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Expanding the post of September 20, 2010, Little Drops of Water, your Angels discuss further the importance of small steps and how they relate to achieving your big dreams (see also Reading, One Small Step Can Change Your Life) . To appreciate the small step idea, your Angels invite you to observe nature. In nature, it is obvious how the clustering of small objects creates large, often immense accumulations: tiny grains of sand together make the beaches, stretching for miles in either direction; small plants create huge, impenetrable forests; a multitude of raindrops falling in concert form the oceans that cover 3/4 of the earth’s surface; miniscule snowflakes floating gently to earth mass into the mighty glaciers. These physical manifestations are the subjects of everyday observations and we take for granted the importance of small objects in the formation of large masses.

As small objects aggregate in the physical realm, so aggregation also occurs at the level of Spirit. At that level, we deal with ideas and concepts, brought into being in Spirit through our thoughts. From an idea, generated in the mind, we take small steps in believing in that idea. These small steps in belief accumulate over time, and our idea begins to take shape and ultimately manifests in our physical dimension. Thus, it is the accumulation of small thoughts toward an idea that brings it into the physical realm. This is why our thoughts from second to second are so vitally important and why there is no such thing as a “stray” thought. Our thoughts are powerful beyond comprehension because each small thought that we entertain groups with another small thought to create our entire personal universe. That is huge. Take a moment to re-read this paragraph and allow its immensity to sink in. By our tiny thoughts from instant to instant, grouped together, we literally create our own personal universe and everything in it. Your Angels ask you: If each small thought groups with another thought to create your own personal universe, would it not behoove you to choose carefully the small thoughts which you entertain from instant to instant?

My own Angels brought the importance of thoughts home to me with some pointed guidance just last week. As you know, I am presently attempting to manifest two definite aims in my life, one of which is the appearance of my ideal mate. In this regard, I have had two vivid sleeping dreams about him, each clearly prophetic, but which left me confused as to their meaning. While relating these dreams to my counselor, I had a flash concerning the message in them. The clear message in each of these dreams was that my ideal mate has formed a connection with me on the level of Spirit, although I have not yet met him in the physical dimension. As I told my counselor–in amazement, I might add—that he and I have this connection, I also told her that while the connection was present in Spirit, the connection might not manifest in the physical dimension—meaning that I might not ever meet him, or if I met him, he might not feel this connection toward me. Before the words were even out of my mouth, my Angels interrupted me, chiding me severely, instructing me in no uncertain terms not to say or think such thoughts because “this way of thinking is counterproductive” (their exact words)! Negative thoughts, or thoughts with caveats, just get in the way and delay, or even short-circuit, the manifestation of this connection, which, apparently has already been formed at the level of Spirit and is only awaiting the right opportunity to appear in our physical world.

My task and yours, then, is to create an idea, bolster it with positive thoughts, and with each small thought added to the last, bring that idea into fruition in the physical world. Keep those small positive thoughts flowing, one into the next, dear readers, and realize your big dreams.

In conjunction with the many posts exhorting you to dream big (see Archives), your Angels now wish to speak to you about the beauty of small steps to attain your very big dreams. Why speak of anything small in a culture that is currently crazy over extreme sports, worships over-the-top behavior, and envies living large in every way, shape, and form? Being social creatures, we watch this on the TV and think, “why can’t I do something big and important instead of just showing up every day for my job, doing dishes, and walking the dog?” By TV standards, our lives are dull to the point of monotony, our stable relationships boring to the point of somnolence, and our personal aspirations puny to the point of absurdity.

Your Angels counter with the idea of “small” because the outlook presented by TV behavior is unrealistic. Such attitudes are counterproductive and truly unsustainable for the normal person with modest resources, too many commitments, and the usual burden of guilt and low self-esteem. In terms of semantics, there is also a confusion in associating the word “big” with the word “important”. We have been conditioned to believe that big, splashy deeds are important, while small, consistent deeds are hardly worth the effort. One of my faithful readers, Sonia, who has given me permission to relate her story of the frogs, has just such thoughts as these. Wanting to get out in the world and make a large impact on people, she says that instead, she has spent more time than warranted on searching for frogs to rescue.

