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Your Angels have addressed ways and means of opening and keeping open the channel of communication from your end (May 7, 2010, Recipe for Happiness; June 21, 2010, Reclaiming Your Intuition, Part 1; June 24, 2010, Reclaiming Your Intuition, Part 2). In today’s post, they address one mental habit, negative self-talk, that actually interferes with communication.

Negative self-talk is one of the most destructive states of mind in terms of hindering Angelic communication. Negative self-talk is usually the voice in our head of a critical parent or some other authority figure. It tells us that we are no good; that we won’t amount to anything, that we’re so fat, stupid, and ugly that we might as well give up on ourselves right now; it laughs at us for trying to improve ourselves; it sneers at us for daring to dream—a real Debbie Downer. While your thoughts are pre-occupied with this voice and with the subsequent depression that inevitably follows, it is nearly impossible for Angelic transmission to cut through the sludge. Only intense grief and overwhelming fear can compete with negative self-talk in blocking guidance (see Reading, M. Newton, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls).

Yes, the bad news is that negative self-talk cuts off Angelic transmission right at the knees. The good news is that, as negative self-talk is learned behavior, negative self-talk can be unlearned. How does one unlearn negative self-talk?

First of all, become aware that you are indulging in negative self-talk. Awareness will not come all at once, and awareness can wax and wane as we alternately detach from our negative self-talk and then become reconnected with the drama of it all. Practice watching your thoughts, like an outside observer. Set the intention for yourself that you have the ability to be apart from your thoughts. This intention calls forth your guides and Angels to assist you in staying apart from your unwanted thoughts. At periods throughout the day, monitor your thoughts. Notice what you tell yourself and at what time of the day. For instance, several years ago, I noticed that I was always depressed in the morning after a shower. Careful examination of my thoughts revealed that while in the shower, I blamed myself for my parents’ unhappy marriage—that somehow I was the cause of it all and were I not here, they would have had a happy marriage. Ridiculous thoughts, yes, but so powerful in their ability to get in your way.

Once you have become aware of your negative thoughts and negative self-talk, you have choices. You can watch this drama and think to yourself, “that’s ridiculous! Of course I’m not fat, stupid, and ugly”, then turn away mentally from those thoughts. You can replace them with something else, perhaps an affirmation of your worth and lovability. You can say “Stop!” and turn from them to the task at hand. For me, once I noticed the kind of thoughts I had when I stepped into the shower, I deliberately replaced them to good effect.

Very importantly, to stop negative self-talk effectively, be very gentle with yourself. After all, your critical voice will be more than happy to tell you why you won’t succeed, so you don’t want to imitate that noisy know-it-all. Work with small steps (see Reading, R. Maurer, One Small Step Can Change Your Life). Just becoming aware of your thoughts may take a long time and lots of practice. Stay with it. You’re essentially learning a new way of looking at the world and that takes time. You have time and you have resources. Once you are aware, it will take time to do something about those old thoughts. Stay with it. It’s all new and strange and you have to get used to things. Above all, don’t beat yourself up. Negative self-talk is just a bad habit and that habit will be changed over time with gently, consistent effort. Your reward will be freedom from annoying negativity and an opening of communication channels so that your Angelic guidance can come through.

Many previous posts have dealt with the subject of expanding your creative ability by experimenting with manifesting dreams and goals outside of your comfort zone (see Archives). While people seem comfortable with the idea of dreaming and realize that they use it every day to bring things into their lives, I have become aware of and encountered some conventional wisdom in regard to dreaming that seems to go against actual experience. I am presenting this topic in an effort to understand the source and objective of this conventional wisdom. I am also very interested in readers’ thoughts on this post in particular. Perhaps your Angels will speak to you and through you to me, because just at present, they are not speaking to me, at least not on this topic.

In discussing dreams and dreaming big, for some reason, there persists among many people a kind of conviction that dreams ought not to be specific, but should be left open and up to the Universe to decide. For example, one would ask for an ideal mate but have no specific person in mind, allowing the Universe to pick the specific person. Another conviction I have encountered is if something is not manifested quickly, you’re on the wrong track and need to give up. Let us examine these issues of specificity and persistence.

In regard to specificity, my own experience has been at odds with most advice I receive. People tell me to avoid specificity, yet I find myself embracing it continuously in my daily life. For example, at age 9, I desired most of all to have my very own bicycle, a blue Schwinn. My parents were too poor to buy one, so I determined that I would wash dishes and do whatever it took to get that bicycle. Receiving a nickel for each time I did the dishes, I became the dishmaster, saving every cent and watching them mount up in my little savings book. It took several years, but one day, a new, beautiful blue Schwinn bicycle was in my possession. I had that bike until I outgrew it and began driving a car. For another example, in my early 20’s, I wanted a kitten, but knew it would be in my life at a later date. I knew that he would be a little male kitty. I cast about in my mind for a suitable name, desiring one that had dignity and was a little out of the ordinary. “Rutherford” came to mind one day. Perfect! Three years later, I had in my possession an 8-week-old male kitten, coal black, with green eyes, named “Rutherford”.

