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In the previous post—June 1, 2010, “abundance is the fruit of gratitude”—your Angels gave instructions on how to ask for your desires effectively, teaching you to focus on abundance, rather than on lack. One of my faithful readers, Sonia, sent a message saying that in the midst of reading the post, she was blessed with the realization of how to effectively ask for help. She wrote that she immediately stopped reading and began saying “thank you, thank you, thank you” for this and that. With this sudden outpouring of thanks, she said she was filled with such a powerful feeling.

Her next message, not long after the first, I quote in its entirety: “Just had to come back and say \It worked!\… I was waiting for a contractor to show up all day yesterday and now again today. As I read your blog one of my \thank you’s\ was for him to show up by 10:00 today. He just phoned and said he will be here in 5 minutes! Yipee!!!” For those of you who have dealt with contractors (a busy bunch), her success would be categorized as amazing. Who knew that Sonia’s success with gratitude would have such far-reaching effects as to give me a free box of cotton-tipped applicators, aka “ear cleaners” at the supermarket today?

The story unfolds: I was scheduled to work today, as usual. And, as usual, I had no time before work to attend to much of anything. Consequently, dishes clogged the sink, papers for filing cluttered every available flat surface in the kitchen; ants swarmed in the open honey pot on the counter top; I tripped over the extra shoes on the floor; the printer decided to put itself off-line in the middle of an important document; and bills, due in two days, begged to be paid. There was no time! I felt overwhelmed with all of the tasks to be done—in addition to writing each day’s post—and absolutely no time and no help with which to do it all. Sonia’s comment (see above) came to me and I whined to myself about how she got the contractor over so quickly, but I couldn’t seem to get any help with all of my tasks. I gave my Angels the evil eye and asked them what I had ever done to them to have them treat me so badly as to give me all of this work and neither time nor help to accomplish it. Pulling myself together with a deep breath, I took the high road and my own advice, thanking those thankless Angels for giving me the help I needed to accomplish some of my myriad tasks.

With that, I went upstairs and started getting ready for work. Just then, the telephone rang. It was the hospital, letting me know that I could have the day off with pay, if I so chose. And why wouldn’t I choose? Ecstatically, I said “Yes!”, hung up the phone and jumped for joy. Here was an entire extra day in which to begin to get caught up with all of my work at home.

Now, with all of this extra time in my possession, I put myself entirely into the hands of guidance, going where I was led. Guidance took me to the post office, where a package awaited me from my brother. Next, I was led to the local supermarket, eight miles away. Parking the car, I noticed that my coin container had in it approximately 20 silver supermarket coins, which this particular market handed out in reward for certain amount spent. I had absolutely no use for these “coins” and routinely gave them to people who looked as if they would benefit from them. As I walked toward the door, two elderly ladies came out who seemed likely candidates. Approaching them with my hand held out, full of “coins”, I asked whether they could use them, since I would never do so. They readily agreed to take them and I gave them the whole lot. Turning away, I found two more in my pocket, so turned back and gave them those two, also. As I turned away to go into the market one of the ladies said, “Wow! Look at that!” Smiling to myself, I knew that they would put those “coins” to good use.

Into the market I went, returning some balsamic vinegar and picking up some yogurt. I picked a register and waited in line. The young woman in front of me was consulting with the cashier about some cotton-tipped applicators, pointing to the picture in a flier, which read, “buy one, get two free”. The cashier explained to the customer that she could get two free boxes, but she had only picked up one and would she like another? The customer looked askance and said, “what do I want with three boxes of ear cleaners?” I thought to myself that she could just put them away, because at some point all of the boxes would get used, but I kept my thoughts to myself. She declined the second box. The cashier playfully told the customer that I might like the second box. At this, the customer turned to me and offered me the second box, which I heartily accepted. Laughingly, I told the customer that I had just given some ladies my stack of silver supermarket coins and now I was getting a free box of ear cleaners in return. We laughed over this exchange, as the bag boy went to retrieve my free box of cotton-tipped applicators.

What a hoot! From ideas of gratitude for abundance to luring contractors to an unexpected day off to silver supermarket coins to a free box of cotton-tipped applicators, the ripples in the pond of abundance became wider and wider. These ripples are just the ones that I could see, extending outward from me. Doubtless, those ladies who received the coins probably extended the ripples of kindness and consideration, as did the young woman who so graciously gave me the box. Abundance truly begets abundance, and in the most unusual ways.