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Expanding the post of September 20, 2010, Little Drops of Water, your Angels discuss further the importance of small steps and how they relate to achieving your big dreams (see also Reading, One Small Step Can Change Your Life) . To appreciate the small step idea, your Angels invite you to observe nature. In nature, it is obvious how the clustering of small objects creates large, often immense accumulations: tiny grains of sand together make the beaches, stretching for miles in either direction; small plants create huge, impenetrable forests; a multitude of raindrops falling in concert form the oceans that cover 3/4 of the earth’s surface; miniscule snowflakes floating gently to earth mass into the mighty glaciers. These physical manifestations are the subjects of everyday observations and we take for granted the importance of small objects in the formation of large masses.

As small objects aggregate in the physical realm, so aggregation also occurs at the level of Spirit. At that level, we deal with ideas and concepts, brought into being in Spirit through our thoughts. From an idea, generated in the mind, we take small steps in believing in that idea. These small steps in belief accumulate over time, and our idea begins to take shape and ultimately manifests in our physical dimension. Thus, it is the accumulation of small thoughts toward an idea that brings it into the physical realm. This is why our thoughts from second to second are so vitally important and why there is no such thing as a “stray” thought. Our thoughts are powerful beyond comprehension because each small thought that we entertain groups with another small thought to create our entire personal universe. That is huge. Take a moment to re-read this paragraph and allow its immensity to sink in. By our tiny thoughts from instant to instant, grouped together, we literally create our own personal universe and everything in it. Your Angels ask you: If each small thought groups with another thought to create your own personal universe, would it not behoove you to choose carefully the small thoughts which you entertain from instant to instant?

My own Angels brought the importance of thoughts home to me with some pointed guidance just last week. As you know, I am presently attempting to manifest two definite aims in my life, one of which is the appearance of my ideal mate. In this regard, I have had two vivid sleeping dreams about him, each clearly prophetic, but which left me confused as to their meaning. While relating these dreams to my counselor, I had a flash concerning the message in them. The clear message in each of these dreams was that my ideal mate has formed a connection with me on the level of Spirit, although I have not yet met him in the physical dimension. As I told my counselor–in amazement, I might add—that he and I have this connection, I also told her that while the connection was present in Spirit, the connection might not manifest in the physical dimension—meaning that I might not ever meet him, or if I met him, he might not feel this connection toward me. Before the words were even out of my mouth, my Angels interrupted me, chiding me severely, instructing me in no uncertain terms not to say or think such thoughts because “this way of thinking is counterproductive” (their exact words)! Negative thoughts, or thoughts with caveats, just get in the way and delay, or even short-circuit, the manifestation of this connection, which, apparently has already been formed at the level of Spirit and is only awaiting the right opportunity to appear in our physical world.

My task and yours, then, is to create an idea, bolster it with positive thoughts, and with each small thought added to the last, bring that idea into fruition in the physical world. Keep those small positive thoughts flowing, one into the next, dear readers, and realize your big dreams.