Archive for August 1st, 2010

In my travels around my little world, I am constantly amazed at how many everyday people are in contact with their everyday Angels and are willing to share their experiences. Today, for instance, I was again inspired to visit my friendly, neighborhood Wal-Mart, for reasons unknown. Ostensibly it was to buy some pink earrings to go with my seriously gaudy pink necklace and pink sapphire ring surrounded by 16 genuine cubic zirconia. In fact, it was to connect with the harried but extremely polite jewelry sales clerk. I had found a pair of tiny, heart-shaped pink sapphire pendant earrings set in white gold, with two tiny diamonds above the heart—precious little pieces, in perfect harmony with my huge, honking, faceted and polished pink necklace, a rock truly worthy of Elizabeth Taylor and the Hope diamond. The clerk unlocked the case for me and commented favorably on my choice of jewelry. Laughingly, I told her that my Angels had sent me to Wal-Mart, but I was unsure of their reason.

“Do your Angels ever talk to you?” I asked. “Yes,” she said, “my dad. He helps me find things. I have Angel wings right at my shoulders,” touching her two shoulders. A rash of goose bumps coursed up my body, even to my nipples. Goose bumps, I have learned, are a certain indication that we are in the presence of an Angel. “Whenever I lose something, I call out ‘Dad! Bring it to me; find it for me’ and it turns right up. I believe in all of that!” Almost speechless with this outpouring of love and trust, I just listened to her in awe.

As I moved to another part of the counter to pay for the earrings, she continued, “I believe in all of that. I pray to God. My mother didn’t believe that my dad was helping me, but once, after church, she lost her glasses. She couldn’t find them anywhere. ‘Did you ask Dad for help?’, I asked her. She just looked at me, which I didn’t understand because she had brought me up to believe in all that. ‘Now Ma,’ I said, ‘let’s ask Dad for help. Where did you put your coat when you came home from church?’ We looked in her hat and there were her glasses, although she hadn’t found them there before.”

Again, I experienced goose bumps all over me. “That’s really something,” I commented quietly, not wanting to break the spell. “Yep,” she continued, “I have Angel wings on my shoulders, but they’re just off my shoulders, they’re not attached. I still have some work to do before they attach.” So saying, she looked at me with an expression that showed her awareness of her perceived short-comings and a willingness to keep working to improve them. Nearly speechless at this glimpse she gave me of her innermost self, in a genuine spirit of love and trust that I would not think her insane, I dumbly thanked her for sharing her story with me and left the counter, in awe at her easy acceptance of Angel guidance in her daily life.

Analysis of this woman’s story and outlook is most tempting and for those of us who overthink everything, it will be satisfying. In relating this story, it was truly clear that the clerk found nothing strange or unusual in having her father available to her to find lost objects. She accepted it as naturally as she did her own breathing. After all, it was her father, the man who had nurtured and cared for her since infancy. Why wouldn’t he be available to her after his passing? Yet she was also aware of a higher power, one with wings, that seemed to be behind her father and bolstering even him. While feeling on par with her father, she was a little in awe of the winged one, since she mentioned that the wings were just off her shoulders, not on them, and that she was working on things so that the wings would one day be on her shoulders. What struck me the most was her very easy acceptance of the entire package: deceased father helping her find lost objects, Angel wings on her shoulders, help from Heaven—all without even batting an eyelash. She didn’t philosophize, didn’t analyze, didn’t look at the big picture from six different directions, nor did she doubt her sanity. She just rolled with it. In addition, she was so comfortable with this entire fantastic scenario that she was perfectly willing to share the entirety with a total stranger. I find this simple faith both awe-inspiring and refreshing and plan to spend less time doubting myself and more time trusting the wonderful guidance I am given.