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One of my faithful readers, SS, continues to be a source of inspiration as she allows guidance into her life. With her express permission, I present some of her thoughts, as well as a story which she recently sent me.

She writes, “I find it’s easier to pinpoint others’ problems than to see mine. When I am caught up in a drama, I can spend a lot of time thinking of how WRONG the other person is and how I am vindicated in my being “right”. Fortunately this happens much less than it used to and I am learning to turn the other cheek. It’s a hard lesson to learn and to some degree I think we have to relearn it every time some new drama comes up in our lives. It’s remembering to live in love during the hard times. That is tough 🙁 :(”

She continues, “Little silly story… Every afternoon I take the dogs to the park for a walk. This summer there have been two young teenagers there causing damage to the park. I have spoken to them a few times about picking up the garbage cans they knock over. Of course I’m the big dork to them 🙂 .. I do admit to holding anger at them inside of me. I would work on sending them love, but the next time I would see them they would be causing trouble again.

“Well, last week they took to shouting the “N” word at me as I was driving away. I turned the truck around, got out, grabbed my cell phone, and called the police. They took off running. I was SO mad that they would be shouting such an ugly word AT ME!!!(hello ego).

“The officer showed up and I told her what happened. Please keep in mind that this is a small little country town. She went to find the kids and talk to them. I left the park not knowing what the end result was. Well, I told that story quite a few times and felt vindicated in my calling the police. I was RIGHT and they were horrible little BRATS!!! I plotted ways to get even with them (I know, I know, don’t judge me)… Then I would focus on sending them love. Back and forth, back and forth. The problem was that I continued to see them at the park. They were not doing anything now, but I would get into the mindset of waiting to be attacked verbally.

“Finally yesterday, while I was out walking at the park (they weren’t there), the thought came out of the blue that I WAS THE ADULT and I had a chance to turn this into a positive experience for all of us. I would bring a peace offering of candy bars to them and explain that I hold no ill will against them. Could we start over and just be friends again. As this was rolling over in my mind, I happened to glance down and saw a candy wrapper. Okay, Universe, thank you for the answer.

“This morning while walking the dogs at the same park (I walk them in the morning and afternoon), I saw the same police officer that went after them. She told me that she did catch up to them and had a good talk with them. She told them that they would be banned from the park if any more calls came in on them. This explains why they haven’t been doing anything negative at the park…

“I haven’t given them the candy bars yet. I will try this afternoon. It would be nice to walk at the park and not feel negative energy and give off negative energy. I’m holding high intentions of love and acceptance on all our parts. Hopefully there isn’t anything wrong with giving 13 – 14 year olds a chocolate bar? You just hear stories these days and don’t want ANYTHING you do to be misconstrued. AUGH!”

This beautiful story has many elements which your Angels encourage all to cultivate. First and foremost is an awareness. SS has an encounter with others in which she recognizes negative elements in herself. Her awareness has so many facets that it is worth listing each one: She is
aware of being caught up in drama,
aware of that sense of being “right” while the other person’s point of view is “wrong”;
aware of the need to move past these elements;
aware of anger and its futility and the need to transmute that anger to love;
aware of how negativity can engage her ego;
aware of judging and being judged;
aware of expecting negativity in her walks in the park;
aware of the healing need for peace in the midst of drama;
aware of guidance in suggesting ways and means to a positive outcome for everyone, complete with physical example (candy wrapper); and, most of all,
aware of the difficulty of remembering to live in love during the hard times.

This highly developed awareness has allowed SS to remove herself and her ego from the immediate drama to such a degree that she was able to receive the thought from her Angels that she is the adult in this drama and she can bring about a peaceful and satisfying resolution. In other words, no one outside herself needs to change in order for her to be happy; this will occur when she changes her thoughts from annoyance to peace (see Reading, A Course in Miracles). Had she been less aware, she would have not heard her Angels sending her the ideas (out of the “blue”, as she writes) that will bring resolution to this drama. Being caught up, she would also not have seen the candy wrapper, or, having seen it, might have become angry all over again at that person who was littering in the park. As she has developed awareness and thus the ability to begin to distance herself from drama, she received the Angelic message and correctly interpreted the presence of the candy wrapper as confirmation that she had correctly interpreted her Angels’ message. Does that not take your breath away? In the midst of strife and annoyance, SS was able, through cultivated awareness, to hear and see Angelic aid. This brings tears to my eyes. We are all capable of this, Peeps. Just keep on listening and practicing.

