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When I first became aware of Angelic guidance, the first Angel to introduce herself to me was my Hungarian Angel, Erzsebet*. I think of her as my medical intuitive/nutrition Angel who gives me insight into people’s current medical conditions, as well as pointing out the consequences of continuing a present lifestyle and attitudes. As the nutrition Angel, she warns me of foods to avoid, as well as steering me toward food that will enhance my health. As an example, she was advising against using margarine long before anyone knew of the danger of eating trans-fats, telling me that any amount of butter I ate would be better than even a little margarine. I preached this mantra to anyone who would listen, without really having any rational basis for it. Then, in the ’90’s, new studies showing harm caused by trans-fats became widely known and, suddenly, Erzsebet’s advice became mainstream. When high fructose corn syrup was all the rage, she warned me against this, too, also without telling me exactly “why”. Now, research shows the harm caused by ingesting this substance. Other specific foods she has nixed are Splenda; saccharine; anything with aspartame in it, i.e., “diet” drinks; box mixes containing preservatives; and pretty much anything in a box or a can.

Interestingly, long ago she dropped the idea into my head of eating a certain way: she recommended buying only fresh fruits and vegetables, meats without preservatives and chemical additives, avoiding processed foods, and cutting down (gradually) on sugar and really sweet desserts. To my amazement, this way of eating has given me more energy than ever and, lo! these many years later, I have no health problems at all at an age when health becomes an issue for many people. This means that I have no heart disease, no high cholesterol, no high blood pressure, no seizures, no diabetes, no arthritis, no curvature of the spine, no lung problems, no cancer, and few aches and pains—just the ones from occasional overwork in the garden. One could argue that my continued good health comes from genetics, but since heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol run in my family, genetics is hardly the answer. In any case, I am continuing my experimentation in this way of eating and, so far, so good.

Not content with advising me continuously in healthy eating, Erzsebet also places helpful books in my hands, some of which sit on my bookshelf for many years before being recognized for their medical value. At a time when I seemed to be gaining weight living on air, she found me the book by Dr. Atkins, Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution. The information in this book revolutionized my life. I not only lost all the weight I needed to, but also ceased being fatigued all the time. Too many carbohydrates literally cause me to fall asleep. When I had a strange and penetrating body odor, Erzsebet placed in my hand Adele Davis’ seminal book, Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit. This information lead me to the ingestion of Vitamin A, which stopped the awful body odor and made my skin glow. Too many random sores in my mouth? Erzsebet recommended Vitamin C daily in large amounts, as a timed-release capsule, resulting in healed sores. She is pretty amazing. And, she is available to you, also, dear Readers (see Medical Intuition).

Being an equal opportunity Angel, Erzsebet gives advice constantly, through me, to anyone who cares to listen. Bela, my Hungarian friend, has called me with a multitude of medical situations, for which Erzsebet has given him sometimes surprising advice, with positive results, for his optimal health. With his permission, I cite several examples illustrating her capabilities:

A year ago, in April, 2009, Bela called me to ask about his aching muscles. He had contracted polio as a young teen, which affected his right leg. Luckily, his symptoms were relatively mild and did not include the complete paralysis which could require use of an iron lung. It nevertheless left him with a weakened right leg. Throughout most of his adulthood he walked tall and strong. Only recently has the weakness recurred, in a condition termed “post polio syndrome”. It was of this that he now complained.

Needless to say, her advice was nothing that either he or I expected to hear. Through practice and hard experience, I am accustomed to staying open to Angelic guidance; he, not so much. Through the use of logic, Bela decided that the cure involved working his leg muscles vigorously to strengthen them. Her advice was to take anti-inflammatory medication to relieve the inflammation, a hot soak in Epsom salts, and resting of the muscles for a short time. In addition, to my great surprise, Erzsebet recommended his going to a gentle (her emphasis) chiropractor who could help straighten out the curvature of his spine. This last piece of advice totally floored me when it came out of my mouth, since, because of my own personal, untested bias, I would not go to a chiropractor on a bet. Not only did she recommend a chiropractor, but a particular one, at that.

