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We are aware of Guides and Angels and the many benefits they provide for us in our lives, particularly when we listen to them and follow their advice.  Most of us are also aware of our own egos and the trouble they can cause for us.  Differentiation between Guides and the ego is, therefore, crucial.  So, the sixty-four dollar question is,  how can we recognize when a message truly comes from the Heavenly realm?  Some hallmarks of guidance follow.

When opportunity presents itself before you with the speed of thought, when things seem to be moving too fast, that is a sure-fire sign of guidance.  The Universe drives a 5-speed; get used to it!

Example:  several years ago, the then-husband had been driving a really unsafe car.  We went to a Subaru dealership to window shop with the intention of test-driving one, then after a few months of thought, perhaps to buy one.  We test-drove a nice Subaru, returned to the dealer’s showroom, and prepared to leave.  The salesman asked us what he could do to put us into a Subaru.  Without a second thought, I pointed to a forest-green Outback in the showroom window.  “That one,” I said, “that’s the one we want.”  The salesman got a strange look on his face.  “I’ll be right back”, he said. 

While he was gone, I tried to ignore the look of annoyance flashed to me by the then-husband.  Quickly, the salesman returned.  “I can offer you that one for $22,000 with 0% financing for two years,” he said.  Instantly, I recognized the hand of the Angels in this offer.  For one, a used Subaru at that time was selling for $24,000, and there was no 0% financing on used vehicles, anywhere.  For another, 0% financing was unheard of at that time.  It seemed, too, that by a happy coincidence, we had visited this particular dealership just as they were expanding to a new location within the city, so they were really anxious to unload all of their existing cars and replace them with the newer models coming out soon.  And, most importantly, this offer came quickly and was totally out of the blue.  Clearly, the Angels were making us an offer that we could not refuse.  Except that my then-husband was refusing it.  He thanked the salesman and said he would think about it.  I knew better.  Strike at that opportunity while it is before you, because once it’s gone, regrets will abound.  I asked the salesman to allow the two of us to talk.  The salesman quickly departed.  I explained to the then-husband about the Angels and how quickly they move; that this was a sweet deal from Heaven, which we could not afford to pass up; that the terms were excellent; that his present car was a death-trap.  I give the man credit for listening and believing.  We did, indeed, buy that car, and he has had no trouble with it for these seven years.

Another hallmark of guidance is a flash of light in your head when a particular thought arrives.  That lightbulb turning on over someone’s head in cartoons has its counterpart in reality, for some ideas and thoughts from the Heavenly realm truly have a flash associated with them.  You might also get goosebumps as you realize the full import and far-reaching effect of the thought or idea.  Flashes mean that this idea is important; pay attention.  Flashes come with practice. 

Sometimes you may actually hear a voice or see words in your head.  Example:  when I was presented with the suggestion to buy an iPhone in connection with this website, my skepticism knew no bounds.  I barely could stomach the idea of a cell phone, never mind an iPhone with all of its bells and whistles.  What on earth would I want with this latest technological terror?  Giving my own self credit, the next day I contemplated the potential use of this smart phone.  As I sat quietly, wondering, the words appeared, “you need it to keep in touch with your people”!  And before me spread a vast network of souls, all connected to me via iPhone.  How could I argue with that?  So, I am now the proud owner of an awesome iPhone which does everything except make my morning coffee.

These hallmarks of true guidance  are presented for you as food for thought and practice.  Tomorrow we will explore further recognizing the signs of true guidance.