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One of my faithful readers, SS, continues to be a source of inspiration as she allows guidance into her life. With her express permission, I present some of her thoughts, as well as a story which she recently sent me.

She writes, “I find it’s easier to pinpoint others’ problems than to see mine. When I am caught up in a drama, I can spend a lot of time thinking of how WRONG the other person is and how I am vindicated in my being “right”. Fortunately this happens much less than it used to and I am learning to turn the other cheek. It’s a hard lesson to learn and to some degree I think we have to relearn it every time some new drama comes up in our lives. It’s remembering to live in love during the hard times. That is tough 🙁 :(”

She continues, “Little silly story… Every afternoon I take the dogs to the park for a walk. This summer there have been two young teenagers there causing damage to the park. I have spoken to them a few times about picking up the garbage cans they knock over. Of course I’m the big dork to them 🙂 .. I do admit to holding anger at them inside of me. I would work on sending them love, but the next time I would see them they would be causing trouble again.

“Well, last week they took to shouting the “N” word at me as I was driving away. I turned the truck around, got out, grabbed my cell phone, and called the police. They took off running. I was SO mad that they would be shouting such an ugly word AT ME!!!(hello ego).

“The officer showed up and I told her what happened. Please keep in mind that this is a small little country town. She went to find the kids and talk to them. I left the park not knowing what the end result was. Well, I told that story quite a few times and felt vindicated in my calling the police. I was RIGHT and they were horrible little BRATS!!! I plotted ways to get even with them (I know, I know, don’t judge me)… Then I would focus on sending them love. Back and forth, back and forth. The problem was that I continued to see them at the park. They were not doing anything now, but I would get into the mindset of waiting to be attacked verbally.

“Finally yesterday, while I was out walking at the park (they weren’t there), the thought came out of the blue that I WAS THE ADULT and I had a chance to turn this into a positive experience for all of us. I would bring a peace offering of candy bars to them and explain that I hold no ill will against them. Could we start over and just be friends again. As this was rolling over in my mind, I happened to glance down and saw a candy wrapper. Okay, Universe, thank you for the answer.

“This morning while walking the dogs at the same park (I walk them in the morning and afternoon), I saw the same police officer that went after them. She told me that she did catch up to them and had a good talk with them. She told them that they would be banned from the park if any more calls came in on them. This explains why they haven’t been doing anything negative at the park…

“I haven’t given them the candy bars yet. I will try this afternoon. It would be nice to walk at the park and not feel negative energy and give off negative energy. I’m holding high intentions of love and acceptance on all our parts. Hopefully there isn’t anything wrong with giving 13 – 14 year olds a chocolate bar? You just hear stories these days and don’t want ANYTHING you do to be misconstrued. AUGH!”

This beautiful story has many elements which your Angels encourage all to cultivate. First and foremost is an awareness. SS has an encounter with others in which she recognizes negative elements in herself. Her awareness has so many facets that it is worth listing each one: She is
aware of being caught up in drama,
aware of that sense of being “right” while the other person’s point of view is “wrong”;
aware of the need to move past these elements;
aware of anger and its futility and the need to transmute that anger to love;
aware of how negativity can engage her ego;
aware of judging and being judged;
aware of expecting negativity in her walks in the park;
aware of the healing need for peace in the midst of drama;
aware of guidance in suggesting ways and means to a positive outcome for everyone, complete with physical example (candy wrapper); and, most of all,
aware of the difficulty of remembering to live in love during the hard times.

This highly developed awareness has allowed SS to remove herself and her ego from the immediate drama to such a degree that she was able to receive the thought from her Angels that she is the adult in this drama and she can bring about a peaceful and satisfying resolution. In other words, no one outside herself needs to change in order for her to be happy; this will occur when she changes her thoughts from annoyance to peace (see Reading, A Course in Miracles). Had she been less aware, she would have not heard her Angels sending her the ideas (out of the “blue”, as she writes) that will bring resolution to this drama. Being caught up, she would also not have seen the candy wrapper, or, having seen it, might have become angry all over again at that person who was littering in the park. As she has developed awareness and thus the ability to begin to distance herself from drama, she received the Angelic message and correctly interpreted the presence of the candy wrapper as confirmation that she had correctly interpreted her Angels’ message. Does that not take your breath away? In the midst of strife and annoyance, SS was able, through cultivated awareness, to hear and see Angelic aid. This brings tears to my eyes. We are all capable of this, Peeps. Just keep on listening and practicing.