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Have you ever noticed, dear readers, that Angel messages are contained in many of the most trivial of conversations? How can we know that? By listening with all of our senses. By tuning in with our “other” ears. By paying attention not only to the words being said, but to the potential larger message contained in the words. By staying open to that larger message and not getting caught up in the story itself. I was fortunate to be in the presence of just such an event today and your Angels wish me to share the story with you.

One of my sisters has a friend, Jane, who had been looking for just the perfect pieces of granite for her kitchen counter tops. She had been looking for 1 1/2 years, trying this one, trying that one. She and my sister had shopped from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids and in-between for 1.5 years. Sometimes Jane thought she had found the perfect color, sparkle, and heft, but in the end decided that something just wouldn’t work in her kitchen. The process seemed both endless and hopeless. Finally, she found three beautiful pieces of granite with just the right look for her kitchen. She bought them and contracted with someone to have them put in. The perfect granite pieces for the perfect look for her kitchen counter tops. Granite pieces she had spent 1.5 years in finding.

As my sister tells the story, Jane picked a workman to install these pieces who had substance abuse issues, a fast talker with a smooth tongue and a winsome manner, but one who either did not understand details or did not care about them. Before Jane engaged this workman for the job, my sister tried to address the substance abuse issue, asking Jane whether she really trusted someone with his history to work with this granite. For reasons of her own, Jane replied “yes”.

My sister was present when the workman told Jane what he intended to do with the granite. Not being emotionally involved with the workman, my sister was horrified at his proposals. The workman wanted to cut the stone. My sister told Jane that the stone was long enough not to be cut where he intended cutting it. Jane told her that she wanted the stone to be cut as the workman described it. My sister mentioned to Jane about the pattern in the stone; that this pattern must be followed in the installation so that the right sparkle would be seen upon entering the kitchen. Jane ignored her.

It seemed that Jane was totally caught up with the personality of this workman and was willing to trust him to everything concerning the installation. Now the installation is complete as he had described it. He installed those three wonderful pieces of granite in a slipshod manner, making unnecessary cuts in the stone, but not cutting around the sink where cuts were needed; not bothering to match up the pattern in the stone; and generally butchering the entire operation. He has totally ruined the three beautiful pieces of granite that she spent 1.5 years in finding. Guess what? Jane is upset at the look of the counter tops. Majorly disappointed. Duh.

It would have been very easy to become totally caught up in Jane’s sad experience, but my ears didn’t need to throb to smell the Angel message in this story. So what is the Angel message for us in poor Jane’s bitter experience? Awareness, dear readers. Awareness and alertness. If Jane had been practicing awareness, every day, as you are doing, she would have been alerted to destructive patterns she might have. Perhaps her pattern is to have beauty and function before her and then to destroy it. Perhaps her pattern is trusting her welfare to smooth-talking men. Perhaps her pattern is an inability to pull herself out of an emotional situation to see a larger picture. Whatever her pattern is (and perhaps it is all three), this serves to create chaos and disorder in her life. Had she practiced awareness and pulling her ego out of situations, she could have been alerted to a pattern and then chosen to act differently.

It is telling that Jane was so caught up in her pattern that not even the voice of reason in the form of my sister could pull Jane out of her headlong rush into disaster. This shows us how strong our patterns can be. We don’t really want the results of our ingrained patterns, but we seem incapable of pulling out of them. It’s almost as if we are sleep-walking through life and need a good cold bucket of ice water poured over our heads to get us to wake up. It can be done, dear readers. Practice being aware of your personality. Become both the doer and the observer. Watch what you say. Watch what you do. Watch your accustomed reactions to situations. Step back. Take your customary emotions out of an interaction. Do you see a pattern? People close to you probably do, since they are not caught up emotionally as you are. Ask their opinion. Take note of their answer. Incorporate it into your growing awareness of the world around you.

As you notice your own behavior patterns and take yourself out of your usual emotional reaction to them, you open yourself to a larger world, a world where you can begin to allow the penetration of Angel messages. Being aware and alert in the midst of our interactions is vital to opening up to ourselves, to moving past our small egos to uncover the beauty within.