Yesterday’s post (July 27, 2010) addressed the roadblocks that can (and do) come between you and your big dreams. Fear, lack of self-confidence, doubt, anxiety, embarrassment all take a toll on that steady, steadfast desire to rise above your common thoughts. I would like to share with you one of my first lessons in having faith in the face of no apparent results, although at the time I did not realize that this was, indeed, a lesson.

In January of 1994 I left New Hampshire and Dartmouth Medical School for another post-doctoral position at Washingon University in St. Louis, MO. The winter was really cold and the snow heavy. I had had to postpone the start of my journey just because of an especially severe snowstorm that had closed many roads in the frozen Northeast. Packed into my car were my plants and my two cats, George and Rutherford. Among the plants was my fig tree (ficus prunella), which I had had since living in Georgia in 1987. This fig tree was a hot-house flower of the truest kind. If it had been sitting in one spot in the living room and it was moved an inch—in either direction—it would lose its leaves. While in NH, I had desired to take it outside so it could get some fresh air and sunshine, but was reluctant to do so because of its propensity for losing its leaves. Having asked a variegated philodendron to grow me leaves as big as my hand (which it did), I hit upon the idea of telling my fig tree my plans and so perhaps enlisting its cooperation. So, quietly, in my mind, I talked to the fig tree. I told it that I had plans to move it outside into the fresh air and sunshine and that I would really appreciate it if it would keep its leaves. I told it how beautiful it was and how it would enjoy its new position under the carport. With that (seek with expection), I moved the tree and hoped for the best. Peeps, it never lost a single leaf! I was aghast. When it was time to move it back into the house (New Hampshire winters are brutal), I again told it of my plans and then thanked it for not losing any leaves. Once again, it cooperated. After that, I was able to move it back and forth between the carport and it kept its leaves intact.

Being in a great hurry to leave before the next snowstorm, I stuffed cats and plants into my hatchback, neglecting to let the little fig tree know of my plans, and took off for MO. Somewhere between New York and Missouri, the tree lost every blessed leaf. Well, I couldn’t worry about it because I had two unhappy cats on my hands. Reaching MO safely, I hauled the fig tree into my new apartment and placed it in the corner where it stood, all twigs and wood. Spring was advancing, but no leaves were to be seen. I thought that it might have died because I had had no heat at all in the car and the temperatures were in the teens. Asking my Angels, an inspiration came to me. They told me to mentally bathe it in white light, every day. So again, I started out gung-ho. I was going to singlehandedly save that tree from extinction by bathing it in white light. The days came and the days went. No leaves. I began to doubt my sanity. I began to think that I was just wasting my precious time and what was the use anyway? So, sporadically, I gave the fig tree light. Sometimes my Angels drifted the thought to me “just keep going, it will be all right”. Sad to say, my skepticism kept me from putting myself wholeheartedly into the project, so I did not really believe my Angels. Frankly, I gave the fig tree sporadic hits of white light mainly out of guilt, because I really believed that I was wasting my precious time on a lost cause.

That little bit of effort must have made a difference, because several months later (months, mind you, not days….talk about delayed rewards), a tiny shoot broke forth from the trunk! I was aghast. I called my sister in Illinois, I took a picture of the little bud, I danced around the apartment in joy, thanking the little tree. Of course, now that I could see some reward, I bathed that little tree in oceans of white light. Soon enough, it had leafed out such that it was even fuller than before I had left New Hampshire. Faith and some small effort had brought forth abundant leaves.

My angels now use the image of the fig tree to encourage me to continue with my endeavors in regard to one of my Definite Purposes in life, a la Napoleon Hill. Approximately 30 days into my dreaming big, I developed a bad case of the willies. Again, it seemed that I was wasting my time trying to believe in an unbelievable cause and why waste my precious time? I asked them, please, give me an answer as to whether I should continue with this particular dream. In answer, they flashed the image of fig tree in my mind, an incident that had happened 16 years ago, and which I haven’t thought about since then. Instantly, I understood that my assignment is to supply energy to my dream through faith and steadfast effort, that I was not wasting my time, but that I was to keep going in this vein.

So, dear readers, keep at it. You are literally hauling yourselves up by your own bootstraps through faith and persistence. Keep at it, as you are changing your very DNA, one thought at a time. Huge beliefs bring huge rewards. Keep at it, even without obvious reward, because all of the work is going on underneath the surface where we are unaware of it with our conscious minds. To dream big means that big things will happen. Sometimes big obstacles need to be moved out of the way before big things can happen. I had to bathe my little tree in white light for months before a shoot broke forth. In all that time, all of the white light that I sent the tree was organizing energy to create a shoot. Because I couldn’t see this energy at work, I thought that nothing was occurring when in reality, everything was occurring to create those leaves. Keep at it. Drop by drop does the trick; every day a rooster-step closer to your goals.

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1   Sonia    
July 29th, 2010 at 3:01 pm

You have renewed my energy in sending love to my baby miniature rose plant. It’s a long story but short version is that it was a wild miniature rose plant sent to me by my mom in spirit. It was sprayed with weed spray, (then bathed in water to rinse it off), then it was plucked as a weed. I brought it inside to bring it along. So far it’s been just holding on. I need to continue to send it light. Thank you!

2   Angel    
July 31st, 2010 at 3:49 am

Sonia, that’s a beautiful story. Let the little plant know that you would like it to stay with you (you can say this silently–it will “hear” you). Sending it light will either help it thrive or send it peacefully on. Either way, you win. Just keep at it, and I will keep at it, too. Love your comments. P.S. new post up

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