7, 2010), keep your antennae extended to receive signals, and be mindful of your experiences. I would love to read about them.

Continuing on our subject of dreams and guidance, I am in the process of being taught by Angels and sharing with you the nature of the interaction between sleeping (inner) and waking (outer) dreaming. Sleeping (inner) dreaming is, of course, self-explanatory, and comprises those dreams which occur as we are asleep. Waking (outer) dreaming is our conscious dreaming while awake, as for example, the deliberate training of the subconscious mind for the purpose of bringing a desired result into our lives.

That the two merge in important ways was brought home to me this morning as I awoke from an unusual dream. In preface, I would like to request that you not allow the personal nature of these, and other, examples to deter you from the messages conveyed in these posts. While the experience comes from my dream, please remember that your Angels have designated me “Chief Guinea Pig”, leading me through experiences which are all of benefit for you. I live it; you reap the reward. I pave the way, you follow and have the luxury of avoiding some of the worst pitfalls. Strangely enough, I am only too happy to share the benefit of my experience with you so that you can all the more quickly enrich your lives through guidance.

Soldiering on, then, from previous posts, you may remember that my Angels have in store for me an entirely new way of life, with new interactions, and, most importantly, a new way of thinking, separating me quite handily from my comfort zone (see post, April 27, 2010). Toward this end, I am busily reading—and doing—Napoleon Hill’s seminal book, Think and Grow Rich (Classic edition, published 1937). Having two definite purposes and following exactly his instructions in regard to those two purposes, I find that the substance of my inner dreams has radically changed.

I was alerted to the change immediately upon awakening this morning by a vivid, visual memory of one very important component of my inner dream. As I recognized guidance at work, I lay quietly in bed, going over the dream, or what I remembered of it. In substance, it seemed at first glance to be the “garden-variety” dream, i.e., a rehash of images, attitudes, and feelings left over from the day before; a dream that was relieving stress and cleaning my mental hard drive (see post, May 5, 2010). On deeper inspection, however, I was struck by how in keeping this seemingly innocuous dream was with one of the two definite purposes I am endeavoring to bring into my life through the teachings of Napoleon Hill. The vivid, visual image left with me upon awakening—that of an amorous man with a scruffy beard—also served to tie my waking and sleeping dreams together. My Angels are showing me that my outer dreams are beginning to percolate into my subconscious mind, where they are beginning to be processed for outward expression. That they are being processed is evident in the alteration of the substance of my sleeping dreams, which previously did not contain amorous men and none of them in beards.

You may have noticed the emphasis on the word “scruffy” in the paragraph above. It was with boundless surprise that I noticed the emphasis in my sleeping dream on that scruffy beard. My taste in men does not run to beards, and especially not to scruffiness. A three-day growth ordinarily leaves me cold. Why then, emphasize scruffiness in that vivid, visual image? Yet, somehow, that amorous attitude, coupled with a scruffy, light-brown beard has important meaning for me, which is why guidance went to so much trouble to bring it to my attention. Even more interestingly, that scruffy beard is intimately tied to one of my definite purposes, a purpose I have been training my subconscious mind to manifest for me these 25 days since I began to faithfully follow Napoleon Hill’s instructions. It’s unfolding and you, my dear readers, are in the front row seats of this drama before your eyes!

The very important take-home message in this post is that what you dream—or believe with strong emotion—in your waking moments appears in your sleeping dreams, as well. Changing your outer dreams, attitudes, and beliefs changes, also, your sleeping dreams, which then changes your life. Why not dream big and beautifully and live your dreams?

Your Angels have spent some time discussing guidance, guidance given to you, and how to recognize guidance. In most of these posts, they have exhorted you to practice, practice, practice listening to your highest thoughts and to the guidance sent your way from the Heavenly realms. Today, they encourage you also to begin a daily spiritual practice through their recipe for happiness.

Recipe for Happiness: find a comfortable chair and sit quietly for one minute—60 short seconds, ignoring any thoughts that come in, that is, don’t grab them and follow them. Do this every day, consistently, until 60 seconds starts to seem like a short time. Then you are ready for two minutes. When two minutes seems like a short time, go to three minutes, and so on, to a maximum of 20 minutes. When the time is up, rise and attend to other business.

Take it slow and easy; there’s no rush. You have all the time in the world. If you like, set the microwave timer for 60 seconds so that you can totally relax, knowing that you will be alerted when the time is up. Yes, your life is hectic. Yes, you have a gazillion commitments. Yes, everybody is vying for your time. Yes, you are so up to your elbows in fighting alligators that you cannot even begin to think about draining the swamp. And yes, you do have 1 minute—60 teensy seconds—each day to sit. Everybody has 60 short seconds, once a day. Start today with this simple exercise and watch an amazing life unfold for you.