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Your Angels, which seem to be a rather serious bunch if we are to judge by most of these posts, have lightened up just a little and have encouraged me to share with you more fun tricks to help convince you of the mightiness of your eternal self. They want to teach you to zap clouds. Yes, you read correctly: zap clouds. The technique is as follows.

Go outside on a bright, sunny day; on a day which has lots of fat, white, puffy clouds just hanging in the sky. Convince yourself that the wind is light and that any effect that you see would not be the result of the wind. If it is too windy, try another day. You want to be absolutely certain that the effect you see is not related to any other cause except for your very own energy input. Once you have established that you have the perfect atmospheric conditions, i.e., mostly clear sky, fat clouds, no wind or other meteorological disturbances, you are ready to begin. Pick a smallish fat cloud. Look at it closely. Observe its nuances, such as shape, color, shades of coloring, and whether it seems to be moving internally. If your intuition likes this particular cloud, imagine a beam of energy shooting from the top of your head right into the center of that fat, white cloud. Keep looking at the cloud and keep imagining that concentrated beam of energy (light) shooting laser-like from your head smack into the center of the cloud. Keep picturing this and just observe what happens. In almost all cases, that cloud will start to break up and dissolve! After a while, it just disappears into nothingness. Then, pick another cloud. As you increase your self-confidence, go after bigger clouds and keep at it until they, too, dissolve into thin air. It’s fun, entertaining, and brings home in a very real sense that we are much, much more than our training would have us believe.

For those of you who may already be proficient at cloud-zapping, your Angels have a more interesting challenge: that of creating clouds. Again, pick a bright, clear day which has a minimum of wind or other atmospheric disturbance, so that you can convince yourself that any effect you see will have been caused only by your own energy input. Picture a fat, puffy cloud appearing on the backdrop of that bright, blue sky. Again, send a beam of concentrated energy from your head toward the part of the sky in which you wish that fat cloud to appear. Then, keep at it until you have success.

I confess that I have only tried this on a limited number of occasions and only in absolutely clear, totally cloudless blue skies, with no success whatsoever. Each time, I stared at that sky and tried to picture a fat, puffy white cloud in it—to no avail. Perhaps my concentration was poor; perhaps I did not try hard enough or long enough; or perhaps I did not use the concentrated beam of energy around which to organize the cloud. In any case, I have never been successful at cloud creation. When one thinks about the Southwest and the clear, cloudless skies which can be famous for lack of crucial rainfall, one can relate to the difficulty of causing cloud formation. The rain dances of the native peoples sometimes resulted in cloud formation and sometimes not and it seemed to take a lot of positive energy input from a large number of people over a long period of time. In any case, cloud creation has an extra element of difficulty not found at all in cloud-zapping.

Can you imagine the euphoria, though, if you were successful in creating a cloud?! That’s enough to make me go out and try again! In the meantime, happy zapping!