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Several weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to reconnect with a bolstering spirit from the past, Dr. Cindy. In our conversation, in which we attempted to catch up on 20 year’s worth of living in a few minutes, I mentioned that she had Angels around her. Evidently caught by surprise, she shared her opinion that she was not significant enough to warrant even one Angel, never mind a phalanx. Quickly, I assured her that she was more than worthy and the conversation turned to other topics. Her genuine surprise to learn of her worthiness and her initial doubt touched a cord in me, alerting me to the many, many people who might feel all alone and unworthy of Divine guidance because they feel themselves to be “not good enough”. Their Angels, and especially Dr. Cindy’s, write this post to discourse on our true nature and assure us of the vastness of the Heavenly Host at our disposal. According to (see Links): “Ever wonder how many angels you have? All of them. They insisted.” The Universe

Our true nature is Light. For those to whom the Bible speaks, it is even written in Genesis (1:26) that we are made in the image and likeness of God, which is Light. We are Light beings living in a physical body. Our intimate interconnection with our current body is an asset as it helps us nurture and nourish it for its use in our mission. This interconnection becomes a liability when we forget our true natures and start to act as if we were our bodies. Usually we do not experience conscious disconnection from our bodies, except under extreme stress.

I was fortunate enough to undergo a conscious disconnection from my body during a near-death experience in June of 1991. While I was apparently unresponsive, someone tried to ascertain my level of consciousness. He grabbed me roughly on the left shoulder, calling my name. He put his finger at the left side of my mouth and pulled down. He opened my left eye. During all of this, I was floating just above my physical body, sensing these movements and wondering, bewildered and irritated, why this man was bothering with all of this nonsense. My thought was, “what’s the matter with him? Can’t he see that I’m all right?” It was as if I had been sitting in a corner and this man had rushed upon my jacket lying on the couch and began poking at it, calling my name, and attempting to resuscitate me by working on my jacket instead of dealing with me in the corner.

Unfortunately, my journey Home was interrupted by the EMS ambulance crew. I was taken to the hospital, poked, prodded, and pried some more and rehydrated, with orders to drink a gallon of fluid a day for several days. The rehydration process was gradual, as was my return to my body. After truly returning, though, I was really aware how disconnected I had been. Since then, I have not consciously left my body, but am really aware that we are only living in a shell.

So, we are Light beings living in a physical shell. As we are all that point of Light, so each and every cell in our bodies has within it a tiny point of Light (see Reading, Ponder on This), around which it organizes itself and its activities. It is this tiny point of Light that gives each cell life and without which it is inert and lifeless. When I first entered nursing and witnessed the death of a patient, I pondered on what the difference might be between a “live” body and a “dead” one. At the time, my conjecture was electricity. I now know that it is the presence of Light. Once Light is removed, the shell becomes inert, as it is the Light which is the animating force.

Once we understand that we are all Light, no more and no less than any member of Heaven, we can dispense with all the nonsense we might have been taught about our unworthiness. It simply does not exist. There is no original sin, no secret stain on our souls that makes us distasteful to a supreme creative deity. These, then, just become children’s tales told to us to frighten us so that we might conform to some agenda on the part of those who desire to acquire our power for themselves and for their own purposes. As Light beings, our cohorts are no more and no less than the powerful agents of Heaven, the Angels. And being of the same stuff, they desire that we ask them for help as they place themselves at our disposal. We are worthy and more; they desire to help us with all of their being. Just ask (or in my case, demand).

To aid in your remembering your true identity, I give you a prayer from Satya Sai Baba, which, if repeated daily, will do wonders for your understanding of yourself as a Being of Light:

I am God! I am God! I am not different from God!
I am the eternal undifferentiated Absolute!
Grief and anxiety cannot affect me.
I am always content. Fear cannot enter me.
I am Satchidananda. I am pure Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss.
I am Omnipotent! I am all-powerful; nothing is impossible for me!
I am Omniscient! I am all-knowing.
There is nothing which is not known to me.
I am Omnipresent! I am present everywhere. I pervade this Universe!
I am Krishna! I am Christ! I am Buddha!
I am Sai! I am Sai! I am Sai!
I am God! I am God! I am God!

P.S. Confession: when I first said this prayer, I was certain that a lightning bolt would fell me on the spot. As that lightning bolt was not forthcoming, I developed courage and continued with the prayer, repeating it every day. Just saying it brought immeasurable understanding and knowing of the essence of the Universe. Keep at it. Your Angels want you to remember who you are!