So what did Bela do? He argued with Erzsebet. Her advice contradicted his logic and he was unwilling to give up his logic, even though Erzsebet had broader knowledge than was available through logic. To both his and Erzsebet’s credit, between her patient persistence and carefully chosen words and examples, he relaxed his attitudes enough—became open enough—to allow some of her advice to penetrate. He even made an appointment with a chiropractor, though not the one Erzsebet recommended, rather, one closest to his home. He tells me that the treatments have given him a good deal of pain relief and he is able to stand up straighter with less pain than formerly.

Another time, Bela called with intestinal upsets. Erzsebet diagnosed lactose intolerance and suggested that he refrain from drinking milk and eating milk products. Sure enough, the diarrhea ceased. When he drank milk, it returned. Bela was very impressed with Erzsebet’s medical prowess, but there was one dilemma: Hungarian cooking calls for sour cream on anything and in everything. Never at a loss for ideas, Erzsebet recommended substituting yogurt, a food that he can tolerate without gastrointestinal consequences. So, while it is not sour cream, yogurt nevertheless satisfies that Hungarian compulsion to put smooth, creamy, milky things in food, and is a solution with which even Bela can live.

Over the years, Erzsebet has given many people many insights into their health—not always welcome, and not always well-received, but that is the purpose of free will, to allow each of us to decide our fates with whatever information we have at hand. You, too, dear Readers, have a multitude of Angels at your disposal, all waiting to advise you for your best interests. All that is required is an open mind into which they can “pop” that bright idea or that insight or that word that will set your world to right. Practice staying open, practice stilling your thoughts so that Angelic messages can come to you; practice, practice, practice listening to the Real World.

*pronounced “Air’-zsay-bet” (“zs” sounds like the “s” in “treasure” or “pleasure”)

In that same evening with my friend, Bela, in which he related the amazing story of the Hungarian soldier and his table tilting abilities (see post, August 22, 2010, Table Tilting), Bela told the story of the home-made Ouija board. As mentioned in Table Tilting, Hungarian refugees had nearly nothing to do while quartered in the refugee camps. Inactivity, no jobs, no food, and little hope for the future gave many refugees a strong motivation to leave Germany by any means open to them.

After WWII, troop ships from the USA transported American soldiers to Korea, returning home via Bremerhaven, Germany. There, they picked up refugees lucky enough to be selected and took them to Canada, the USA, or Australia. The rumor in the camps was that people were currently being shipped to Canada, but nothing was substantial. Out of a sense of desperation, my parents and Bela’s parents decided to make a Ouija board to find some answers for their uncertain future. On a large piece of white wrapping paper, they wrote the letters of the Hungarian alphabet, along with the Hungarian words for “yes” and “no”. They found a small saucer to substitute for the planchet. Designating Bela as the scribe, each person placed a finger lightly on the saucer and waited.

Soon enough, the saucer began to move around the paper. The participants asked each other who was moving the saucer, but no one was. It was moving by itself. Becoming comfortable with this movement, the participants began asking questions. Answers were given as to which country they would live in (USA), as well as surprisingly detailed information concerning employment for the men. When asked who was responding, the answer came back that Bela’s deceased mother was one respondent. Some of the answers had an odd pattern to them, with the words being interspersed with “aw……”. My father suddenly had an inspiration and asked whether his own father was among the respondents. When the answer came back in the affirmative, my father explained that he had recognized his father’s unique speech pattern. Events proceeded as predicted: one of the rust-bucket troop ships did, indeed, bring all of us to the USA and the men found employment in the areas as foretold.

Inspired by these stories, I impulsively reached for a teacup saucer and up-ended it on the kitchen table. Protecting both of us with White Light, I closed my eyes and waited for what would happen next. Almost immediately, the saucer began to swirl and whisk itself around the table top. It skated and slid, making graceful loops hither and yon. I opened my eyes and asked Bela if he was moving the saucer. He replied in the negative. I, most certainly, was not moving it—but it was having such fun skating around the table top. A wonderful sense of freedom and euphoria came to me as it swirled and slid about.

