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Continuing on our subject of dreams and guidance, I am in the process of being taught by Angels and sharing with you the nature of the interaction between sleeping (inner) and waking (outer) dreaming. Sleeping (inner) dreaming is, of course, self-explanatory, and comprises those dreams which occur as we are asleep. Waking (outer) dreaming is our conscious dreaming while awake, as for example, the deliberate training of the subconscious mind for the purpose of bringing a desired result into our lives.

That the two merge in important ways was brought home to me this morning as I awoke from an unusual dream. In preface, I would like to request that you not allow the personal nature of these, and other, examples to deter you from the messages conveyed in these posts. While the experience comes from my dream, please remember that your Angels have designated me “Chief Guinea Pig”, leading me through experiences which are all of benefit for you. I live it; you reap the reward. I pave the way, you follow and have the luxury of avoiding some of the worst pitfalls. Strangely enough, I am only too happy to share the benefit of my experience with you so that you can all the more quickly enrich your lives through guidance.

Soldiering on, then, from previous posts, you may remember that my Angels have in store for me an entirely new way of life, with new interactions, and, most importantly, a new way of thinking, separating me quite handily from my comfort zone (see post, April 27, 2010). Toward this end, I am busily reading—and doing—Napoleon Hill’s seminal book, Think and Grow Rich (Classic edition, published 1937). Having two definite purposes and following exactly his instructions in regard to those two purposes, I find that the substance of my inner dreams has radically changed.

I was alerted to the change immediately upon awakening this morning by a vivid, visual memory of one very important component of my inner dream. As I recognized guidance at work, I lay quietly in bed, going over the dream, or what I remembered of it. In substance, it seemed at first glance to be the “garden-variety” dream, i.e., a rehash of images, attitudes, and feelings left over from the day before; a dream that was relieving stress and cleaning my mental hard drive (see post, May 5, 2010). On deeper inspection, however, I was struck by how in keeping this seemingly innocuous dream was with one of the two definite purposes I am endeavoring to bring into my life through the teachings of Napoleon Hill. The vivid, visual image left with me upon awakening—that of an amorous man with a scruffy beard—also served to tie my waking and sleeping dreams together. My Angels are showing me that my outer dreams are beginning to percolate into my subconscious mind, where they are beginning to be processed for outward expression. That they are being processed is evident in the alteration of the substance of my sleeping dreams, which previously did not contain amorous men and none of them in beards.

You may have noticed the emphasis on the word “scruffy” in the paragraph above. It was with boundless surprise that I noticed the emphasis in my sleeping dream on that scruffy beard. My taste in men does not run to beards, and especially not to scruffiness. A three-day growth ordinarily leaves me cold. Why then, emphasize scruffiness in that vivid, visual image? Yet, somehow, that amorous attitude, coupled with a scruffy, light-brown beard has important meaning for me, which is why guidance went to so much trouble to bring it to my attention. Even more interestingly, that scruffy beard is intimately tied to one of my definite purposes, a purpose I have been training my subconscious mind to manifest for me these 25 days since I began to faithfully follow Napoleon Hill’s instructions. It’s unfolding and you, my dear readers, are in the front row seats of this drama before your eyes!

The very important take-home message in this post is that what you dream—or believe with strong emotion—in your waking moments appears in your sleeping dreams, as well. Changing your outer dreams, attitudes, and beliefs changes, also, your sleeping dreams, which then changes your life. Why not dream big and beautifully and live your dreams?