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Continued from December 23, 2010 “Martha’s guardian Angels, part 4”

In this final installment of Martha’s guardian Angels, we shall examine in detail the inferences and implications for our budding awareness in this interesting story, learning ways and means of identifying Heaven’s signs to us and how we can get out of our own way to use these signs for our benefit.

As your Angels continue to exhort you, awareness is key in our dealings with the other dimension. Being aware is the single most important characteristic you can cultivate which will allow you to interact successfully with your own Angels. What were Martha’s challenges in terms of awareness?

A. Initially, it was necessary for her to be aware of the guardian Angels’ formation around her and JB. At the outset of walking in the correct direction toward the restaurant, the formation did not change, so Martha needed to be only peripherally aware of it. Reaching the correct address, #209, Martha received the message from her Head Guardian Angel, Michael, which translated to, “hey, hey, hey, heads up!” This she ignored, being convinced that the correct address was #609. In all of my dealings with guidance, the message has always been right and whenever I have ignored it, I have always been wrong. We do, however, have free will and it can be our choice to ignore guidance. From sad experience, we ignore guidance at our peril and to our detriment, because the Angels are always right.

B. On going past the correct address, Martha becomes aware of difficulty in progressing. People begin jostling her and JB, and her Angels move in closer. Her awareness of difficulty in progressing through the crowd is commendable, but now her concentration slips. She is aware of the Angels moving closer, but pays no heed. At this point, had she been fully aware and paying attention, she would have realized that her Angels were sending her a very clear message through all of this difficulty. Had she been able to give up on the idea that she knew the correct address, she could have stopped and called SD to verify the correct address, thus saving herself and JB a good deal of stress and worry, not to mention preventing them both from being jostled, pushed, and shoved to no good purpose.

C. Moving further away from the correct address and encountering a dangerous policeman, Martha again feels her guardian Angels moving even closer, so close as to be almost inside of her. Still she takes no steps to rectify her incorrect information, other than to move away from the policeman, still in an incorrect direction. Again she is peripherally aware of something wrong, but is so focused on her goal that she ignores all guidance. It is at this juncture that tragedy can occur. She is totally focused on her own will, she ignores totally all guidance which is nearly screaming in her ear that something is dreadfully wrong, yet she doggedly persists on pursuing her own ideas. How many of us have found ourselves in this no-win situation? Like drugged automatons, we march through life, ignorantly and arrogantly pursuing our own current good ideas, totally against guidance, sometimes with tragic results. Far easier to learn awareness and a little humility so that we can start to bring success and happiness into our lives, courtesy of our Angels.

D. Continuing in that same incorrect direction, i.e., away from the correct address, the crowd continues to jostle, bump, push, shove, and otherwise get in her and JB’s way. Angels are close, signaling danger. Martha ignores all of this, convinced that she is correct in her assessment of the situation. Again, intense concentration on a particular idea, attitude, outlook, or point of view can and will blind us to the correct path before us. Because it is not our path, the path we have chosen for ourselves, we often ignore health, wealth, and bliss that could be ours.

E. They finally find #609; learn that it is the wrong address. Heading back the way they came, Martha again becomes aware of the relaxed attitude of the Angels. She also becomes aware of how easily the crowd parts for her and JB, allowing them to reach their correct goal quickly. No longer distracted by fixation on a fruitless idea and with her awareness of the correct path heightened, she and JB quickly return to the restaurant that they had passed so long ago.

The message for us, dear Readers, is to continue to be aware of our thoughts, ideas, attitudes, and outlooks. Keep them pointed in the right direction, i.e., toward Angelic guidance. Examine some of those attitudes and ideas. Must we have it all our way? Could we relax our death-grip on our own desires and at least give our Angels the courtesy of listening to what they have to say? It’s not really a power struggle between us and them. What they want for us is really what we want for ourselves. Sit with that idea, allow it to percolate into your consciousness, and see what wondrous gifts are in store for you as you allow Angelic guidance to light your way.

Continued from December 22, 2010 “Martha’s guardian Angels, Part 3”

In analyzing the movements of Martha’s guardian Angels during her adventure with JB in New Orleans, we find her Angels initially on alert, aiding her and JB in navigating the streets during the Bayou Blowout, when those streets were choked with revelers. As Martha and JB head down Bourbon Street toward #209 (the correct address), her Angels are arrayed loosely around them. Michael, the main Angel, is near her right shoulder as usual. Of the three others, one is placed ahead of her, while the remaining two are to the side and a little to the rear. Martha describes this formation as much like a wedge, with the leading Angel parting the way, while the others protect her from the side and rear.

(These Angels bear describing. All of them are tall, big, burly, muscled beings, who present a male essence. Michael, the chief Angel, has shown himself to me, as well, and what a hunk! He is bathed in golden light, has a bronzed, well-muscled body, and blonde hair to his shoulders. He has blue/green eyes. He wears a leather thong for a sweatband, and a little off-white skirt affair edged in gleaming gold. He has on brown leather sandals that criss-cross up his powerful calves, much like the representations of Greek gods. He exudes power, stamina, security, and over-whelming male attractiveness. As I write, I find it hard to breathe. This is Martha’s main guardian Angel. The other three are also tall, well-built and well-muscled male essences. Their skin is more olive, while their hair, also long, is dark-brown. Interestingly, I saw these Angels in my mind just in this way, so that as Martha was describing them, I was not surprised. Neither one of us could breathe when we saw Michael and felt his radiance. Who knew??)