Since neither of us was moving the saucer, I opened my eyes to examine the mechanism of this action. Both of us had our elbows bent, hands in the air, slightly turned downward, in almost a “swan’s neck” configuration, with 2-3 fingertips resting lightly on the surface of the saucer. It was nearly impossible to push the saucer with our hands in this configuration, because one could not exert enough pressure on the surface to push it. Curious, I wondered how our hands needed to be placed in order to exert enough pressure on the saucer to make it move under physical power. Experimenting, I found that arms would need to come down from the shoulders in a straight line with the hands—no bent elbows—while the fingers would need to be flat, pushing on the saucer surface. In this arrangement, one could exert pressure through the arms, hands, and fingers and so make the saucer move. From the position of our arms, hands, and fingers, it was clear that neither one of us was moving the saucer. Then who was? We did not ask, but the power evidently was coming through me. If I took my fingers off the saucer, then it stopped dead. If Bela took his hands off, the thing still kept going.

Our attention then turned to table tilting. I found a small wooden stool that had possibilities, but Bela thought that it would be too heavy, so we tried something else. In the kitchen were many breadboards, each heavier and more unwieldy than the last. I picked one in the shape of a paddle, with a rawhide strip in one end, with which the board could be hung on the wall. This oddly shaped breadboard was considerably heavier than the ceramic saucer; in addition, it had a drag effect from the rawhide knot. Placing it on the kitchen table before us, we rested our fingertips lightly on its surface and waited. Nearly immediately, the board began soaring around the table as if it had air jets under it. True, it swirled many times around the knot, but that did not hold it back much. Again, there was an almost giddy sensation of complete, unfettered freedom as this heavy breadboard skated happily along the table top. We tried two more breadboards, each heavier than the last. Weight did not seem to matter. All of them skated and swirled on that kitchen table as if the surface were of the smoothest glass and the weights were of no consequence. We couldn’t find an object heavy enough that would not sail as if it were greased. Happy and satisfied with our experiments in spirit power, we left off in high spirits.

What can we deduce from this interesting experience? For one, the laws of physics seem not to apply in the Spirit world: weight becomes weightless; friction becomes non-existent; cause and effect seem unconnected; momentum disappears as heavily weighted objects moving at extreme speeds suddenly come to an immediate dead stop. It is this same irrelevance of the laws of physics that allows some people to be “dead” for minutes, hours, or days and return to “life” without any physical side effects and absolutely no brain damage (see Reading, Life After Life; Saved by the Light). For another, all of us have a connection to this most fascinating Spirit world all the time. Sadly, many of us have been educated and civilized out of remembering this connection, and frequently shamed or frightened into staying away from it. People might be comfortable with the thought of Angels, but talk to them about Ouija boards and table tilting and they are moving away from you at the speed of light, making the sign of the cross and strewing garlic cloves in their wake. 🙄 This kind of over-reaction is totally unnecessary. Fear and superstition keep many of us from ever realizing our divine nature and thus lock us away from the unbelievable joy that is our birthright as divine beings. Your Angels encourage you to check your fears at the door, surround yourself with White Light, and step into your true nature as a being of Light and Love, so that you, too, can enjoy the fruits of the Spirit. 🙂

While on my mini-vacation, visiting old friends, the talk turned to subjects beyond ESP, a common occurrence when I am present. Working with a pendulum for my friend, Bela, he received messages from his deceased wife, as well as from his Hungarian Angel, Erzsebet, who has been advising him about his health. Exhausting that interesting topic for the moment, Bela told an unusual story of table-tilting that he had witnessed as an 11-year-old Hungarian refugee in Germany, at one of the many camps set up for those fleeing the horrors of WWII.

After WWII, the Hungarian army was pushed by the invading Russians into Bavaria, in southern Germany. Their camp was in a Gasthaus of a local tavern. Having nothing to do, the soldiers frequented the beer hall, passing time with each other and with the waitresses. Some of the soldiers said that one of their buddies used to go to the village and, for entertainment, frighten the waitresses by moving tables, despite these tables being held down by many strong hands. This young man, a 28-year-old soldier, seemed to have the ability to make odd pieces of furniture do odd things.

