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Your Angels have addressed ways and means of opening and keeping open the channel of communication from your end (May 7, 2010, Recipe for Happiness; June 21, 2010, Reclaiming Your Intuition, Part 1; June 24, 2010, Reclaiming Your Intuition, Part 2). In today’s post, they address one mental habit, negative self-talk, that actually interferes with communication.

Negative self-talk is one of the most destructive states of mind in terms of hindering Angelic communication. Negative self-talk is usually the voice in our head of a critical parent or some other authority figure. It tells us that we are no good; that we won’t amount to anything, that we’re so fat, stupid, and ugly that we might as well give up on ourselves right now; it laughs at us for trying to improve ourselves; it sneers at us for daring to dream—a real Debbie Downer. While your thoughts are pre-occupied with this voice and with the subsequent depression that inevitably follows, it is nearly impossible for Angelic transmission to cut through the sludge. Only intense grief and overwhelming fear can compete with negative self-talk in blocking guidance (see Reading, M. Newton, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls).

Yes, the bad news is that negative self-talk cuts off Angelic transmission right at the knees. The good news is that, as negative self-talk is learned behavior, negative self-talk can be unlearned. How does one unlearn negative self-talk?

First of all, become aware that you are indulging in negative self-talk. Awareness will not come all at once, and awareness can wax and wane as we alternately detach from our negative self-talk and then become reconnected with the drama of it all. Practice watching your thoughts, like an outside observer. Set the intention for yourself that you have the ability to be apart from your thoughts. This intention calls forth your guides and Angels to assist you in staying apart from your unwanted thoughts. At periods throughout the day, monitor your thoughts. Notice what you tell yourself and at what time of the day. For instance, several years ago, I noticed that I was always depressed in the morning after a shower. Careful examination of my thoughts revealed that while in the shower, I blamed myself for my parents’ unhappy marriage—that somehow I was the cause of it all and were I not here, they would have had a happy marriage. Ridiculous thoughts, yes, but so powerful in their ability to get in your way.

Once you have become aware of your negative thoughts and negative self-talk, you have choices. You can watch this drama and think to yourself, “that’s ridiculous! Of course I’m not fat, stupid, and ugly”, then turn away mentally from those thoughts. You can replace them with something else, perhaps an affirmation of your worth and lovability. You can say “Stop!” and turn from them to the task at hand. For me, once I noticed the kind of thoughts I had when I stepped into the shower, I deliberately replaced them to good effect.

Very importantly, to stop negative self-talk effectively, be very gentle with yourself. After all, your critical voice will be more than happy to tell you why you won’t succeed, so you don’t want to imitate that noisy know-it-all. Work with small steps (see Reading, R. Maurer, One Small Step Can Change Your Life). Just becoming aware of your thoughts may take a long time and lots of practice. Stay with it. You’re essentially learning a new way of looking at the world and that takes time. You have time and you have resources. Once you are aware, it will take time to do something about those old thoughts. Stay with it. It’s all new and strange and you have to get used to things. Above all, don’t beat yourself up. Negative self-talk is just a bad habit and that habit will be changed over time with gently, consistent effort. Your reward will be freedom from annoying negativity and an opening of communication channels so that your Angelic guidance can come through.