One of my good friends has given me permission to post a very interesting dream she had not long ago. This dream validates the idea that angelic messengers come to us in dreams. They guide and soothe us in times of turmoil; they give us direction and promote peace, if we will only allow their message to reach us.

My friend, Kate, had been having marital relationship difficulties of several years standing with her husband, Joe, and seemed to be at a crossroads. Joe had told her that the direction of their marriage was up to her, the choice was hers to stay or divorce. Despite past stresses, much love was still evident in their relationship, so Kate felt no clear answer as to the direction their relationship should take. One afternoon, she was cuddled up against Joe as he was watching TV. She fell asleep and had the following dream:

Kate, Joe, and Kate’s cousin and his ex-wife were in line to go into a big auditorium, to see something special. In this huge auditorium, they found seats toward the middle, in row seating. They were excited, having come to hear someone speak, someone who might be able to help Kate’s cousin with some points in his life. While in the seats, they realized that they had to stand in line again because, though they were in the right auditorium, they were in the wrong seats. In the process of getting back in line, Kate got separated from the other three. She was not concerned, however, since they needed to do something together without her, so while they were thus occupied, she would find seats for the four of them.

Back Kate went into the auditorium, with the same stage a little ahead of her and to her left. At the front of the stage, on the floor, were strange half-moon booths. These were VIP booths, with the two sections of each half-moon facing each other. All the booths looked as if they could twirl round. Before each booth was a 6-inch step up into the booth. Kate seated herself at the left in the first booth, facing another woman in the booth. Seven women were on the other side, women from varying ethnic groups—a real international crowd. Kate began getting comfortable, putting her purse down and easing into the booth. Other women began coming into the booth to sit, upon which Kate asked them please not to sit down as she was holding the seats for her family.

As this commotion was occurring, another woman was walking toward the booths to greet those in the VIP booths, a common practice. As Kate watched the woman approach, she became aware that this woman was the one everyone had come to see and she was walking around, greeting her audience. This was to be her show, and she was greeting her public. On reaching Kate, the guest speaker greeted her with “hello” and sat down next to her. For Kate there was no surprise, rather a knowing that the guest speaker will speak to her. As the speaker sat down she said to Kate, “I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, you know we have to talk. I have a message for you.”
“Yes, I know,” said Kate, wondering whether they would have a private conversation. The speaker leaned forward toward Kate and began whispering in her ear. She said things like, “things are OK”; “trust”, and so forth.

Suddenly, both women start moving out of the auditorium, backing out the door and into a passageway with windows, backing toward the windows to talk. The feeling was that the speaker would like to schedule a private reading for a later time, but a message was coming through immediately, which must be conveyed. This was unexpected for both Kate and for the guest speaker, who apologized to Kate, saying, “I’m sorry, it’s coming now. This is what has to be said now”, and encouraging Kate to go with the flow. Elements of the message involved moving forward, being calm, and trusting.

With this, Kate moved back from the woman. “There is something I need to know first before I can move on. I really, really, really need to know,” she said. The woman looked at Kate, expecting the question. “Does Joe really love me?” The woman just looked at Kate and said, “Absolutely. There’s no doubt about it. He loves you very, very much”, no longer whispering into her ear, but speaking aloud.

At this point, Kate awoke, reeling from the dream, which had given her so much information. Upon awaking she felt calm and at peace. She looked over at Joe, watching TV, and thought, “I suppose I love him.” Joe, seeing that Kate was awake, kissed her on the forehead.

For the present, Kate has made no decisions based on this dream in her relationship with Joe. It is a tribute to her open mind and the love of her Angels that she has been given a dream so rich in information.

Reflecting on the importance of visualization coupled with positive thinking brought a flood of memories, two of which I would like to share with you. Each illustrates the role of visualization in achieving success in our endeavors.