The Hungarian refugees, also having nothing to do, asked the soldiers to bring their buddy to demonstrate his ability with tables. The talented soldier did appear at the Gasthaus, carrying a small stick. He picked out a typical bar table, a long unwieldy, pine trestle table that normally could seat 10 beer-quaffing customers. With help, he placed the table in the middle of the room. The curious onlookers stood around the room, watching to see what would happen next. The soldier asked for 6 volunteers. Bela, his aunt, and 4 other people immediately stepped up. The soldier had them sit on chairs along one long edge of the table, which had near the bottom on each side a long board on which patrons of the bar could rest their feet while seated. Under instruction, the volunteers sat close enough to lightly rest their hands on the tabletop, fingers touching, forming an energy circuit. The soldier stood on the opposite side. Once all were in position and settled, the soldier tapped the table with his stick commanding, “You there! Get up!” After a few tries, the table obeyed, rising a foot above the floor, still held by the interlinked hands. Try as they might, no one could force the table back down. Bela even pushed against the foot rest with all his strength, to no avail. At the command, “Down!”, the table dropped to the floor.

Next, the soldier reached to get a drinking glass, laying it horizontally on the ground, under one of the legs, which was still up in the air. “Come down fast,” he commanded, “but don’t break the glass!” Immediately, the table zoomed downward full force, coming to a screeching halt at the top of the horizontal glass but not breaking it, just as instructed. No one left, all marveling at this display of other-worldly power. With the table in mid-air, the soldier then commanded it to tap out onto the floor the age of one of the young women in attendance. Dutifully, without breaking the glass, the table tapped out “26”. Expectantly all eyes turned toward the young woman. Nodding her head shyly, she agreed that she was, indeed, 26 years old. In this manner, the soldier commanded the table to go up and down, which it did, like a faithful dog obeying its master.

By this time, most of the spectators were giggling giddily, a little unsure of what was actually occurring. Some of the Germans who lived in the village nodded knowingly, though, saying that this feat was of no consequence, that every year someone used to come to the village Gasthaus and make the tables dance. Thus, Bela took these feats for granted, although was obviously so impressed by them that he remembered them vividly 66 years later.

After several other tricks with the table, the soldier was asked how he managed this amazing feat. He said that he had worked as an assistant engineer on the Hungarian railroad. In addition to assisting the engineer, his main duty was to lean out the window, making sure that the tracks ahead of the train were clear, searching steadily, in case he had to stop the train. After some time spent engrossed in this duty with intense concentration, he realized that he could use this power of concentration to do things. He realized that he could raise objects, such as tables. So, he began concentrating on this ability and to perform by making tables and other furniture do his bidding. He also said that he could hypnotize people, but no one volunteered. Apparently it was one thing for a table to do the soldier’s bidding, but no human subject was willing to be his guinea pig.

Many people could become frightened by this story, conjuring up visions of demons with wooden tables under their spell, commanded by a demonic soldier, leering horribly, who will suck out your soul! 🙄 Your Angels encourage you to laugh heartily at such nonsense and examine carefully the awesome power available to each and every one of us as we tap into our true natures. This soldier did no more than become aware of one aspect of his divine self and tap into it, through intense concentration, with the consequent ability to make inanimate furniture do his bidding. In that regard, the hooting Germans were correct that this type of behavior is commonplace, although they missed the implications for themselves. i.e., that they, too, could tap into this awesome power.

We have learned, too, that in the Spirit world, there is no order of difficulty in miracles (see Reading, A Course in Miracles). Therefore, as a mountain is no heavier than a table, the soldier could literally have moved that mountain, if he so desired. This is also the principle by which it is as easy to manifest one million dollars as it is to manifest a convenient parking space (see also post, June 5, 2010, Seek with Expectation). Intrigued by these ideas, Bela and I decided to test them. You can read of our adventures in the next post, Experiments in Spirit Power.

Your Angels have given me a small vacation for a few days, Peeps, but we are back, with more Angel stories than ever. Can you believe that even on this trip they were ever at my side? And continuously encouraging me to continue to dream big so that you can be encouraged, too? The story:

Arriving into Bradley airport in Connecticut after returning from Michigan, I headed for the baggage claim. Walking idly, in no rush, I ambled to the conveyor belt to wait for the luggage to appear. Although I was comfortable in my spot, I began idly to ramble closer to the belt and stopped, watching it. No luggage was coming, so I idly shifted my gaze and, idly looking around, idly fixed it on the T-shirt of a passenger standing close by. My jaw dropped when I idly read the writing on that T-shirt. The message:
Dream It
Believe It
Achieve It
Expect Success

Wanting to rub my eyes to make certain of what I was seeing, I read the T-shirt again:
Dream It;
Believe It;
Achieve It;
Expect Success

The message was abundantly clear. Angelic guidance was instructing me in how to achieve success in the dreaming process. First of all, a dream must be present. Pick one. Perhaps start with a small one, an easy one. Secondly, believe with all your heart that your dream will come true. Simultaneously expecting success will result in your achieving the object of your dream.

