Archive for July 31st, 2010

While wrestling with my fears and wondering how to move beyond them, my Angels gave me a most vivid lesson in stagnation, that is, what will occur if we choose not to move beyond our thoughts and the fears which might beset us.

A few days ago, I happened on a co-worker, a pretty, young African woman, Eden, quietly reading a book. She commented on my polished appearance (new hair-do, new skin, new clothes, new lipstick, new makeup, new jewelry, new attitude) and complemented me. When I told her that another co-worker, Vanessa, had been helping to enhance my physical assets (which I did not think existed), Eden mentioned that Vanessa had been giving her suggestions, too. She went on to say, dismissively, that she, Eden, was “a certain way” and that these suggestions were not for her. As I listened, my left ear “grew” and vibrated with her words. From this, I instantly knew that a message from Heaven was being given me and that the ideas to follow were so significant that I must pay very, very close attention in order to pass them on to you, dear readers.

The message came in bursts of visions and ideas. The Angels showed me immediately how utterly important are one’s thoughts and attitudes. Despite Vanessa’s encouragement and concrete suggestions for enhancing Eden’s beauty, Eden’s self-image was set in stone. She described herself as being “a certain way”. Vanessa’s suggestions for bringing out this inner beauty did not conform to Eden’s thoughts about herself, so Eden dismissed those suggestions out of hand. This thought, “I am a certain way”, and the consequent dismissal of suggestions which contradicted that thought were what would keep Eden single, alone, in a dead-end job, quietly reading a book in a corner. Eden had no openness to new ideas; no openness to input which did not conform to her current self-image and thus was not open to the rewards which would come from stepping out of her comfort zone (see April 27, 2010, Your Guides vs. Your Comfort Zone). The thought that “to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did” was not only foreign to Eden, but completely out of the question. My heart went out to this pretty young woman with the totally closed mind.

I reverberated with the utter and total importance of our thoughts. As we think, so we are. As we think, we literally create our inner environment and the way we regard ourselves. With our inner environment we create our outer, physical environment. We then look around at our outer environment (which we have created) and use it to reinforce our inner thoughts of ourselves, which we conveniently forget that we created in the first place. What a revelation! I could just see Eden’s thoughts: she thought of herself as “a certain way”. With this thought, she created a mousy little loser, forever dreaming of male companionship and other good things in life, wondering why these things don’t appear. Not finding them in her outer life reinforces her idea that she is “a certain way”. Were she willing to give up the idea that she is “a certain way”, she could be on her way to creating the inner environment which would bring about the outer environment which she desires.

Pondering this insight from my Angels, I realized that as thoughts are important, the necessity to act on them is vital in order to effect change in both our inner and outer states. So, dreaming big is really changing the thoughts and attitudes we have habitually had about ourselves and moving on to create a new, improved version. Fear comes when we don’t recognize ourselves or when our logical mind gets in the way of this creative process. When we realize just what we are attempting to accomplish with our big dreams, and if we can stay in that creative process, fear becomes irrelevant. Being only too human myself, though, I know only too well how quickly one can move from lofty, philosophical ideas of creation to mind-numbing terror as we leap out of our comfort zones. Frightened though we may be, we must continue to move ahead with courage—the ability to act in spite of our fears—in order to effect the changes we desire. In this regard, I am sincerely grateful for all of the outpouring of support from my dear and faithful readers, which is so inspirational in allowing me to continue to dream the impossible dreams, despite my own personal terrors. ­čÖé