For a time, I lived in Austin, Texas and worked in the Neonatal Center there. Our patients were premature infants, some as young as 26 weeks, most of whom required ventilator oxygenation while they continued the maturation process outside their mothers’ bodies. In order to check the effectiveness of their oxygenation, the Neonatologist drew random samples of arterial blood for analysis. Ventilator settings were adjusted, based on blood gas results, for maximum benefit. Let us appreciate the magnitude of this blood draw. These babies were tiny, with the entire child not as big as your outstretched hand. That means, from head to foot, the little baby was teensy-weensy. That meant, of course, that their arms and hands were also teensy-tiny, with their little veins and arteries no bigger than little threads. If that were not enough, these little kids were feisty. They kicked, they screamed, they thrashed, they rocked their bodies, and were so flexible that they were quite capable of pulling out their feeding tubes with their toes and flinging them 10 feet away. Impressive, to say the least; inconvenient when it was time to for the Neonatologist to draw blood from their teensy-tiny arteries.

Even then, in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s, I had a reputation for being a bit “different”, so when I told the Neonatologist that I always helped him with the blood draws by picturing him being successful at them, he looked at me pitying, smirked a bit, and said nothing. I rattled on about how I “saw” in my mind’s eye his holding up the syringe with red (not blue, that would be venous) blood in it, or putting a full syringe successfully onto the ice. Still not saying anything, he just looked at me owlishly and kept at his task. For months, I visualized his being successful with every blood draw, as he needed to accomplish it. He said nothing, just smirked at me as if I had lobsters crawling out of my ears, headed for the loony bin. Finally, one day, I had had it. “Fine,” I thought to myself, “he obviously doesn’t believe me. From now on, he’s on his own.” So, when it came time to draw blood from the infant for which I was caring, I aided him in every way except in visualization. He poked, he prodded, he pried; to no avail. He could not access the artery. After nearly twenty minutes of this, he jerked his head up, looked me in the eye, and snapped, “Are you visualizing this?” To my credit, I did not laugh, just “saw” him holding up a syringe full of arterial blood. Immediately he was successful. Neither one of us said a word, but our understanding continued and never again did he have difficulty with the blood draws, as long as I aided him with visualization.

The June 7, 2010 post, “Expand your Belief”, addresses my desire to buy the property that had been connected to mine, but which a previous owner had sold to the neighbor for a mere $500 in 1983. It had been my fondest wish to reclaim this very small bit of land, since my neighbor had parked a rusting hulk of an antiquated tow truck right in my line of sight. Day by day, I was treated to the privilege of watching those tires slowly lose air and sink ever deeper into the grass, while the rain, wind, snow, and hail chipped away at the paint. Year by year, the truck looked less and less appealing to my esthetic sense, but what could I do? The man was not about to sell. Yet, despite the “obvious truth” that my neighbor would not sell that land back to me, I went outside often and looked at that piece of property, visualizing it empty, the truck gone, a new stone wall ringing it, filled in, with grass and shrubs abounding. I visualized being able to walk behind the garage without falling in the hole. I visualized my cats chasing chipmunks who lived in the stone wall. Mostly, I pictured it being mine, with the satisfaction that ownership brings. Day in, day out; year in, year out, I visualized these things, completely without stress or frustration, just idlely passing the time, visualizing the property as mine. The accumulation of all those visualizations must have had an effect because, one day, seven years later, my neighbor actually sold me the property! If you knew my neighbor, you would know what a monumental decision he would have had to make to part company with that tiny plot of land and how completely out of character this action was. It was nothing short of a miracle. Of course, I paid through the nose, but never mind, the Universe had arranged this successful deal and who was I to quibble at price?

So much for “obvious truth”, eh? In the realm of the possible, it has been my experience that consistent, persistent visualization will trump “obvious truth” every time. I cannot wait to read your own visualization stories, dear readers!

In the post of July 31, 1020, your Angels discussed with you the extreme importance of thoughts, even titling the post “Thoughts are Things”. There is a very good reason for them to tell you that thoughts are things, as the following story shows. A young woman of my acquaintance, Jill, who is gifted with intuition and aware of her guidance, told me this wonderful story that incorporates positive thinking, persistence, and most importantly of all, visualization.

