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In a nutshell, abundance is the fruit of gratitude. The evidence for this is tricky, so please stay with your Angels as they attempt to explain to you Heaven’s reasoning.

You have undoubtedly heard that what you focus on expands. Translated, this means that what is continually in your thoughts shows up in your world. As an example, let us say that you have just purchased a brand-new silver Jeep SUV. You love your new car. Suddenly, as you’re on the road, the entire world seems to be driving silver Jeep SUVs. This happens often with new car owners and is dramatic evidence that that which is at the tips of your thoughts is also manifested in your world. If you had instead bought a red Mustang, say, then you would be seeing red Mustangs everywhere. This is not to say that other cars do not exist, but because of your intense focus on the car you love, you see that car everywhere reflected in the outside world.

So it is with gratitude. When your focus is on awe and praise for all the many blessings in your life, you open yourself to receive even more of them. By being grateful for little things like a refrigerator that works; your car, which runs; the hot- and cold-running water in your shower; the convenience of your washer and dryer; and any myriad of other elements in your life that function for your benefit, you are, however unwittingly, making room for even more blessings to come into your life. Your focus on abundance causes it to expand. Developing a habit of gratitude ensures a positive outlook which will result in abundance for you. And this happens because in focusing on gratitude, you are opening your mind to receive.

Conversely, when you focus on that which you lack, your focus on lack causes more lack in your life. I remember distinctly when this idea really penetrated my thick skull. In 1993, I was attending a gathering of like-minded, intuitive folks who were espousing the idea of abundance. They encouraged us in the audience to express our desires to our Guides. My old car was a total wreck and I could have done with a newer, more reliable one. So, I said to my Guides, “I want a new car,” thinking that this wording would bring a new car into my life. As I said those words in my head, a flash came to me that this choice of words would not bring the desired result, i.e., a new car. In fact, this choice of words would do nothing of the sort. The statement “I want a new car” rephrased is “I am lacking a new car”. In this unfortunate choice of words, I was focusing on the lack of a new car, which my Guides promptly filled by not producing a new one for me. The better phrasing would be “thank you for the new car in my life”. In this way, you are focusing on gratitude, that is, thanking your Guides for having brought this shiny, new car into your life. With this choice of words, you are also acting as if that which you seek is already in your life—a guaranteed way to open up to abundance. Picture it, feel it, see it, sense it, hear it, touch it in your mind and heartily thank your Angels and Guides for having brought it to you. This gratitude brings with it its fruit: abundance for you.

As discussed in The Secret (see Reading): “So how can there by any lack? It’s impossible. Your ability to think is unlimited, and so the things you can think into existence are unlimited. And so it is with everyone. When you truly know this, you are thinking from a mind that is aware of its own infinite nature.”