In yesterday’s post (August 8, 2010: Love Heals), your Angels presented the poignant story told by SS in which she was harassed by unruly young teens as she walked her dogs in the park. In a monumental spirit of love and forgiveness, SS moved past her ego, past her need to be right, past her desire for revenge, past her inclinations to criticize and judge, past her fear of repercussions in presenting candy as a peace offering, and into a spirit of love and forgiveness. Your Angels bring you an update on that story, again with SS’s permission. She writes


“Just came back from the park. Only one of the kids was there. I walked up to him with the candy and said it was a peace offering. We ended up walking the dogs and talking together for an hour. He wouldn’t shut up 🙂 .. I found out that he was recently diagnosed with ADHD, he also told me about how a helmet has saved his life three times, he showed me the fart app on his iPad, told me how he knows that he swears too much, how he and his friend have stopped vandalizing the park because it got old, he also politely let me fill the dogs waterbowl from the fountain before he took a drink. I couldn’t shake this kid if I tried 🙂 . I was SO happy to talk with him and find out that he is not the devil in disguise as I had assumed him to be. Love applied to any situation helps so much. I’m on such a high right now from the whole experience. Not too proud of the early stages, but so glad for listening to the angels and choosing peace as a solution.”

This brought tears to my eyes, Peeps. I could just feel the love spreading like ripples on a pond (see also June 4, 2010) as both SS and the boy responded positively to each other. She had bravely opened herself to love and love gave all it had, right back at her. Reveling in the beauty of this story, let us look closely at all of the positive energy that flowed within each participant, as well as between them.

SS showed remarkable courage in approaching the teen, since her past experience with him had been negative and nothing in his behavior indicated that a new encounter would not be more of the same. So strong, though, was her faith in the Angelic message which told her that she could turn this situation into one positive for all parties, that, in that faith, she approached the teen with a peace offering. In credit to him, he accepted her offer of peace and opened up to the love she was presenting. As he shared with her his personality and thoughts, and especially the fart app on his iPad (how cute is that, showing her his most prized treasure, a fart app!), he radiated love to her, too, increasing love by millions-fold. In this exchange, SS grew, as well. Opening herself to love, she found the teen to be a polite, thoughtful, considerate young man, allowing her to water her dogs before he drank. Instead of the juvenile delinquent heading for the penitentiary which SS imagined him to be, she found a lonely, bored, polite, teachable, reachable young man who ached for and responded to love.

SS’s kindness toward him may be new and unusual for him. Perhaps his family is not accepting of him or are too busy, or too tired, or too exasperated to interact with him. One does wonder why these boys are out, wandering aimlessly, and causing trouble just to amuse themselves. One is tempted to conclude that no one at home cares much about them or their whereabouts. For this boy, then, an adult who listens to him and appreciates his personality may be a totally new experience. In listening to her Angels and in staying true to guidance, SS is now in the fortunate and enviable position of having changed this boy’s outlook. Perhaps he had had many negative experiences in his life. Before him, now, was a young woman who presented him with candy, listened to him, and laughed with him, showering him with a world of love even though he had been so impolite to her. You can bet that he will be telling this story to his friends, who then will tell their friends, and all will benefit from this exchange.

Speaking of benefits, the love generated by this interaction between SS and the boys has spread all the way from Illinois, where it took place, to Massachusetts, where I live. SS writes that she is currently on a “high” from this experience. I, too, am on a “high” just from reading it. As your Angels present this beautiful story to you on the Internet, perhaps you, too, will be inspired and this “high” will spread like ripples on a pond, encouraging and enabling us all to be at our best, even, as SS says, helping us “to live in love during the hard times”.

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1   Sonia    
August 9th, 2010 at 9:33 pm

I love where you say that love was given to the boy and then received right back. How wonderful! You have such a beautiful way of looking at things and then pointing out the wonder to others. What a great gift!

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