Most people I know also are very specific in their dreams, perhaps even without realizing it. One of my co-workers had planned each of her pregnancies, specifying even the sex of the babies, all of which came true. Her last pregnancy came a few months later than she had planned, but she did get pregnant and had a boy, just as was her dream. In shopping, too, for example, we are very specific in our grocery lists. Let us say that you need carrots. You go to the store, expecting to find carrots. The store is out of carrots. Do you then throw up your hands and say, “Oh, well. I guess the Universe doesn’t want me to have carrots because they’re not here. Guess I’ll use zucchini instead.”? Probably not. If you’re like me, you’ll drive to the next grocery store and find those *&#% carrots because, dad gum it, you need them for the chicken soup. Or say you’re out of shampoo and CVS is out of your favorite brand. Do you then throw up your hands and say, “Oh, well. I guess the Universe doesn’t want me to buy that shampoo. Guess I’ll buy some other brand instead.”? If you’re like me, you’ll drive to the next store to get the exact shampoo brand that you desire, because that is what is in your dream. If you examine your teensy, tiny everyday dreams, I believe you’ll find them to be quite specific. I believe, also, that most of you, like me, will move heaven and earth or alternatively, wait, until your specific dream can be realized. Why then, would your friends and acquaintances counsel you to avoid specificity in your choice of ideal mate and amount of money you wish to manifest? I am at a loss to understand this and hope that some of my readers can bring some insight to this question.

As to persistence, yesterday’s post (October 15, 2010 Persistence Pays) addressed the idea that if results aren’t seen quickly, you’re better off to abandon your dream because you’re obviously on the wrong road. Once again, my experience is contrary to conventional wisdom on the topic of persistence. In dreaming my little dream of owning a Schwinn bicycle, which, by the way, was a huge dream for a nine-year-old with no visible means of buying it, I was in it for the long haul. I washed dishes until I had dishpan hands and then washed some more. I saved every cent. I watched my nickels grow. After years of this persistence, not only was a Schwinn bicycle in my possession, but the blue Schwinn, not the red one or the green. I did not look around at day 5 of my dream, find no bicycle, and say, “Oh, well. I guess the Universe doesn’t want me to have a bike. Guess I’ll give it up.” I just kept at it, not looking back. With Rutherford, too, it was a full three years from the time I first thought of him until he actually came into my life. The surprise was his color. I didn’t expect him to be coal black, but then, I didn’t really have a color in mind. As for the outlot attached to my current house, which my neighbor absolutely refused to sell to me, that took a full eight years before the land was mine. In none of these cases was success immediate, but required time and persistence to achieve. Even Thomas Edison had a bout with persistence. It took 10,000 tries before he found the right filament for the lightbulb, a filament that would stay intact and not burn up immediately. Where would we be today if he had thrown up his hands at try #52 and said, “Oh, well. I guess the Universe doesn’t want me to find a filament. Guess I’ll just put up with candles.”?

There are bazillions more examples in both specificity and persistence that I could mention and even more that each of you can find in your everyday lives. I am very interested in your input and thoughts about the dichotomy between actual behavior and the current conventional wisdom on these two topics. My hope is that you will share with each other and with me, shedding the light that Thomas Edison so thoughtfully gave us through his specificity and persistence.

In previous posts, your Angels have been encouraging you to reach for the moon and stars, expecting to receive them. They now wish to discuss the importance of persistence in your endeavors. As we have said, at the beginning of a dream it is easy to be enthralled and optimistic. When your dream is not immediately realized, nor is it realized after many months, the going becomes more difficult as doubt creeps in. Worry raises its head, asking, “what am I doing? Is this just wishful thinking on my part? Am I deluding myself into a dead-end road, wasting my precious time on trivialities when I could be manifesting something easily? Since my dream isn’t coming to me, does this mean that Spirit has something else in mind? Are the doors truly closed and the lights red, indicating ‘Stop!’?” Well-meaning friends who know of your dream, but who have limited knowledge of all parameters connected to it, may also counsel you into giving up prematurely, thinking to save you from heartache. There may well be validity in all of these doubts. Alternatively, the time of the worst doubt may be precisely the time to dig in your heels and hang on, despite appearances to the contrary. Let your Angels elaborate:

Very importantly, your Angels just now are telling me that the idea for the dream most probably came from them in the first place. How many times have you had a sudden inspiration, complete with flash, that seemed to come from outside yourself? If the idea originated with them, does it not behoove us to trust them and follow their guidance? All situations presented before us on our sojourn on Earth are opportunities to expand ourselves as beings of Light and Love. In presenting us with the idea of dreaming big, our Angels are encouraging us to stretch ourselves in a positive direction, allowing us to recognize our true nature as co-creators with them.

