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In previous posts, your Angels have been encouraging you to reach for the moon and stars, expecting to receive them. They now wish to discuss the importance of persistence in your endeavors. As we have said, at the beginning of a dream it is easy to be enthralled and optimistic. When your dream is not immediately realized, nor is it realized after many months, the going becomes more difficult as doubt creeps in. Worry raises its head, asking, “what am I doing? Is this just wishful thinking on my part? Am I deluding myself into a dead-end road, wasting my precious time on trivialities when I could be manifesting something easily? Since my dream isn’t coming to me, does this mean that Spirit has something else in mind? Are the doors truly closed and the lights red, indicating ‘Stop!’?” Well-meaning friends who know of your dream, but who have limited knowledge of all parameters connected to it, may also counsel you into giving up prematurely, thinking to save you from heartache. There may well be validity in all of these doubts. Alternatively, the time of the worst doubt may be precisely the time to dig in your heels and hang on, despite appearances to the contrary. Let your Angels elaborate:

Very importantly, your Angels just now are telling me that the idea for the dream most probably came from them in the first place. How many times have you had a sudden inspiration, complete with flash, that seemed to come from outside yourself? If the idea originated with them, does it not behoove us to trust them and follow their guidance? All situations presented before us on our sojourn on Earth are opportunities to expand ourselves as beings of Light and Love. In presenting us with the idea of dreaming big, our Angels are encouraging us to stretch ourselves in a positive direction, allowing us to recognize our true nature as co-creators with them.

Often, in dreaming very big, much must be cleared away before the dream can be realized, that is, manifested on the physical level. Working every day toward the dream, despite no obvious results, may simply mean that much is being accomplished behind the scenes, setting the stage.

For one example, let us say that you wish to move from an apartment to a house. You set the intention, then mentally and physically work toward this goal. Imagine all of the details that must come together: a house that is congruent with your mission; availability of that house for you to move into; a means of livelihood that will allow you to afford this house; all of the financial elements involved with obtaining a mortgage; perhaps you, yourself, will need some mental and emotional adjustments to be successful at your new life style; and a myriad of other considerations of which we may be unaware, but which are of vital concern to your Angels. Thus, a delay in realization of your dream—living in a house—would undoubtedly occur, dependent on how much groundwork must be laid.

For another example, let us say that your Angels have prompted you to believe that you will acquire one million dollars within 5 years. Almost unbelieving, you set your intention to receive this amount of money, then expend mental energy every day in believing it. How much undercover preparation would you guess would need to occur before this money would be in your possession? Initially, you would have to convince yourself that this money can truly come to you, remembering that there is no order of difficulty in miracles—it is as easy for your Angels to give you one million dollars as it is to find you a 20-dollar bill on the street. You may need to address feelings of self-worth. You may need to develop the self-discipline to handle this amount so that it does not evaporate in your hands simply because you cannot believe that it is real. What must occur, then, is the fashioning of a mindset which allows attraction and possession of an amount of green energy out of your comfort zone. This all takes time. Sometimes the bigger the dream, the more undercover work that must be accomplished before its manifestation can occur.

Be gentle with yourself, then. Persist in your convictions. Persist with your steps toward your goal, one small step at a time. If it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for, because all things come ’round to her who will but wait.