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Yesterday’s post (June 4, 2010) rhapsodized about the ripple effect created by abundance in our lives and in those whose lives we touch. While the effects of abundance can seem amazing, abundance is only our birthright. Unfortunately, most of us have been taught something else entirely as we were brought up on this earth, so we literally have to relearn that which we all knew to be true in Heaven. Today’s relearning concerns how to seek that which we desire. The “how” is to seek with the expectation that that which you seek will be given to you.

As reported in yesterday’s post, I was given an unexpected extra day off, with pay. Deciding to commit my day to guidance, I was led, as reported, to many destinations, the last of which was my friendly, local Wal-Mart. Of course, I had no initial plans to go there, but was led, nonetheless. Since my only destinations were the restroom and the video section, I did not pick up a shopping cart. Following my nose, I found the expected dvd (having had the title flashed in my mind as I waited in the supermarket line), then wondered where I was to go next. Next was the garden section. Off I went, with my one dvd firmly in hand. Creeping garden phlox was still to be had, in wonderful shades of light pink and powder blue, at wonderful sale prices. I tried to pick up several pots and quickly realized that I couldn’t carry all that I wanted without dirtying my beige shirt. There was nothing for it but to find a cart. Mentally, I put forth the desire for a cart, thanking my Angels for bringing me to a near-by cart, rather than a cart from the rack at the opposite end of the store.

Briskly and expectantly, I walked, looking for that nearest shopping cart. As I walked and looked about, I was struck by my attitude: I was seeking and walking as if I were going to find a cart at any moment. I was expecting to find a cart, I knew that I would find a cart, I had no question in my mind that a cart would come to me quickly and long before I reached the cart-rack at the opposite end of the store. I had no second thoughts about finding a cart. I was committed to finding a cart. I never questioned whether or not I deserved a cart, I just knew that I deserved one and that one would come to me. My attitude was one of optimistic expectation, knowing that I would obtain the object of my desire.

Those of you reading this are, no doubt, thinking to yourselves, “well, duh, of course she’s going to get a cart! After all, it’s just a shopping cart” Ah, my dear readers, there is another lesson. It is no more difficult for Heaven to grant you a shopping cart than it is for Heaven to grant you your heart’s dearest desire, if you seek with expectation. Read that last sentence again and allow it to sink in: it is no more difficult for Heaven to grant you a shopping cart than it is for Heaven to grant you your heart’s dearest desire, if you seek with expectation. The Course in Miracles says it thus: “there is no order of difficulty in miracles”.

This means that it is as easy for your Angels to give you a good parking space as it is for them to give you one million dollars, if you seek with expectation. Let that sink in, too. The difference in your receiving a good parking space vs. one million dollars lies in your attitude and in your ability to believe. It lies in your ability to seek with expectation. You can believe that you will be able to obtain a good parking space, just as easily as it was for me to believe that I would find a shopping cart. We are taught that receiving one million dollars is much more difficult, or that we might not be worthy, or that this might not be Heaven’s wish for us, etc., etc., all of which can result in our neither seeking, nor seeking with expectation. Our lack of obtaining one million dollars lies, then, in our belief that we should neither seek this nor seek this with expectation. While I use the example of a large amount of money, one could substitute anything, e.g., happy relationships, good health, an ideal weight, an ideal mate, a fulfilling occupation—all of it is within your grasp as you seek with expectation.

So get out there and seek to receive one million dollars with expectation and I’ll take a mere 10% for having taught you “how”. ­čÖé

In a nutshell:
1) thank the Universe for that which you seek
2) expect to receive it
3) act as if you have it already
4) count your blessings