Some time ago, Jill was driving to her friend’s house. As she got out of the car, she inadvertently locked the keys in it. She could see the keys. She could not see how to get them out. By chance, the sunroof was slightly ajar. Her friend, Michelle, came out, heard about the problem, and immediately set to work to get those keys out of that car. The two young women found a coat-hanger in the garage, which they taped on to another long stick, making a kind of hook with which to catch the keys. Slowly, they lowered the contraption down through the sunroof and attempted to hook the keys. For an hour and a half they tried. They lowered the coat-hanger, hooked the keys, but each time, the keys slid off. Jill confesses to running out of patience many times, wanting to wait until Michelle’s parents came home, so that maybe they could also help. She even told Michelle to just forget it; Jill’s patience had totally run out. Michelle would have none of it. Slowly, patiently, she kept coming back for more, expecting each time to hook those keys and get them out through the sunroof.

Finally, Michelle’s parents returned home. “Ah,” thought Jill, “her dad is home. He’ll get the keys out.” Try as he might, though, the father was unable to keep the keys on the hook long enough to pull them through the sunroof and into Jill’s waiting little hands. Beside herself, Jill now wanted no more of this: maximum effort with no reward, whatsoever. Michelle, however, refused to give up. She instructed Jill to visualize the keys being out of the car. Jill had that much patience left. As instructed, she visualized the car keys coming through the sunroof. The young women lowered the coat-hanger once again through the sunroof, caught the keys, and within an instant the keys were in Jill’s hands. In telling this story, Jill stressed how instantaneous was the appearance of the keys immediately as the two visualized them being out of the car. Her thought (visualized): “those keys shall be through the sunroof” became a thing: car keys in her hand!

Michelle has a positive history of success with visualization, having used it numerous times for her benefit. Her brother was also the recipient of her gift when he was accepted into college, but without funds to pay for the education. Michelle taught her brother how to visualize and what to visualize, with the result that he attracted to himself sufficient funding to complete his education.

I, too, have used visualization to good effect. One of the most striking examples centered on the historical house in which I now live. When my then-boyfriend, later husband, and I found this house, we found that we could afford the payments, but did not have quite enough money for a down payment on it. We went back to New Hampshire, where we were living at the time, to sort out our finances. After looking at everything, he was in despair. There just did not seem to be quite enough money to seal the deal. He was ready to give up. I listened to his despair and told him that if he really wanted this house, there were measures available to us which would ensure that the house would be ours. What was required of him was an absolute faith that this house would be ours, visualizing this house as being ours, and doing everything within his power to earn as much money as he could that summer. I told him that by doing all of this, the house would, indeed, be ours. This would involve a lot of effort, so while I was willing to put in this effort, he must also be committed to it, or we would fail. It was not enough that only I put in effort, he must also believe and work with me wholeheartedly on this dream or not at all. I told him that I could go either way, the choice was up to him, but that he must understand how important would be the commitment and effort expected of him.

He heard my words and looked skeptical—as might anyone not familiar with positive thinking and visualization. A few days later, he told me that he really did want the house and would work with me to get it. With that, we both spent the summer doing anything and everything to earn extra money. His mother saw this and was so impressed that she contributed a substantial amount toward the down payment, enough, in fact, for us to be able to afford the house! Had my boyfriend just asked her for the money, she would have turned him down, but his total commitment and willingness to do whatever it took to achieve that goal so impressed her that she, too, wanted to be on the winning side.