Often, in dreaming very big, much must be cleared away before the dream can be realized, that is, manifested on the physical level. Working every day toward the dream, despite no obvious results, may simply mean that much is being accomplished behind the scenes, setting the stage.

For one example, let us say that you wish to move from an apartment to a house. You set the intention, then mentally and physically work toward this goal. Imagine all of the details that must come together: a house that is congruent with your mission; availability of that house for you to move into; a means of livelihood that will allow you to afford this house; all of the financial elements involved with obtaining a mortgage; perhaps you, yourself, will need some mental and emotional adjustments to be successful at your new life style; and a myriad of other considerations of which we may be unaware, but which are of vital concern to your Angels. Thus, a delay in realization of your dream—living in a house—would undoubtedly occur, dependent on how much groundwork must be laid.

For another example, let us say that your Angels have prompted you to believe that you will acquire one million dollars within 5 years. Almost unbelieving, you set your intention to receive this amount of money, then expend mental energy every day in believing it. How much undercover preparation would you guess would need to occur before this money would be in your possession? Initially, you would have to convince yourself that this money can truly come to you, remembering that there is no order of difficulty in miracles—it is as easy for your Angels to give you one million dollars as it is to find you a 20-dollar bill on the street. You may need to address feelings of self-worth. You may need to develop the self-discipline to handle this amount so that it does not evaporate in your hands simply because you cannot believe that it is real. What must occur, then, is the fashioning of a mindset which allows attraction and possession of an amount of green energy out of your comfort zone. This all takes time. Sometimes the bigger the dream, the more undercover work that must be accomplished before its manifestation can occur.

Be gentle with yourself, then. Persist in your convictions. Persist with your steps toward your goal, one small step at a time. If it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for, because all things come ’round to her who will but wait.

Dreams–positive thoughts–arrange your present to make room for your dreams.

You have decided to expand your world with a new goal, perhaps one just slightly outside your comfort zone, to stretch your “wings”. You focus on achieving this goal through faith and daily affirmations. You align your positive thoughts. You take small steps toward your goal every day to bring it to fruition in your physical world. All of these steps in the right direction require one very important state of mind: you must be ready for success immediately and at each instant of your life—because you knever know when your goal will be realized. Sometimes the Holy Spirit moves very quickly, presenting you with your goal much sooner than you expect, often sooner than you might be ready to receive it. From the instant you decide on your goal, then, practice being ready for it to appear in your world now.

What steps can you take to be ready for success in your stated goal(s) on the physical level? As always, your Angels are ready with illustrations. Let us say, for example, that you wish your ideal mate to come into your life. Begin immediately to create the physical environment you would want him to see. Clean up your house. Get rid of the clutter. Wash the dishes. Put away all of the laundry that has lived in the clean clothes hamper for the past three months. Mow the lawn. Make the bed and keep it made each and every day. If you sleep in a double bed, use only one side, making room for him on the other. Clean out that extra bay in the garage so that his car can fit into it. When you sit down to supper, set a place for him, imagining how it will be when he’s there, sharing a meal with you. As for your physical appearance, dress and groom yourself as if he will appear any second. Who knows? He might have had a flat tire on his way home from work and ring your doorbell to use the phone (his cell phone is currently dead). Would you want him to see you in scraggly hair, a threadbare pink bathrobe and bunny slippers, with a sink full of dirty dishes and a reeking cat litter box? You’d probably rather that he see you as the ravishing beauty that you are, with sleek, shining hair and an outfit that accents all the positives, in your gracious home—the one with the spotless floors and the uncluttered living area. Dress as if he were coming to the door this minute, because he just might! Act as if you have already achieved your stated goal of having your ideal mate in your life.

Or let us say, for example, that you have as your goal a rewarding job, one that reflects your interests and showcases your talents. Read about the demands of this kind of job. Cultivate people who have interests in this area. Begin a file of names for networking. Contact people who are in this line of work. Introduce yourself, stating your interests and talents; and ask them their advice—then follow it. Keep the conversation going by calling them to let them know how their advice worked for you (yes, shameless, but sincere, flattery can carry you a looooooong way. :)). Notice how people in this line of work are dressed, how they carry themselves, their priorities. Imitate them. Dress and carry yourself in the same manner. Act as if you have already achieved your stated goal of your dream job.

This might seem like a lot of work to you, to create your ideal physical environment in its ideal condition and then maintain it at each instant of your life. Your Angels remind you that the physical environment is vital, if you choose to be prepared for success. To paraphrase a folk saying, “if it’s worth having, it’s worth working for”. Start today, then, to set the physical stage for the realization of your fondest dreams. They may be ringing your doorbell, even as we speak.