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Happy May Day, Peeps!  Continuing the theme of learning to trust your Guides and Angels, I am again reminded that they have a sense of humor.  Many of you know that I live in a very old house (think French Revolution) which has lots of holes for critters to creep through.  For years, I have had one or two little mice who just don’t understand that they would be much happier in the great Outdoors than in my old house.  Last winter I had a time trying to trap them, since I didn’t want to kill them.  They were trying to make a living, just like me, only they happened to be doing it in my house, not outside, where they belong.  Anyway, I rigged a booby-trapped paper towel roll by sawing it partway through, making it look whole, but with the weight of a little mouse, it would tip, allowing the mouse to fall into a deep bucket, cushioned by soft rags.  At the bottom, too, was some food and water so the little one could refresh itself before going outside.

This contraption actually caught one mouse, but not the smarter one.  For a while, I tried to capture that one, too, with the sawed paper towel roll, but it was too smart.  So, for another year, we were playing cat and mouse.  Guess who was the mouse.  Tonight, the little one showed its face.  I was instantly alert and told my angels, “help me catch this mouse”, then assumed that I would catch it.  Can you believe it, within five minutes, that little mouse was in a Tupperware container, lid in place, and secured with rubber bands.  I personally chauffered that little guy ten miles away, and let it loose in the woods, where it scampered away.  (I had heard that they must be taken many miles away from their homes, because they can find their way back through their keen sense of smell). 

What’s the message for today?  Many messages, Peeps.  First, when you ask for help, ask with authority.  No wimpy, “well, if you think it’s best, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze let this happen”; no “well, I hate to bother you, but in your spare time, could you help me catch this mouse, if it’s not too much trouble?”; no “I know that I’m really not worthy, but could you deign to lend a hand?”.  None of that.  You want this request granted and you want it now.  Period.  End of story.  Secondly, ask with confidence, then proceed as if the thing you are requesting will happen.  This last is extremely important.   Act as if you already have your request in hand.  So, with the mouse, after telling my Angels to help me with catching it, I didn’t worry how this would be accomplished.  That wasn’t my problem, the how was up to the Angels.  I got out the Tupperward container and the lid and went to work, herding that mouse into the bowl.  And in went the mouse, on the sunny side of five minutes, when up until now, I had spent nearly a year trying to catch it.  Lastly, give the problem to your Guides and Angels.  Do not agonize on how, whether, when, or in what fashion your request will be acted upon.  Proceed as if you had it in hand and trust that you will, indeed, have it, because you will, indeed, have it. 

Make small requests of your Angels daily.  This constant communication keeps them on their “toes” and helps you to develop trust.  Trust will stand you in good stead when they have a request in change of lifestyle for you that puts you out of your comfort zone.  Daily communication also keeps you in the practice of tuning in to the world of Guides and Angels, increasing your listening power.  Then, you, too, will be able to capture critters with confidence!