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Yesterday we began discussing the hallmarks of guidance; how to recognize when the message you receive truly comes from your Angels and Guides.  Hallmarks discussed were rapidity with which opportunity appears; a flash of light connected with a thought or idea; hearing a voice, seeing words.  Below follow more signs of true guidance.

The entire world seems to be giving you the same message.   You hear it from your friends, you hear it from your co-workers, it plays on the radio, you see it on billboards, strangers come up to you with the message. 

The most recent and most vivid example I can give you occurred in late 2007 when the then-husband demanded a divorce.  Both of us assumed that he would get the house:  he, because it had been his “dream” house; and I, because I, too, had always regarded our mutual dwelling as “his” house.  Imagine how disconcerted I felt when the Universe began telling me that the house would be mine!  The messages started when my sister called me one day.  As I answered the telephone, her voice said, in no uncertain terms, “if you even dare to give up that house, I will beat your butt!”  As she was speaking, I could literally feel my “other” ears enlarge and throb as I heard her words.  Instantly, I knew that the Angels were using my sister for their voice.  She was adamant that I need to stay in the house. This was totally out of character for my dear sister, who is the wiser for allowing people to make their own decisions.  Then, my niece, who rarely contacts me, sent an email with the same message.  People at work began to berate me with the idea of staying in the house.  All I heard all day, every day was “stay in the house”, “don’t give up the house”, “fight for the house”, “you’re staying in the house, aren’t you?”, house, house, house, house, house!  The Angels literally beat me over the head with their idea.  I had no choice but to understand the message coming at me from all sides.  There was only one teensy hitch:  the then-husband had a death-grip on the idea that the house would be his.  How was I to follow guidance when a determined man stood squarely in my way?  Remembering that the how was up to the Angels, I told them that they would just have to convince him themselves, if they truly desired that I should continue living in the house.  How they convinced him in the space of an instant is a story worth telling.

He stormed over angrily one day, demanding that I acquiesce to the divorce agreement.  As he specifically brought up the subject of the house, I sent my Angels a quick thought:  “if you want me to have the house, help me out.  It’s up to you.”  Full of righteous wrath, he pointed out what a great deal he was offering me:  he would buy me out for 1/2 of the present worth of the house; I wouldn’t have any more worries about repairs to this 250 year-old house; I could walk away with $200,000 and a clear conscience, choosing where I would live with nothing hanging over my head.  His passionate presentation was full of all the benefits I would receive if I would only acquiesce to his demand to give up the house to him.  I listened impassively and when he stopped talking, I heard myself quietly say, “I can offer you the same thing.”  As the words registered in his mind, his face literally changed.  It went from anger, irritation, annoyance, and a bitter, pinched look to one of amazement and discovery, as if he had seen a beautiful, bright future.  “I’ll take it!” he said.  And suddenly, this ancient mausoleum, with all of its guts and glory, was mine.  In less than one nanosecond, everything changed.  As I retell this story, I am aghast anew at the power of the Universe to aid us on our journey.

One really great hallmark of true Heavenly guidance is the solid feeling of knowing the truth of the message.  For myself, I find this the rarest occurrence, but which happens to me on occasion, nevertheless.  The most amazing example occurred in the spring of 1988 in Atlanta at Emory University where I was doing research for graduate school.  Former president Jimmy Carter was known to visit Emory University frequently, and it was nothing for us students to be bowled over by serious-looking, blue-suited Secret Service agents with phones in their ears and guns on their hips as we walked about the campus.  Jimmy Carter often held town meetings at the University and I was anxious to attend, to see how he conducted them and what kinds of topics would be discussed. 

The night of the meeting, I entered the large hall where it would take place.  The hall had rows of seats in semi-darkness, while the front of the hall, where Mr. Carter was to stand, was brightly lit.  As I was moving down one of the aisles toward a seat, an announcement was made that a basket would be circulated into which we could place a question.  Mr. Carter would draw questions from the basket and discuss them with the audience.  I sat down and waited for the basket to come around, having no plans to ask a question.  Soon the basket made its way to our aisle.  As soon as I touched the basket, I instantly knew beyond any shadow of any doubt that Jimmy Carter would read my question.  It was also emphasized to me by this absolute knowing that my question must be worded carefully because both the question and the discussion would influence important people’s thoughts and attitudes for the future.  Taking all of this in stride (pressure, anyone?), I proceeded to write a question, wording it for maximum effect and so that I could participate positively in the guidance I had been given.  While I cannot remember the question, the town meeting occurred amid intense anger and debate over a woman’s right to her own body, while Operation Rescue attempted to barricade Healthcare Clinics, invading women’s privacy.  Mr. Carter did, indeed, pick my question!  I, as all others, stood when he read the question, then sat while he and the audience discussed it.  It was a lively discussion, with much heat and noise; it seemed that everybody had an opinion.  Whether anyone’s outlook was changed in that discussion, I cannot say.  What seemed to be important was participation in the discussion and the airing of views.  So, my feeling of knowing was correct and I followed guidance in drafting a question that would rise to the occasion.

To summarize, then, important hallmarks of true Heavenly guidance are as follows:  rapidity with which opportunity appears; a flash of light connected with a thought or idea; hearing a voice, seeing words; the entire world seems to be giving you the same message; the solid feeling of knowing the truth of the message.  Keep these in mind as you practice, practice, practice listening to your Angels.