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Yesterday’s post (June 6, 2010) had the important message that belief is the missing link between merely dreaming and realizing your dreams. Rather than “I’ll believe it when I see it”, reality is “you’ll see it when you believe it”. Today’s post gives you practical tips on stretching your belief systems gently so that you can enrich your life. There is no rush. There is plenty of time.

The importance of belief cannot be stressed enough. We can believe that we will receive a prime parking spot in a busy lot and so we do. We can believe that we can lose 20 lbs. and so we do. We can believe that we can have a loving relationship and so we do. As you look around you, you can see everywhere the evidence of your beliefs: dwelling place, climate control, running water, working appliances, clean clothes, job, friends, intimate associates, enough to eat, good health, recreational activities, entertainment, transportation, to name a very few. All of these things have come to us because we believe that we can have them and so we do. Evidence of a different belief system can be seen in homelessness, difficulty in obtaining food, substance abuse, difficulty in obtaining or keeping employment, lack of transportation, to name a few. The people with this belief system also obtain that which they can believe.

Since our beliefs manifest themselves in physical reality, it makes sense to take care what we believe, for that which we believe we receive. We can also stretch our imaginations by beginning to believe big. Big, of course, is relative to each of us. What is a huge act of faith on one person’s part is a piece of cake for another. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t judge yourself, just practice stretching your belief, little by little. Sonia, for example, is practicing stretching her belief system by just “being” with the thought that there is no order of difficulty in miracles, that getting a perfect parking space is just as easy as getting one million dollars. As she writes, “…there is a big difference (in my mind) between a million dollars and a parking space. I’m working on the million… Just give me time.” There is plenty of time. There is absolutely no rush. Ruminate on the thought, stay with the thought, become comfortable with the thought. When the thought begins to seem natural, you are ready to move on to the next step, which follows.

Decide on a goal that seems big to you. Write it on a piece of paper. Read it aloud every day, once on arising and once on retiring. Practice feeling what it would be like to actually have your goal in your life. Notice any fear or anxiety that might manifest as increased heart rate or butterflies in your stomach, or even difficulty breathing (extreme fear). Stay with the feelings; they will go away. Little by little, allow the goal to feel like it belongs to you.

When the goal feels like it could be possible for you, write a plan for its achievement on your piece of paper, as well as a date by which the goal is fully in your life. Select a time frame that you are able to believe. Then, every day, do some little thing that moves you toward your goal. If fear overwhelms you, slow down and back up. Ask yourself what you can believe and move forward from there. The important point, though, is to visit your belief every day.

I would like to give you an example from my own life of a seemingly impossible belief that came to fruition. Upon first moving to my home in 1998, there was a huge hole behind the garage that had formerly been the cellar hole for a small barn. Over the years, the former occupants of my current home used to dump their yard waste over the edge, causing an eyesore for the neighbor. To stop this behavior, he bought that cellar hole from the homeowners and stored a crumbling, rusting old truck behind the garage. After I bought the property, my dream was to buy back that piece of land, take that rusted hulk out of the hole, fill it in, and plant grass and shrubs.

For seven years I used to go out and look at that piece of land with the rusting junkmobile. Instead of seeing a hole there, though, I saw green grass and shrubs. I’d just go out and look at it, wondering how to approach the old coot of a neighbor who probably wouldn’t want to sell.

One day, I approached my neighbor at the Post Office. I told him of my offer to buy the land. He said, “Over my dead body!” Already aware that this would probably be his reaction, I laughed and said, “It’s OK. You don’t have to make a decision now, just think about it.” I was willing to wait as long as it took to get what I wanted. When things did not seem to be moving, I approached a friend of my neighbor, asking the friend how to approach my neighbor so that he could agree to this sale. The friend told me that he would speak to my neighbor. Within a week, my neighbor had changed his mind, offered to sell me the property for an exorbitant sum (which I paid), and the property was mine! Now, as I gaze at my (fairly) newly acquired piece of land, rusting hulk of a truck gone, hole filled in, green grass flourishing, surrounded by granite stone walls, I am awestruck at the power of belief. Hang in there, Peeps. It took seven years of a combination of belief and dreaming to achieve my result. I’m living proof that what you can believe you will receive.