She writes, “during the night inevitably some little frogs have jumped into the pool and can’t get out. If I don’t get them out of the pool, then they will drown. I have begun to fully appreciate this small gesture in regards to the universe. I want to get out in the world and make a HUGE impact on people. Maybe the frogs are my people? It’s not a big deal to me, but to the little frogs, it’s the world.” She then wonders whether she might be one of my “frogs”, one of those who are touched by the Angels’ messages through these posts.

My thoughts at the time of receiving this message were dark, indeed. I was sitting alone in my office, writing, in isolation, messages inspired by Angelic guidance, yet no one seemed to be reading them. My family could not be bothered. After the initial excitement, many of my friends found the messages too stuffy or humorless. One commenter advised me to spice up the writing, not understanding at all that I am just the typist, not the author, and it is not up to me to tell the Angels how to modify their style for entertainment, rather than didactic, purposes. In this disheartened state, I received clear Angelic guidance to just keep writing, keep on with the small steps, get the Angelic messages out to the world, one small post at a time. They let me know that someone, somewhere will appreciate the posts and will benefit by them, if not my friends and family. Then Sonia sent me that touching message, wondering if she is one of my little frogs, one who is touched by the Angelic messages presented so lovingly for all to read. That was all the proof I needed that these humble posts are vital for a weary world, one reader at a time.

A tribute to the beauty of the small can be found in this inspiring poem written in 1845 by Julia Fletcher Carney, which I quote in part:

“Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land.

Thus, the little moments,
Humble though they be,
Make the mighty ages
of Eternity.”

Yesterday’s post (September 8, 2010, Living the Dream) presented the idea that everything we see in and around us is the result of our dreaming. Your Angels then suggested an interesting exercise in awareness: to look at your own environment dispassionately; to actually see what you have manifested for yourselves in your dreaming. They asked, “what does this say about that person? If you were to take charge of the dreaming, what would you change? What would you keep?”

One of my faithful readers did, indeed, look critically at the environment which she created and decided that it was an absolute mess. Your Angels found this outlook humorous and the comment to be tongue-in-cheek. As with any humor, though, some truth may be found in it. While “absolute mess” is a rather harsh way to describe the situation, no doubt the reader, as many others, could benefit from re-thinking some parts of her dream. Perhaps overwhelmed by what one sees, though, one could be tempted to give up immediately, deciding that re-thinking this particular dream would be too much work. Fear of changing the dream could result, too, as judgment is made that so many past choices had proved wrong.

It is at this time that the concept of the eternal now becomes so valuable. We are continuously only ever in the present moment, and that present moment stretches endlessly before us. Therefore, the present is all that need concern us. We change the present and thereby change the future. If re-dreaming seems like too much work, remember that you brought each of those knick-knacks into your home, one piece at a time. You can re-dream them out of your life one piece at a time, as well. That settles the question of re-dreaming being too much work. Clean up your environment one dream at a time. Take your time. You have all the time you need, as the present stretches endlessly before you (see Reading, One Small Step Can Change Your Life).

An eternal now also lays to rest any fear of making a wrong choice in dreaming. Here, in this dimension, you are at play in the fields of the Lord. You are learning of your ability to create. Children sometimes make horrible messes of sculptures or paintings or drawings or figurines. If they do, they trash them and start anew. No one worries about the lumpy bird or the weirdly carved bullfrog and no one decides that those misshapen figures were wrong choices. They learn from the last one so that the next one will be better. So it is with your re-dreaming. You have accepted your environment up to now. Becoming aware, you have decided to re-think it. You can laugh at some of your childish wants, like those jeweled cat’s-eye glasses that were just the latest thing back in the ’70’s or the avocado flocked wallpaper that you just couldn’t live without. Without need to criticize yourself, you can gently, lovingly lay the past to rest and repaper your walls. Quickly.

As you look about you at your environment, inside and out, your Angels encourage you to be gentle with yourselves. Accept your past dreaming as that of a person unaware. Your past choices were neither right nor wrong, they just were. Most of them were probably pretty good, for your not knowing your elbow from a hole in the ground. Now you are becoming aware in your dreaming. And from the present, in your newly aware state of dreaming, you choices will again be just right. As one of my faithful readers has so eloquently written, “the eternal now is the promise of a fresh start every instant”. No doubt, you will use it for your benefit, with the loving aid of your Angels.

