Dear and cherished readers, I would like to share the following profoundly moving experience with you, an experience that has left me shaken for many reasons. First of all, it absolutely affirms the correctness of trusting intuition. It affirms the correctness of trusting the pictures, feelings, and urges sent by Angels. And most importantly of all for me, it completely affirms my latest mission, which is to dream as big and as outrageously as I possibly can, blazing a trail for all of you to follow. While the experience involves only a slim, silver bracelet, it has profoundly affected my outlook on belief, even faith as small as a grain of mustard.

Several years ago, one of my sisters had quite unexpectedly presented me with a silver chain bracelet, approximately 1/4 inch wide, very thin, lightweight, with a diagonal, mesh pattern that catches the light in a most appealing manner. The malleable texture of the weave is such that the bracelet lies more like cloth than like metal. While I had worn this bracelet from time to time in the past, I had treated it like an interesting piece of jewelry, but with no other special significance.

In the middle of April, 2010, I began reading Napoleon Hill’s excellent book, Think and Grow Rich, and had decided on two definite purposes for my life, each one more unbelievable than the last. This thin little silver bracelet became a symbol for my expectation of success with the most unbelievable of my two unbelievable definite purposes. I had been wearing this little bracelet constantly on my right wrist for about six weeks, when someone pointed out to me that the clasp has a prong for a charm. Amazingly, although I had had this bracelet for numerous years, I had never noticed that prong on which a charm could be placed.

Looking speculatively at that empty prong, I decided that the bracelet needed a heart charm, in keeping with the significance of the particular definite purpose which the bracelet represents for me. This heart charm could not be just any old heart charm: it needed to be a “puff” heart, that is, one that was not flat, but had some depth. In addition, the charm needed to be small enough not to overwhelm the delicacy of the little silver bracelet. On hearing my requirements, many of my jewelry-wearing friends recommended shopping on Ebay, that fertile ground for the unusual.

Finding the perfect puff heart on Ebay at the perfect price was the work of a moment, and, quickly, a little silver puff heart found its home on the prong of my silver bracelet. Happily I wore that combination. When my resolve to believe unbelievable things faltered, I looked at my bracelet and willed myself to believe in the impossible.

Time came and went and time found me on Friday, June 25, 2010, at 2:00 a.m. busily polishing my nails, the silver bracelet with the sweet little puff heart on my right wrist. On Friday, 6/25/2010, in the early afternoon as I finished the ironing, the silver bracelet with the little puff heart was gone. Pffffttt. Vanished. Into extremely thin air. I was in total shock. I became numb. I could not believe my eyes. Where in the world could it have gone? Was this a message from my Angels that despite two months of unremitting effort, I was not to continue attempting to manifest the definite purpose dearest to me? I was frantic. This bracelet had become much, much more than a trinket around my wrist. For me, this bracelet stood both as a reminder to dream big and that big dreams can truly come true, if one can truly believe in them. Now, this symbol of my greatest hope and dream was undeniably, inexplicably, and perhaps irretrievably gone.

In panicked shock, I back-tracked, retracing my steps in my frantic efforts to find my bracelet. I picked through dirty laundry, shaking out sheets and soiled clothing. I looked in the trash cans. I carefully searched rugs. I looked under the wilted flowers that I had thrown out onto the garden as mulch. I was prepared to comb through wastebaskets, recycled papers, whatever it took to find that bracelet. Of course, it could have gone down the toilet or one of the sinks, in which case, it would be gone forever. I tried not to dwell on that horrific scenario.

Totally panicking, I hollered at my Angels, scolding them roundly for toying with me and taking away from me an important symbol of the powers available to me from their realm. I told them in no uncertain terms to bring back that bracelet and to bring it back now. I told them that if they brought it back, I would take this as a sign to re-double my efforts in truly believing that my most unbelievable and dearest definite purpose would truly come to me. I thought to myself that I would give my Angels a week to come up with the goods. If the bracelet had not turned up by then, I would take this to mean that I should give up on my most unbelievable dream.

Quickly, I chided myself. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Angels did not need a solid week to find that bracelet. If it was findable, they could bring it to me immediately. Abandoning my panic mode, I took my own good advice and thanked them for returning my bracelet to me. On the drive to work, I pictured the bracelet on my wrist, in as much detail as I could muster: the shiny silver metal, the draping effect created by the style of the links, the precious little puff heart that symbolized my love, all glinting comfortingly on my now naked wrist. For the rest of the day and evening, I was remarkable calm and spent spare time picturing the little bracelet safe and sound, at home on my wrist.

Arriving home that night, and in a calmer mood, I opened my mind in an attempt to discover mentally where my bracelet might have gone. I was reasonably certain that it had been on my wrist when going to bed, therefore, it must have slipped off during the night. Continuing my logical reasoning, the clasp would have stayed firm unless it had caught on something. In a flash, intuition caught hold as my inner eyes saw the bedspread. But it was late, it was dark, and I was too emotionally overwrought to search for the bracelet at that precise moment, so, again bravely thanking my Angels for returning my bracelet, I lay down to sleep.

Saturday, June 26th, dawned hazy and hot. I peeled myself off the sheets to greet the day. Calm now, again my inner eyes visualized the bedspread, which had fallen to the floor and lay parallel to the bed. Almost in a trance, I sat down on the little corner bench at the head of the bed. Dreamily, my eyes began a scan of the bedspread, beginning at the head of the bed. At approximately three-quarters of the way along the bedspread, toward the foot of the bed, there, on the floor just under the bed was my little silver bracelet, intact, with little puff heart attached! It had not been there on Friday, because I had searched thoroughly all under that bed. I was speechless. Less than twenty-four hours from the time my bracelet had vanished, it was again in my possession! Even more than having this bracelet returned to me by those foxy Angels, was the implication that I had my Angels’ blessing, nay, encouragement to continue in earnest my belief in my most unbelievable definite purpose.

This last realization hit me so profoundly that I had to sit down and just be with it, attempting to allow the implications to sink into my psyche. Now, there was no longer any excuse to talk myself out of this definite purpose or to pretend that I am unworthy of it, or to chide myself for my foolish delusions. My Angels had returned my bracelet to me, an act which if accomplished, I had vowed to interpret as a sign of the correctness of my path. My task now is to trust them, trust me, trust my sacred intuition, take logic totally out of the picture, and to make room in my life for the fulfillment of my dearest desire.

Trust your intuition, dear readers. Practice trusting it each and every day and reap even greater rewards than did I.

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