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In the post of July 31, 1020, your Angels discussed with you the extreme importance of thoughts, even titling the post “Thoughts are Things”. There is a very good reason for them to tell you that thoughts are things, as the following story shows. A young woman of my acquaintance, Jill, who is gifted with intuition and aware of her guidance, told me this wonderful story that incorporates positive thinking, persistence, and most importantly of all, visualization.

Some time ago, Jill was driving to her friend’s house. As she got out of the car, she inadvertently locked the keys in it. She could see the keys. She could not see how to get them out. By chance, the sunroof was slightly ajar. Her friend, Michelle, came out, heard about the problem, and immediately set to work to get those keys out of that car. The two young women found a coat-hanger in the garage, which they taped on to another long stick, making a kind of hook with which to catch the keys. Slowly, they lowered the contraption down through the sunroof and attempted to hook the keys. For an hour and a half they tried. They lowered the coat-hanger, hooked the keys, but each time, the keys slid off. Jill confesses to running out of patience many times, wanting to wait until Michelle’s parents came home, so that maybe they could also help. She even told Michelle to just forget it; Jill’s patience had totally run out. Michelle would have none of it. Slowly, patiently, she kept coming back for more, expecting each time to hook those keys and get them out through the sunroof.

Finally, Michelle’s parents returned home. “Ah,” thought Jill, “her dad is home. He’ll get the keys out.” Try as he might, though, the father was unable to keep the keys on the hook long enough to pull them through the sunroof and into Jill’s waiting little hands. Beside herself, Jill now wanted no more of this: maximum effort with no reward, whatsoever. Michelle, however, refused to give up. She instructed Jill to visualize the keys being out of the car. Jill had that much patience left. As instructed, she visualized the car keys coming through the sunroof. The young women lowered the coat-hanger once again through the sunroof, caught the keys, and within an instant the keys were in Jill’s hands. In telling this story, Jill stressed how instantaneous was the appearance of the keys immediately as the two visualized them being out of the car. Her thought (visualized): “those keys shall be through the sunroof” became a thing: car keys in her hand!

Michelle has a positive history of success with visualization, having used it numerous times for her benefit. Her brother was also the recipient of her gift when he was accepted into college, but without funds to pay for the education. Michelle taught her brother how to visualize and what to visualize, with the result that he attracted to himself sufficient funding to complete his education.

I, too, have used visualization to good effect. One of the most striking examples centered on the historical house in which I now live. When my then-boyfriend, later husband, and I found this house, we found that we could afford the payments, but did not have quite enough money for a down payment on it. We went back to New Hampshire, where we were living at the time, to sort out our finances. After looking at everything, he was in despair. There just did not seem to be quite enough money to seal the deal. He was ready to give up. I listened to his despair and told him that if he really wanted this house, there were measures available to us which would ensure that the house would be ours. What was required of him was an absolute faith that this house would be ours, visualizing this house as being ours, and doing everything within his power to earn as much money as he could that summer. I told him that by doing all of this, the house would, indeed, be ours. This would involve a lot of effort, so while I was willing to put in this effort, he must also be committed to it, or we would fail. It was not enough that only I put in effort, he must also believe and work with me wholeheartedly on this dream or not at all. I told him that I could go either way, the choice was up to him, but that he must understand how important would be the commitment and effort expected of him.

He heard my words and looked skeptical—as might anyone not familiar with positive thinking and visualization. A few days later, he told me that he really did want the house and would work with me to get it. With that, we both spent the summer doing anything and everything to earn extra money. His mother saw this and was so impressed that she contributed a substantial amount toward the down payment, enough, in fact, for us to be able to afford the house! Had my boyfriend just asked her for the money, she would have turned him down, but his total commitment and willingness to do whatever it took to achieve that goal so impressed her that she, too, wanted to be on the winning side.

Yes, Peeps, when you dream big, put in whatever effort it takes, and keep going with dogged determination, no matter what obstacles are before you, you set in motion forces of the Universe that align themselves such that you will succeed. Even the Universe wants to be on the winning side. ­čÖé