An on-going theme of many of these posts has been that of dreaming and of dreaming big, i.e., dreaming out of your comfort zone (see Archives). I have written that your Angels have designated me as Supreme Guinea Pig in the dreaming big department as the pioneer who paves the way. Their idea is that if I, an ordinary mortal, am able to achieve the objects of my definite purposes in life (see Reading, Think and Grow Rich), then you, too, are able to achieve the same results, as you, too, tap into your divine nature.

In this journey, which began in the week of April 27, 2010, I have encountered many milestones and obstacles. An initial euphoria gave way to paralyzing fear, which lead to nail-biting doubt. Between my readers’ kind encouragement, which I acknowledge with sincere, heartfelt thanks, and my dogged persistence in following the guidelines laid down by Napoleon Hill (see reading, Think and Grow Rich), I have transcended euphoria, fear, and doubt and have entered a solid, steady driving pace, much like the long-distance runner who is in the race for the long haul.

In the midst of this smug self-congratulation, your Angels would like to point out that two of their insight flashes* contributed directly to my new-found steadfastness and aided greatly my subsequent feeling of calm acceptance.

One of these flashes contained the following message of supreme import: it does not matter what we dream because everything on this dimension is a dream (see also Reading, A Course in Miracles). For those of you who have read and studied A Course in Miracles, this statement comes as no surprise. For everyone else, this statement can seem revolutionary. Yet, even in New Age circles, it is understood that we—humans collectively—created the Universe in a dream as a joke, then forgot the joke. As an analogy, think back to some of your sleeping dreams which you create, at how vivid they can be and imbued with such detail. The sky is not just blue, but perhaps azure blue or cerulean blue, or even a hazy, pale blue; dotted with not just clouds, but with cumulous clouds or cirrus clouds. The sun feels hot. The water feels cool and wet. Riding on a rollercoaster gives the sensation of going up the track and the weightless feeling as it plummets can be enough to awaken you. As your sleeping dreams are complete to every last minuscule detail, so are your waking dreams: our own private universe, the one through which we move while we are awake.

As we feel no guilt, remorse, regret, or any other negative emotion while experiencing our sleeping dreams, we need have no qualms, then, either, about our waking dreams. Understanding that everything around us is a dream—which we have created—we can then experiment with other kinds of dreams. Just as a body builder often flexes muscles as a test of prowess and to push toward the next level, so extending the size and shape of our dreaming flexes our spiritual muscles and makes us stronger spiritually as, through dreaming, we come to recognize our divine nature.

The second insight flash has this message at its heart: everything in our immediate universe is the result of a past or current waking dream. Look around you to see what you have manifested for yourself: your abode, the articles in your abode—furniture, rugs, knick-knacks or lack of them, lamps, pictures, and so on—your occupation, your friends. Even more personally, your personality, your physical appearance, clothing, jewelry, hair-style, shoes, make-up or lack of it. As an exercise in awareness, take a look at all of the elements in your universe as being the result of someone’s waking dreams. What does this say about that person? If you were to take charge of the dreaming, what would you change? What would you keep?

Let your dreaming, therefore, be guiltless. As co-creator of the Universe with God, your divine nature will shape the future from a position of love to benefit you and all who enter your world. Play, my children, and so learn to embrace your divine nature.

*An “insight flash”, also called a “thought ball” by Robert Monroe (see Reading, Journeys out of the Body; Far Journeys) is a unique Angelic transmission of information containing sight, sound, smell, taste, feeling, and touch. I will describe this in more detail in a later post.

The most recent post, Collapsing Probabilities (September 2, 2010) has generated some interesting comments which your Angels would like to address, since these comments concern that emotion which most often rears its ugly head: fear. One reader writes that she has friends who have become immobile in decision-making for fear of making the “wrong” decision, having evaluated past decisions from the present. Another writes that she can empathize with Bela, adding the comment, “Yikes, what a decision to have to make!” I, too, ran into a solid wall of mind-numbing fear in my dreaming (July 27, 2010, Roadblocks to Your Dreams). So, fear screams at us in bold letters. Indeed, fear can so immobilize one that life becomes constrained to the point of imprisonment. A common element in every moment of every day of our lives, how can we move past this often paralyzing fear?

