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Hot off the press, your Angels wish me to share information with you and they are not allowing me to do anything else until their communication has been posted for your benefit. My sister, Martha, called me unexpectedly this afternoon to chat and mentioned that she was reading psychic John Edward’s book, Crossing Over (see Links). As she was speaking, a picture formed in my mind: the picture of a beautiful butterfly, flitting, flitting, flitting. Instantly I knew that her Angels had a message for her, but would she wish to hear it?

Apologetically I said, “Marth, I have a message for you. Don’t shoot the messenger, okay?” She quieted and waited for the message. Her Angels showed me the beautiful butterfly, a monarch with a thick, black body and sculpted, delicate antennae, flitting from flower to flower in a beautiful garden, sipping a little here, sipping a little there. Then, I saw it landing, “lighting”, the Angels called it, with its body still, wings moving rhythmically up and down, sipping. Her Angels were instructing her to “light”, as when an insect stops and is still.

Intrigued, Martha wondered aloud on which particular spot she should alight. The answer came that she was not to alight on a specific spot, per se. Rather, her Angels were instructing her to cease being so busy in her everyday life, flying from one activity to another, from one thought to another, flit, flit, flit, without heed for direction or quality of experience. When she seemed unsure, still, of their message, her Angels showed me the beautiful butterfly from above, alight on a flower, its outstretched wings moving rhythmically up and down, sipping long and deeply. Their words were, “when you alight for a time, you drink from the nectar of wisdom”. She was very quiet and at last said, “oh, I like that”. Interestingly, her Angels chose the visual image of the butterfly specifically for her, and then used specific language, “…alighting for a time”; “…drinking from the nectar of wisdom”. They chose these pictures and words to connect with her specifically. Her Angels spoke to her, through me, in a way that would reach deep inside her, resonate with her core, and result in her taking this Angelic message seriously.

Martha’s Angels poked, prodded, and pried me to immediately post this entire visual, feeling, and verbal message, since so much information is contained herein for everyone. How many of us just gallop through life, racing from one activity to another, from one thought to another, craving excitement, craving change for its own sake, running as if a thousand devils were chasing us? Just like that beautiful butterfly, we flit, flit, flit; sip a little here, sip a little there, barely tasting the rich nectar before us as we search with our eyes for the next flower. How much Angelic guidance is passing us by now as we catapult ourselves toward the next instant? And how much richer would our lives be if we were to stop, slow down, savor each present moment and wring all we can from it? Like the butterfly, let us alight, then, dear readers, and sip deeply from the nectar of wisdom.