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Dreams–positive thoughts–arrange your present to make room for your dreams.

You have decided to expand your world with a new goal, perhaps one just slightly outside your comfort zone, to stretch your “wings”. You focus on achieving this goal through faith and daily affirmations. You align your positive thoughts. You take small steps toward your goal every day to bring it to fruition in your physical world. All of these steps in the right direction require one very important state of mind: you must be ready for success immediately and at each instant of your life—because you knever know when your goal will be realized. Sometimes the Holy Spirit moves very quickly, presenting you with your goal much sooner than you expect, often sooner than you might be ready to receive it. From the instant you decide on your goal, then, practice being ready for it to appear in your world now.

What steps can you take to be ready for success in your stated goal(s) on the physical level? As always, your Angels are ready with illustrations. Let us say, for example, that you wish your ideal mate to come into your life. Begin immediately to create the physical environment you would want him to see. Clean up your house. Get rid of the clutter. Wash the dishes. Put away all of the laundry that has lived in the clean clothes hamper for the past three months. Mow the lawn. Make the bed and keep it made each and every day. If you sleep in a double bed, use only one side, making room for him on the other. Clean out that extra bay in the garage so that his car can fit into it. When you sit down to supper, set a place for him, imagining how it will be when he’s there, sharing a meal with you. As for your physical appearance, dress and groom yourself as if he will appear any second. Who knows? He might have had a flat tire on his way home from work and ring your doorbell to use the phone (his cell phone is currently dead). Would you want him to see you in scraggly hair, a threadbare pink bathrobe and bunny slippers, with a sink full of dirty dishes and a reeking cat litter box? You’d probably rather that he see you as the ravishing beauty that you are, with sleek, shining hair and an outfit that accents all the positives, in your gracious home—the one with the spotless floors and the uncluttered living area. Dress as if he were coming to the door this minute, because he just might! Act as if you have already achieved your stated goal of having your ideal mate in your life.

Or let us say, for example, that you have as your goal a rewarding job, one that reflects your interests and showcases your talents. Read about the demands of this kind of job. Cultivate people who have interests in this area. Begin a file of names for networking. Contact people who are in this line of work. Introduce yourself, stating your interests and talents; and ask them their advice—then follow it. Keep the conversation going by calling them to let them know how their advice worked for you (yes, shameless, but sincere, flattery can carry you a looooooong way. :)). Notice how people in this line of work are dressed, how they carry themselves, their priorities. Imitate them. Dress and carry yourself in the same manner. Act as if you have already achieved your stated goal of your dream job.

This might seem like a lot of work to you, to create your ideal physical environment in its ideal condition and then maintain it at each instant of your life. Your Angels remind you that the physical environment is vital, if you choose to be prepared for success. To paraphrase a folk saying, “if it’s worth having, it’s worth working for”. Start today, then, to set the physical stage for the realization of your fondest dreams. They may be ringing your doorbell, even as we speak.