Yes, Peeps, when you dream big, put in whatever effort it takes, and keep going with dogged determination, no matter what obstacles are before you, you set in motion forces of the Universe that align themselves such that you will succeed. Even the Universe wants to be on the winning side. 🙂

Several weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to reconnect with a bolstering spirit from the past, Dr. Cindy. In our conversation, in which we attempted to catch up on 20 year’s worth of living in a few minutes, I mentioned that she had Angels around her. Evidently caught by surprise, she shared her opinion that she was not significant enough to warrant even one Angel, never mind a phalanx. Quickly, I assured her that she was more than worthy and the conversation turned to other topics. Her genuine surprise to learn of her worthiness and her initial doubt touched a cord in me, alerting me to the many, many people who might feel all alone and unworthy of Divine guidance because they feel themselves to be “not good enough”. Their Angels, and especially Dr. Cindy’s, write this post to discourse on our true nature and assure us of the vastness of the Heavenly Host at our disposal. According to (see Links): “Ever wonder how many angels you have? All of them. They insisted.” The Universe

Our true nature is Light. For those to whom the Bible speaks, it is even written in Genesis (1:26) that we are made in the image and likeness of God, which is Light. We are Light beings living in a physical body. Our intimate interconnection with our current body is an asset as it helps us nurture and nourish it for its use in our mission. This interconnection becomes a liability when we forget our true natures and start to act as if we were our bodies. Usually we do not experience conscious disconnection from our bodies, except under extreme stress.

I was fortunate enough to undergo a conscious disconnection from my body during a near-death experience in June of 1991. While I was apparently unresponsive, someone tried to ascertain my level of consciousness. He grabbed me roughly on the left shoulder, calling my name. He put his finger at the left side of my mouth and pulled down. He opened my left eye. During all of this, I was floating just above my physical body, sensing these movements and wondering, bewildered and irritated, why this man was bothering with all of this nonsense. My thought was, “what’s the matter with him? Can’t he see that I’m all right?” It was as if I had been sitting in a corner and this man had rushed upon my jacket lying on the couch and began poking at it, calling my name, and attempting to resuscitate me by working on my jacket instead of dealing with me in the corner.

Unfortunately, my journey Home was interrupted by the EMS ambulance crew. I was taken to the hospital, poked, prodded, and pried some more and rehydrated, with orders to drink a gallon of fluid a day for several days. The rehydration process was gradual, as was my return to my body. After truly returning, though, I was really aware how disconnected I had been. Since then, I have not consciously left my body, but am really aware that we are only living in a shell.

So, we are Light beings living in a physical shell. As we are all that point of Light, so each and every cell in our bodies has within it a tiny point of Light (see Reading, Ponder on This), around which it organizes itself and its activities. It is this tiny point of Light that gives each cell life and without which it is inert and lifeless. When I first entered nursing and witnessed the death of a patient, I pondered on what the difference might be between a “live” body and a “dead” one. At the time, my conjecture was electricity. I now know that it is the presence of Light. Once Light is removed, the shell becomes inert, as it is the Light which is the animating force.

Once we understand that we are all Light, no more and no less than any member of Heaven, we can dispense with all the nonsense we might have been taught about our unworthiness. It simply does not exist. There is no original sin, no secret stain on our souls that makes us distasteful to a supreme creative deity. These, then, just become children’s tales told to us to frighten us so that we might conform to some agenda on the part of those who desire to acquire our power for themselves and for their own purposes. As Light beings, our cohorts are no more and no less than the powerful agents of Heaven, the Angels. And being of the same stuff, they desire that we ask them for help as they place themselves at our disposal. We are worthy and more; they desire to help us with all of their being. Just ask (or in my case, demand).

To aid in your remembering your true identity, I give you a prayer from Satya Sai Baba, which, if repeated daily, will do wonders for your understanding of yourself as a Being of Light:

I am God! I am God! I am not different from God!
I am the eternal undifferentiated Absolute!
Grief and anxiety cannot affect me.
I am always content. Fear cannot enter me.
I am Satchidananda. I am pure Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss.
I am Omnipotent! I am all-powerful; nothing is impossible for me!
I am Omniscient! I am all-knowing.
There is nothing which is not known to me.
I am Omnipresent! I am present everywhere. I pervade this Universe!
I am Krishna! I am Christ! I am Buddha!
I am Sai! I am Sai! I am Sai!
I am God! I am God! I am God!

P.S. Confession: when I first said this prayer, I was certain that a lightning bolt would fell me on the spot. As that lightning bolt was not forthcoming, I developed courage and continued with the prayer, repeating it every day. Just saying it brought immeasurable understanding and knowing of the essence of the Universe. Keep at it. Your Angels want you to remember who you are!