Peeps, I am in awe and I must share. As these posts attest, your Angels come through me with information for you, while my Angels poke me with challenges. Many of my challenges concern people and events at my place of employment. Not long ago (September 3, 2010 Moving Through the Fear), we were notified by management that our hospital floor would close, resulting in the loss of 45 jobs. While still numb from shock, my Angels counseled me to “just sit tight”. I actually saw these words drift in from the northwest corner of my brain and actually heard the words whispered in my head as they drifted in. Then, the words vanished, leaving me with a sense of peace and contentment which was totally at odds with the events crashing all around me.

In this bubble of peace and contentment, I blithely skated through each day at work, while all around me my co-workers agonized, worried, fretted, and speculated. When they asked me of my plans, I told them that I was not worried and related to them my very specific Angel message. I encouraged them, too, to listen to their Angels, but they just looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears and returned to fretting and rumor-mongering. It must have been very annoying for them to see me being so calm, but I could not help it. I absolutely knew that all would be well. The message “just sit tight” not only conveyed a sense of security for the present, but a sense of security for the future. The message contained, as well, the directive to keep my options open, keep my mind open, to be ready for future updates and to roll with these updates. In other words, no planning whatsoever: just stay cool and trust in what will come. This attitude of passive receptiveness, as I call it, is a necessary learned state of mind in dealing with Angelic messages, since it allows for the maximum number of probabilities to unfold from the immediate “now”. Planning, worrying, fretting, and the like hurts you in two ways: 1) by limiting the number of probabilities that you will recognize before you; and 2) by actually collapsing potential important probabilities, thereby limiting your optimal response, perhaps even inhibiting it (September 2, 2010 Collapsing Probabilities).

Having learned by very hard experience the value of listening to my Angels and listening to them with this open-minded, non-critical, non-judgmental receptiveness, I rolled with each day as it came. When the date for closing the unit was changed, it came as no surprise, I just rolled with it, as directed. My poor co-workers wore themselves into a frazzle with worry. As each administrative deadline passed with no movement toward finding us alternative employment within the hospital, as promised, my co-workers became increasingly agitated. Morale was low, although patient care continued to be excellent. With everybody around me stressed to within an inch of their lives, I felt like Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine, who grins his little gap-toothed grin and says, “what? me, worry?” As directed, I “just sat tight”, knowing that action would occur when the time was right.

Soon, but later than was comfortable for my co-workers, action did occur, and, true to their word, my Angels found me the perfect job. Today, as the unit officially closes, I am gone from this job and start my new job on a new floor on Monday. My Angels’ directive to “just sit tight” was right on the mark. By following it, I saved myself an ulcer and bags under my eyes from worry and lack of sleep.

Another area in which my Angels were correct was in a prophetic dream that I had over a year ago. In this dream, one of my co-workers appeared to me to tell me that he would be leaving. This dream was one of those “snap your fingers it’s there; snap them again and it’s gone”. From this, I knew that the dream was prophetic, even when the reason for it was unclear. Upon awakening, I had the distinct impression that “leaving” meant he would be leaving the hospital system for parts unknown. I debated telling him about this dream, not wanting to prejudice his choices, but then told him anyway, since he was the subject. Interestingly, he thought “leaving” meant leaving his wife, but it still felt as if he would be leaving his job. With prophetic dreams, though, I never know exactly when they will come true, so I just watched and waited. Then yesterday, nearly a year to the day I had this dream, this co-workers let it be known that with the closing of the unit, he would be leaving the hospital system and would seek employment elsewhere.

So, my Angels were correct about this dream, as well, although, as I have said, I am at a loss to understand why I would have dreamed so vividly about this co-worker and why I needed to know this information about him nearly a year in advance. Perhaps it was so that I could share it with you, dear readers, and keep you appraised of the gifts that come with opening up to your intuition. Keep at it. Listen to guidance. Follow it. The rewards will take your breath away.

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