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Yesterday’s post (September 8, 2010, Living the Dream) presented the idea that everything we see in and around us is the result of our dreaming. Your Angels then suggested an interesting exercise in awareness: to look at your own environment dispassionately; to actually see what you have manifested for yourselves in your dreaming. They asked, “what does this say about that person? If you were to take charge of the dreaming, what would you change? What would you keep?”

One of my faithful readers did, indeed, look critically at the environment which she created and decided that it was an absolute mess. Your Angels found this outlook humorous and the comment to be tongue-in-cheek. As with any humor, though, some truth may be found in it. While “absolute mess” is a rather harsh way to describe the situation, no doubt the reader, as many others, could benefit from re-thinking some parts of her dream. Perhaps overwhelmed by what one sees, though, one could be tempted to give up immediately, deciding that re-thinking this particular dream would be too much work. Fear of changing the dream could result, too, as judgment is made that so many past choices had proved wrong.

It is at this time that the concept of the eternal now becomes so valuable. We are continuously only ever in the present moment, and that present moment stretches endlessly before us. Therefore, the present is all that need concern us. We change the present and thereby change the future. If re-dreaming seems like too much work, remember that you brought each of those knick-knacks into your home, one piece at a time. You can re-dream them out of your life one piece at a time, as well. That settles the question of re-dreaming being too much work. Clean up your environment one dream at a time. Take your time. You have all the time you need, as the present stretches endlessly before you (see Reading, One Small Step Can Change Your Life).

An eternal now also lays to rest any fear of making a wrong choice in dreaming. Here, in this dimension, you are at play in the fields of the Lord. You are learning of your ability to create. Children sometimes make horrible messes of sculptures or paintings or drawings or figurines. If they do, they trash them and start anew. No one worries about the lumpy bird or the weirdly carved bullfrog and no one decides that those misshapen figures were wrong choices. They learn from the last one so that the next one will be better. So it is with your re-dreaming. You have accepted your environment up to now. Becoming aware, you have decided to re-think it. You can laugh at some of your childish wants, like those jeweled cat’s-eye glasses that were just the latest thing back in the ’70’s or the avocado flocked wallpaper that you just couldn’t live without. Without need to criticize yourself, you can gently, lovingly lay the past to rest and repaper your walls. Quickly.

As you look about you at your environment, inside and out, your Angels encourage you to be gentle with yourselves. Accept your past dreaming as that of a person unaware. Your past choices were neither right nor wrong, they just were. Most of them were probably pretty good, for your not knowing your elbow from a hole in the ground. Now you are becoming aware in your dreaming. And from the present, in your newly aware state of dreaming, you choices will again be just right. As one of my faithful readers has so eloquently written, “the eternal now is the promise of a fresh start every instant”. No doubt, you will use it for your benefit, with the loving aid of your Angels.