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In the last post, “reclaiming your intuition, part 1”, (June 21, 2010), your Angels instructed you to begin reclamation with a specific first step, that of developing your spirituality. To accomplish this development, they re-introduced the Recipe for Happiness (May 7, 2010), which begins with only one minute per day (60 seconds) devoted to the silence. Starting on this practice and continuing it faithfully each and every day will work untold miracles in your life, in addition to reconnecting you with your sacred intuition.

Since all of us have within us this sacred intuition, but which may have become dormant through distrust and/or lack of use, how, indeed, can we regain our trust in it? Once again, clipboard in hand, so to speak, your Angels have come up with a 5-point plan for you to aid in developing your intuition.

1. Mindfulness. Be totally present with your thoughts here and now. Notice your thoughts. Notice which ones come from you (most of these will be self-damning, self-critical, critical of others, judgmental, scolding, harsh). Notice those thoughts that seem to be unlike your usual judgmental thoughts: thoughts that seem to come from another source; thoughts that seem to “drift” into your mind; thoughts that seem to be accompanied by a “flash” of light, or those that come all in an instant, appearing in your mind in complete pictures.
2. Feelings. Notice times when you seem to feel a “push” to contact someone, to go somewhere, to do something. Notice when or if you are drawn in a particular direction. Notice those days when you cannot seem to be able to get out of the house, when you seem to be delayed only to have the telephone ring with some extraordinarily good news that you would have missed, had you succeeded in leaving the house on your first impulse.
3. Talk to your Angels. Hold conversations with them. Let them know where you are, where you desire to be, and ask for their assistance. Expect a reply, that is, seek with expectation (post June 5, 2010).
4. Listen to your Angels. Stop telling them what you want and listen to what they have to tell you. They just might have a better idea, which you would embrace wholeheartedly if you could let go of the death-grip you have on your personal desires.
5. Pay attention to your dreams. Through attention and mindfulness, establish which dreams you can disregard and which dreams are giving you information (see also post “dreams and guidance”, May 5, 2010). Keep a dream diary, especially of those dreams that you consider to be giving you significant information. Refer to this diary from time to time to see whether your intuition or interpretation about a particular dream was correct.

Developing your spirituality and following the 5-point guide above will get you started in trusting your intuition and thus reclaiming your sacred identity. The final post in trusting your intuition will focus on the most important point of all: practice.