Archive for June 26th, 2010

As your Angels have been telling you all along, all of us come into this world with our intuition intact. Through shame, blame, guilt, and monstrous misunderstanding, most of us lose touch with our intuition and/or mistrust it. Imagine, this most sacred part of each and every one of us, this unimaginably sacred part of us, is set up to ridicule and punishment. That shows us how upside-down is this crazy world. Not to worry, your Angels have you under their wing and will lead you back to yourself, with a teensy bit of cooperation from you.

Today your Angels ask you to focus on a most important aspect of regaining faith and trust in your intuition; PRACTICE! Methods of practicing are many; some are enumerated below:

With your mindfulness and being totally present here and now, follow the simple suggestions that you receive from non-logical sources. For example, with the sun shining, you may get a strong urge to take your umbrella with you. Your logical mind will rebel. Take your umbrella anyway. Remember, we are trying to quiet your logical mind—the part that gets it wrong all the time—and are awakening your intuitive mind—the part that gets it right all the time.

When you get an urge to follow, do it. Call that person who pops into your mind; take that alternate route to the grocery store; buy those mushrooms that want to come home with you, even if you think that you don’t need them.

Keep talking to your Angels and notice how many ways they do as you ask. Focus on the here and now to observe just how many of your requests are filled and how quickly.

Keep listening to your Angels and then do as they suggest. They see from a much larger perspective than we do, so their suggestions are much more valuable than those we can think up.

Seek out people of like mind, who are also awakening their intuitions so that you can practice together.

These few suggestions for practicing in trusting your intuition will go a long way toward your goal. Happy practicing!