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While most of us have heard of the aura, that energy field generated by our spirits and surrounding our bodies, most of us are blissfully unaware of it in our daily activities. Some people are able to sense it, some can see the colors that comprise it, some can feel it, but most of us do not have these abilities. After reading this post, you, too, can convince yourself of the existence of your aura and that of anyone else who is willing to play. Before we get to the “how to do” part, allow me to give you a background on my discovery of this technique.

A few years ago, I visited friends in Connecticut. As usual when I am present, the conversation turned to otherworldly matters. I found to my delight that one of the guests was adept at aura sensing. Immediately interested, I encouraged him to proceed. He had another guest stand with her back to him, eyes open or closed, according to her preference. She needed only to be comfortable and relaxed. Once she was in place, he walked to the farthest point in the room from her to begin. He put his hands up to his chest, fingers open and relaxed, as if he were pushing something away from him. Then he began to walk slowly toward the waiting guest. Slowly, quietly, he walked, with all of us wondering what this was leading up to. He walked up so close that he was almost touching her back before she indicated awareness of his presence. Surprised, he commented that she must be having some stress that resulted in her drawing her aura into herself. She looked startled, as if he had discovered some secret, then noncommittally agreed with him.

Mightily intrigued, I volunteered to be the next subject. Standing with my back to the man, I wondered whether I would feel anything and what, indeed, I would feel, assuming that I felt anything at all. I closed my eyes and relaxed, not really thinking, just being open to what might occur. For some time, I felt nothing. Then, suddenly, I began to rock back and forth on my feet as if they were rounded on the bottom. Indeed, I rocked so strenuously that I thought I would tip over. Opening my eyes and quickly glancing behind me, I saw that the man was very far away—a good ten feet from me! He, too, was astonished that my aura extended so far out from my body. Many people have said that they feel much energy from me, so I presume that they, too, are feeling this huge aura, which, if it has a ten-foot radius, will have a twenty-foot diameter. With such tangible proof of such a large aura, it is difficult for me to convince people that I am a shrinking violet. ­čÖé That very enjoyable evening ended and, sadly, has never been repeated, but I remembered the intriguing experiment with sensing the aura.

With the fullness of time, just last week, I, myself, tried the experiment of feeling the edges of auras. A diverse collection of coworkers was in the break room, having supper. Somehow, the subject turned to prophetic dreams and somewhere in the discussion, I related my experience with sensing the aura. People looked a little surprised, but open, so, acting on a sudden flash of intuition, I offered to try this experiment on anyone who would be interested to feel her aura. One person was too afraid, with reasons she could not articulate. Two others were willing.

The first subject stood at the window with her back to me, her eyes closed. I walked to the farthest reaches of the room, turned toward her, put my hands up to my chest, closed my eyes, and began to walk toward her. For some time, I felt nothing. Then, suddenly, my hands encountered an elastic bubble. At that exact instant, the subject turned toward me, agitated, and said that it felt as if I were intruding on her space. Her face was flushed, and she was in distress. Everyone gasped at this apparent validation of my finding the boundary of her aura, which was approximately three feet from her body.

The second subject was now eager to participate. She, too, stood at the window with her back to me, closed her eyes, and nervously laughed, wondering whether she would feel anything. Again, I walked as far away from her as the dimensions of the room allowed, put my hands in front of my chest, closed my eyes, and began walking slowly toward her. Very quickly, she, too, turned to face me with some concern, saying that she felt as if I were pushing her. At that instant, I again encountered the elastic balloon-bubble feeling; indeed, I could push on the edges, making it contract and then expand again. She found this rather uncomfortable, so I stopped. We were all impressed that we could, indeed, feel the aura, I most of all, since I had never done this before.

This little parlor game, while seemingly innocent, helps us understand that we are truly energy beings, whose energy fields (auras) can be felt by nearly anyone. No intuitive capabilities need be evident. If you can put your hands up to your chest, you can impinge on an aura. Once you feel that elastic bubble, you will understand through experience that a larger world truly exists. How exciting!