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In that same evening with my friend, Bela, in which he related the amazing story of the Hungarian soldier and his table tilting abilities (see post, August 22, 2010, Table Tilting), Bela told the story of the home-made Ouija board. As mentioned in Table Tilting, Hungarian refugees had nearly nothing to do while quartered in the refugee camps. Inactivity, no jobs, no food, and little hope for the future gave many refugees a strong motivation to leave Germany by any means open to them.

After WWII, troop ships from the USA transported American soldiers to Korea, returning home via Bremerhaven, Germany. There, they picked up refugees lucky enough to be selected and took them to Canada, the USA, or Australia. The rumor in the camps was that people were currently being shipped to Canada, but nothing was substantial. Out of a sense of desperation, my parents and Bela’s parents decided to make a Ouija board to find some answers for their uncertain future. On a large piece of white wrapping paper, they wrote the letters of the Hungarian alphabet, along with the Hungarian words for “yes” and “no”. They found a small saucer to substitute for the planchet. Designating Bela as the scribe, each person placed a finger lightly on the saucer and waited.

Soon enough, the saucer began to move around the paper. The participants asked each other who was moving the saucer, but no one was. It was moving by itself. Becoming comfortable with this movement, the participants began asking questions. Answers were given as to which country they would live in (USA), as well as surprisingly detailed information concerning employment for the men. When asked who was responding, the answer came back that Bela’s deceased mother was one respondent. Some of the answers had an odd pattern to them, with the words being interspersed with “aw……”. My father suddenly had an inspiration and asked whether his own father was among the respondents. When the answer came back in the affirmative, my father explained that he had recognized his father’s unique speech pattern. Events proceeded as predicted: one of the rust-bucket troop ships did, indeed, bring all of us to the USA and the men found employment in the areas as foretold.

Inspired by these stories, I impulsively reached for a teacup saucer and up-ended it on the kitchen table. Protecting both of us with White Light, I closed my eyes and waited for what would happen next. Almost immediately, the saucer began to swirl and whisk itself around the table top. It skated and slid, making graceful loops hither and yon. I opened my eyes and asked Bela if he was moving the saucer. He replied in the negative. I, most certainly, was not moving it—but it was having such fun skating around the table top. A wonderful sense of freedom and euphoria came to me as it swirled and slid about.

Since neither of us was moving the saucer, I opened my eyes to examine the mechanism of this action. Both of us had our elbows bent, hands in the air, slightly turned downward, in almost a “swan’s neck” configuration, with 2-3 fingertips resting lightly on the surface of the saucer. It was nearly impossible to push the saucer with our hands in this configuration, because one could not exert enough pressure on the surface to push it. Curious, I wondered how our hands needed to be placed in order to exert enough pressure on the saucer to make it move under physical power. Experimenting, I found that arms would need to come down from the shoulders in a straight line with the hands—no bent elbows—while the fingers would need to be flat, pushing on the saucer surface. In this arrangement, one could exert pressure through the arms, hands, and fingers and so make the saucer move. From the position of our arms, hands, and fingers, it was clear that neither one of us was moving the saucer. Then who was? We did not ask, but the power evidently was coming through me. If I took my fingers off the saucer, then it stopped dead. If Bela took his hands off, the thing still kept going.

Our attention then turned to table tilting. I found a small wooden stool that had possibilities, but Bela thought that it would be too heavy, so we tried something else. In the kitchen were many breadboards, each heavier and more unwieldy than the last. I picked one in the shape of a paddle, with a rawhide strip in one end, with which the board could be hung on the wall. This oddly shaped breadboard was considerably heavier than the ceramic saucer; in addition, it had a drag effect from the rawhide knot. Placing it on the kitchen table before us, we rested our fingertips lightly on its surface and waited. Nearly immediately, the board began soaring around the table as if it had air jets under it. True, it swirled many times around the knot, but that did not hold it back much. Again, there was an almost giddy sensation of complete, unfettered freedom as this heavy breadboard skated happily along the table top. We tried two more breadboards, each heavier than the last. Weight did not seem to matter. All of them skated and swirled on that kitchen table as if the surface were of the smoothest glass and the weights were of no consequence. We couldn’t find an object heavy enough that would not sail as if it were greased. Happy and satisfied with our experiments in spirit power, we left off in high spirits.

What can we deduce from this interesting experience? For one, the laws of physics seem not to apply in the Spirit world: weight becomes weightless; friction becomes non-existent; cause and effect seem unconnected; momentum disappears as heavily weighted objects moving at extreme speeds suddenly come to an immediate dead stop. It is this same irrelevance of the laws of physics that allows some people to be “dead” for minutes, hours, or days and return to “life” without any physical side effects and absolutely no brain damage (see Reading, Life After Life; Saved by the Light). For another, all of us have a connection to this most fascinating Spirit world all the time. Sadly, many of us have been educated and civilized out of remembering this connection, and frequently shamed or frightened into staying away from it. People might be comfortable with the thought of Angels, but talk to them about Ouija boards and table tilting and they are moving away from you at the speed of light, making the sign of the cross and strewing garlic cloves in their wake. 🙄 This kind of over-reaction is totally unnecessary. Fear and superstition keep many of us from ever realizing our divine nature and thus lock us away from the unbelievable joy that is our birthright as divine beings. Your Angels encourage you to check your fears at the door, surround yourself with White Light, and step into your true nature as a being of Light and Love, so that you, too, can enjoy the fruits of the Spirit. 🙂