Who among us has no use for a few extra dollars? One day in mid-winter of 2009, I was in dire straits with my cash flow, which seemed to have sprung a leak. A lot more was going out than was coming in. I was also most unhappy, both because of my financial situation and the emotional stressors that were plaguing me at this particular time in the workplace. This double barreled misery was almost more than I could tolerate, so I bellowed at my Angels to fix this mess and to notify me when they had a solution. I was beyond angry. I reminded my Angels that it was they who had instructed me in no uncertain terms to remain in the mausoleum of a house with the unending mortgage (see also blog, May 4, 2010); that it was they who put these emotional stressors before me, for whatever cockamamie reason; and I reminded them that they were not living on the physical plane so how could they possibly appreciate all of the demands we must ordinarily endure connected with physicality, which become compounded when they decide to make our lives more interesting. I was not happy. I was anything but happy. In fact, I was on the opposite end of the whole, gigantic, forever-expanding Universe of “happy”.

While I was stewing in my poverty-conscious misery, one of my co-workers came to me with a page from a desk calendar. She held it out and said, “I was told to give you this” (she, too, has direct access to guidance). Filled with curiosity, I read:

“Feeling happy now is the fastest way to bring money into your life”—The Secret

Goosebumps studded my arms and chills ran up my spine as I recognized guidance. Eyes wide, I thanked her profusely for this message, which obviously came in answer to my rant. She told me that for the past few days she had had a sense of needing to contact me and to give me this leaf from her calendar—it just felt “right” to her. She finally remembered to bring the paper to me. Could this message have been any more timely?

Only one obstacle stood in my way: the message read, “feeling happy……”, and I was not happy! I kept that note in my pocket for the rest of the day and tried to come up with a plan to be happy. I remembered Abraham Lincoln’s insightful comment that “a man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be”; I pasted a fake smile on my face and tried to twinkle at everyone. Then, I remembered that old cliche: “fake it ’til you make it”. That seemed good enough for the moment. Perhaps happiness really would come along, followed closely by lots of cold, green cash. It was worth a try.

With this new attitude, and a direct command from my Angels to work as much as I could this past winter, I volunteered for all kinds of duties. If someone wanted a day off, I cheerfully worked. If my manager called in the middle of my sleep and requested that I come in early, I cheerfully obliged. The more I cheerfully worked, the more people asked me to work. The entire winter was spent in working and sleeping, but my cash flow improved significantly. In fact, I found at income tax time that this perky, upbeat attitude had given me a full 20% more income over my base salary!

When I was newly introduced to the idea of “feeling happy now is the fastest way to bring money into your life” I was somewhat taken aback. I would have thought that working extra would bring money into my life. Or that working overtime would contribute to increased income. Perhaps even finding a second (or third, or fourth) job would do the trick. Somehow, just feeling happy seemed irrelevent to attracting money. I talked at length to my good friend, Sue, who has become one of my psychic sounding boards. We explored all of the other ways that each of us thought would have brought money into our lives, and then marveled at this entirely alien concept. Since I had nothing to lose, I decided to work all that I could with a different attitude, a happy attitude of gratitude (see also blog, May 16, 2010), and it has paid off handsomely. Along with bringing cold cash into my sorely depleted coffers, I have learned to work cheerfully and with this cheerfulness find that my fatigue level has also dropped. I can work long hours, concentrating on my work, with 50% less fatigue than before adopting this cheery attitude. Who knew?

Pioneer that I am, I have paved this road for you, too. I am living proof of Angelic advice. Adopting an attitude of cheerfulness, my income rose by 20% in six short months. Not a bad return for feeling happy. I wonder how much my income could rise if I were to become ecstatic?? You have nothing to lose. Get out there, paste a smile on your face, open your wallet, and collect those pennies from Heaven!

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