Angelic instruction in how to achieve the object of your dreams:

Dream It
Believe It
Achieve It
Expect Success

As you dream a thing and believe it, you achieve the object of your dream by expecting success. As further encouragement, your Angels tell me that if you have the courage to go beyond your thoughts, you will meet with success not found in common hours. Happy dreaming!

In yesterday’s post (August 8, 2010: Love Heals), your Angels presented the poignant story told by SS in which she was harassed by unruly young teens as she walked her dogs in the park. In a monumental spirit of love and forgiveness, SS moved past her ego, past her need to be right, past her desire for revenge, past her inclinations to criticize and judge, past her fear of repercussions in presenting candy as a peace offering, and into a spirit of love and forgiveness. Your Angels bring you an update on that story, again with SS’s permission. She writes


“Just came back from the park. Only one of the kids was there. I walked up to him with the candy and said it was a peace offering. We ended up walking the dogs and talking together for an hour. He wouldn’t shut up 🙂 .. I found out that he was recently diagnosed with ADHD, he also told me about how a helmet has saved his life three times, he showed me the fart app on his iPad, told me how he knows that he swears too much, how he and his friend have stopped vandalizing the park because it got old, he also politely let me fill the dogs waterbowl from the fountain before he took a drink. I couldn’t shake this kid if I tried 🙂 . I was SO happy to talk with him and find out that he is not the devil in disguise as I had assumed him to be. Love applied to any situation helps so much. I’m on such a high right now from the whole experience. Not too proud of the early stages, but so glad for listening to the angels and choosing peace as a solution.”

This brought tears to my eyes, Peeps. I could just feel the love spreading like ripples on a pond (see also June 4, 2010) as both SS and the boy responded positively to each other. She had bravely opened herself to love and love gave all it had, right back at her. Reveling in the beauty of this story, let us look closely at all of the positive energy that flowed within each participant, as well as between them.

SS showed remarkable courage in approaching the teen, since her past experience with him had been negative and nothing in his behavior indicated that a new encounter would not be more of the same. So strong, though, was her faith in the Angelic message which told her that she could turn this situation into one positive for all parties, that, in that faith, she approached the teen with a peace offering. In credit to him, he accepted her offer of peace and opened up to the love she was presenting. As he shared with her his personality and thoughts, and especially the fart app on his iPad (how cute is that, showing her his most prized treasure, a fart app!), he radiated love to her, too, increasing love by millions-fold. In this exchange, SS grew, as well. Opening herself to love, she found the teen to be a polite, thoughtful, considerate young man, allowing her to water her dogs before he drank. Instead of the juvenile delinquent heading for the penitentiary which SS imagined him to be, she found a lonely, bored, polite, teachable, reachable young man who ached for and responded to love.

SS’s kindness toward him may be new and unusual for him. Perhaps his family is not accepting of him or are too busy, or too tired, or too exasperated to interact with him. One does wonder why these boys are out, wandering aimlessly, and causing trouble just to amuse themselves. One is tempted to conclude that no one at home cares much about them or their whereabouts. For this boy, then, an adult who listens to him and appreciates his personality may be a totally new experience. In listening to her Angels and in staying true to guidance, SS is now in the fortunate and enviable position of having changed this boy’s outlook. Perhaps he had had many negative experiences in his life. Before him, now, was a young woman who presented him with candy, listened to him, and laughed with him, showering him with a world of love even though he had been so impolite to her. You can bet that he will be telling this story to his friends, who then will tell their friends, and all will benefit from this exchange.

Speaking of benefits, the love generated by this interaction between SS and the boys has spread all the way from Illinois, where it took place, to Massachusetts, where I live. SS writes that she is currently on a “high” from this experience. I, too, am on a “high” just from reading it. As your Angels present this beautiful story to you on the Internet, perhaps you, too, will be inspired and this “high” will spread like ripples on a pond, encouraging and enabling us all to be at our best, even, as SS says, helping us “to live in love during the hard times”.