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The most recent post, Collapsing Probabilities (September 2, 2010) has generated some interesting comments which your Angels would like to address, since these comments concern that emotion which most often rears its ugly head: fear. One reader writes that she has friends who have become immobile in decision-making for fear of making the “wrong” decision, having evaluated past decisions from the present. Another writes that she can empathize with Bela, adding the comment, “Yikes, what a decision to have to make!” I, too, ran into a solid wall of mind-numbing fear in my dreaming (July 27, 2010, Roadblocks to Your Dreams). So, fear screams at us in bold letters. Indeed, fear can so immobilize one that life becomes constrained to the point of imprisonment. A common element in every moment of every day of our lives, how can we move past this often paralyzing fear?

While a conscious effort helps, sometimes fear can be so overwhelming that reaching a conscious step is momentarily impossible. At these times, I have a set of affirmations which I say to myself over and over and over again until the intensity abates somewhat. This helps me reach the point where I am able to begin conscious effort. I find, too, that addressing my fear aloud to a sympathetic ear often lets in enough light and air that I can begin to view my fears more objectively. Objectivity can thus greatly decrease intensity of fear.

Another effective way of ridding oneself of fear is simply (ha!) doing that which is feared. One simply (ha!) ignores that sinking-pit feeling and forges ahead anyway. This I did when my friend, Vanessa (see also July 31, 2010, Thoughts are Things), assured me that no one would laugh at me for trying to be feminine and pretty, something that I never believed possible for me. I was petrified that people would snigger as I appeared in make-up, lipstick, and nail polish. Scared to death, I did it anyway. Not only did no one laugh, but people are responding in a way that I could only have dreamed about several years ago, with daily compliments on my personal appearance. Now, thinking back to my nearly paralyzing fear a mere nine months ago, I can only laugh: ha ha!

Remember, too, that you all have Angels who guide, protect, and advise you at every step. Your Angels understand your fear. They neither judge nor criticize you. They empathize with you as you try to navigate the seemingly murky waters of guidance in the face of seeming uncertainty. They remind you gently that all of us have in us that “gut feeling”, that “sixth sense”, that intuition that speaks to us all the time and which we so blithely ignore when that intuition conflicts with what we wish to hear. They constantly encourage you to practice listening to guidance, for in listening and following, success and trust are built, so that you can more easily trust and thus follow guidance during the really tough times.

For your reading pleasure, allow me to give you the latest example of terror in my already insecure life, in which following Angelic guidance proved to be a boon. Last Friday, (September 3) a mandatory meeting was scheduled at the hospital where I work, for our floor only. Speculation abounded about the purpose of the meeting, since lay-offs had been threatened, although the hospital had posted a gain of $43 million dollars. I did not give the meeting much thought, thinking that it would probably be much administrative hot air. Thus, I slept the sleep of the just and awakened refreshed to the sound of the telephone. It was a co-worker, reporting on the subject of the meeting, which was to tell us that the unit would be closed and 45 people would be out of a job. This news left me completely speechless as it sank in. I did not know what to think or do, just held the phone to my ear with my mouth open. My job was gone. Pffffffffft. Just like that. With the snap of a finger and the blink of an eye, I was in the long line of the unemployed.

Walking in a numb trance, I sat down in my meditation chair, vaguely wondering what to do, dimly making plans to job-hunt. Amid these half-formed ideas, the words floated to me as if in a dream, “Just sit tight”. I called my sister who was very supportive, urging me to follow the guidance, then I hung up and dressed for work. At the meeting, with Angelic guidance in control (what else could I do but follow it?), and with no pre-conceived ideas, I listened with an extremely open mind to who said what and how it was said. Yes, the floor would be closed and our jobs snatched from us, but the administrators would work with us to place us elsewhere in the hospital, and there were many options along this avenue. The Angels were spot on in their advice, then, telling me to “just sit tight”. This prevented me from saying anything rash which could jeopardize my future position and saved me the headache and heartache of making plans to seek employment elsewhere. Even now, two days later, I am calm, knowing that all of this was for a definite reason, for why else would my Angels have given me their sage advice to “just sit tight”? Of course, I had a long, sincere, heart-felt talk with them about bringing peace, security, and love into my life, but for now, I am content that everything, including this latest debacle, works for the best.

Your Angels encourage you, too, dear Readers to listen, listen, listen to guidance. Become comfortable in trusting their simple advice: take your umbrella (even if it isn’t raining), take a different road home (even if your way seems shorter), buy those mushrooms that you don’t seem to need today, so that with these small steps, you can learn to trust your Angels—the ones you will need at crunch-time.