While a conscious effort helps, sometimes fear can be so overwhelming that reaching a conscious step is momentarily impossible. At these times, I have a set of affirmations which I say to myself over and over and over again until the intensity abates somewhat. This helps me reach the point where I am able to begin conscious effort. I find, too, that addressing my fear aloud to a sympathetic ear often lets in enough light and air that I can begin to view my fears more objectively. Objectivity can thus greatly decrease intensity of fear.

Another effective way of ridding oneself of fear is simply (ha!) doing that which is feared. One simply (ha!) ignores that sinking-pit feeling and forges ahead anyway. This I did when my friend, Vanessa (see also July 31, 2010, Thoughts are Things), assured me that no one would laugh at me for trying to be feminine and pretty, something that I never believed possible for me. I was petrified that people would snigger as I appeared in make-up, lipstick, and nail polish. Scared to death, I did it anyway. Not only did no one laugh, but people are responding in a way that I could only have dreamed about several years ago, with daily compliments on my personal appearance. Now, thinking back to my nearly paralyzing fear a mere nine months ago, I can only laugh: ha ha!

Remember, too, that you all have Angels who guide, protect, and advise you at every step. Your Angels understand your fear. They neither judge nor criticize you. They empathize with you as you try to navigate the seemingly murky waters of guidance in the face of seeming uncertainty. They remind you gently that all of us have in us that “gut feeling”, that “sixth sense”, that intuition that speaks to us all the time and which we so blithely ignore when that intuition conflicts with what we wish to hear. They constantly encourage you to practice listening to guidance, for in listening and following, success and trust are built, so that you can more easily trust and thus follow guidance during the really tough times.

For your reading pleasure, allow me to give you the latest example of terror in my already insecure life, in which following Angelic guidance proved to be a boon. Last Friday, (September 3) a mandatory meeting was scheduled at the hospital where I work, for our floor only. Speculation abounded about the purpose of the meeting, since lay-offs had been threatened, although the hospital had posted a gain of $43 million dollars. I did not give the meeting much thought, thinking that it would probably be much administrative hot air. Thus, I slept the sleep of the just and awakened refreshed to the sound of the telephone. It was a co-worker, reporting on the subject of the meeting, which was to tell us that the unit would be closed and 45 people would be out of a job. This news left me completely speechless as it sank in. I did not know what to think or do, just held the phone to my ear with my mouth open. My job was gone. Pffffffffft. Just like that. With the snap of a finger and the blink of an eye, I was in the long line of the unemployed.

Walking in a numb trance, I sat down in my meditation chair, vaguely wondering what to do, dimly making plans to job-hunt. Amid these half-formed ideas, the words floated to me as if in a dream, “Just sit tight”. I called my sister who was very supportive, urging me to follow the guidance, then I hung up and dressed for work. At the meeting, with Angelic guidance in control (what else could I do but follow it?), and with no pre-conceived ideas, I listened with an extremely open mind to who said what and how it was said. Yes, the floor would be closed and our jobs snatched from us, but the administrators would work with us to place us elsewhere in the hospital, and there were many options along this avenue. The Angels were spot on in their advice, then, telling me to “just sit tight”. This prevented me from saying anything rash which could jeopardize my future position and saved me the headache and heartache of making plans to seek employment elsewhere. Even now, two days later, I am calm, knowing that all of this was for a definite reason, for why else would my Angels have given me their sage advice to “just sit tight”? Of course, I had a long, sincere, heart-felt talk with them about bringing peace, security, and love into my life, but for now, I am content that everything, including this latest debacle, works for the best.

Your Angels encourage you, too, dear Readers to listen, listen, listen to guidance. Become comfortable in trusting their simple advice: take your umbrella (even if it isn’t raining), take a different road home (even if your way seems shorter), buy those mushrooms that you don’t seem to need today, so that with these small steps, you can learn to trust your Angels—the ones you will need at crunch-time.