So, Martha’s guardian Angels are in their usual formation around her, at their usual distance. Thus, she is aware of their presence, but feels no sense of danger. As she and JB move through the crowd, they feel no jostling, nor does anyone get in their way, despite the crowded condition of the street. Then, Martha becomes confused. Instead of heading for #209, somehow #609 becomes fixed in her mind. The accompanying overwhelming thought that presses on her is her feeling of being responsible for delivering JB safely to the restaurant in a timely manner. With these strong thoughts, she makes a bee-line for the incorrect address.

As she passes the correct address, Martha begins finding the going very difficult. She reports crowds pressing in on her; people in the way; being jostled and pushed and shoved. JB is so annoyed as to begin roundly cursing the crowd in Hungarian. With her peripheral senses, Martha feels her Angels moving in closer to her. Usually this is a sign for her that she needs now to pay attention and re-evaluate her position. Given her intense concentration in reaching her goal, though, Martha notices, but pays no heed.

Once in the 400 block (heading for the 600 block), Martha asks directions of a policeman who seems to be very dangerous from some other dimensional point of view, because suddenly her Angels move right in close. She says that were they any closer, the Angels would have been inside the two of them. Perhaps that is why she feels as if she were in a bubble, as if everything around her is surreal, because her Angels are so close that their frequency is interfering with her ability to correctly guage three dimensional space and time.

As Martha and JB move away from the policeman, her Angels move a little further away from them, a couple of steps ahead, giving them some room. She and JB reach the 600 block to find that no #609 exists; they find the quiet restaurant into which no sounds of the raucous outside noises penetrate. Her Angels move even further away, signaling safety. Martha ascertains the correct street address of her destination. She and JB leave the quiet restaurant to make their way back up the crowded street. Now, with the two of them headed in the correct direction, Martha’s Angels move into their usual position. She and JB find the going unbelievable easy. While before, heading in the wrong direction, everyone was in their way, now people move aside, turn aside, avoid pushing/shoving. The Angels are out, three steps away, clearing a path for our adventurers as they make their way to the correct destination, moving bodies out of the path with their highly vibrating frequency.

In our final installment of Martha’s guardian Angels, we shall examine in detail the inferences and implications for our budding awareness in this interesting story. We shall learn ways and means of identifying Heaven’s signs to us and how we can get out of our own way to use these signs for our benefit.

(Continued in “Martha’s guardian Angels, part 5”)

Continued from December 21, 2010, “Martha’s guardian Angels, part 2”

As my sister, Martha, was telling me her story of trying to find a non-existent address on Bourbon St. in New Orleans and how her guardian Angels changed positions and interacted with her, I sat, eyes wide, totally dumbfounded. I did not know where to put my attention as I sat, being so riveted by her story and its implications. My sister had never told me that she had guardian Angels around her who she could sense and who interacted with her so intimately. My mind whirled with questions. Should I interrupt her telling of events by asking her these gazillion questions about when, how, why, and whence she came to know of her Angels? Should I expound on the implications of her Angels? Should I just shut up and listen, then pounce? I opted for the latter and her story unfolded naturally. After she had told it in her own style, I proceeded with my gentle but thorough probing of every aspect I could think of in regard to her guardian Angels. I present this information to you, dear Readers, so that you, too, can learn to sense and interact with your very own guardian Angels.

Martha told me that she has been aware of her four guardian Angels since around the third grade, at approximately 8 years of age. Her first memory of encountering them centered on a day like any other when she was walking to school. To reach the school, she had to cross a very busy, very congested, very wide street, which had no traffic light and, at that time, no crossing guard. In those days, children were expected to have the sense to be able to cross a busy street without hovering adult supervision and not get run over. Looking both ways, as she had been taught, Martha saw a car coming and thought, “I can go after this car passes”. For some unknown reason, though, she stepped out into the street in front of the car instead of after the car had passed. As she did so, the thought came, “Oh no! That car’s going to hit me!” She gave an internal scream and turned to face the car that was inevitably going to smash into her. In the next instant she somehow found herself back on the curb. She chastised herself internally for having been so stupid as to step out in front of that car, when she knew that she must leave the curb after the car had passed. She knew, furthermore, that she would be totally safe on the road after that particular car had passed. In the instant after this thought, she knew that something had helped her; had saved her from becoming road kill, because those cars flew like bats along that extremely busy street. That same day, coming home for lunch, she pretended that she was walking hand-in-hand with a friend. At this point, she became aware of a presence just her size, a child of about 8 years old, dressed in the clothing of a shepherd, like in the old Testament, but without the staff.

Her Angels were in attendance as she attended a party while she was in high school. As many of us, she had waaaaay too much to drink at the party and was really drunk. Her Angels put her into a closet, an ordinary closet with an ordinary doorknob, with no lock on the knob. People tried to get into the closet, but could not get in. The door wasn’t locked, but no one could get in, and, while she was still drunk, Martha could not get out. She slept in the closet all night, safe from what can befall an attractive, blonde, inebriated young woman. In the morning, she easily opened the door (remember, it wasn’t locked), exited the closet, and went home safely.

Since those days, Martha has taken her guardian Angels for granted. She reports that they are always around her—she “senses” them; “feels” their presence. She becomes aware of them only when she experiences what she describes as “close calls”, or periods of potential danger. During these times, they re-group or move in closer to her. Then, she frequently receives an impression of “pay attention!”, or “heads up!”, or “need to see”. In other words, she finds them to be non-intrusive unless something needs to be done to keep her safe. Keeping her safe evidently involves a two-step process. One, her Angels move in closer to her, providing a buffer between her and danger, sometimes making a driving wedge that pushes people out of her way; and two, they alert her to look sharp, be aware of her position, and take steps to remove herself from harm’s way.

Apropos this idea, she relates another story from a party she attended while she was in high school. As many of us, she had waaaaay too much to drink at the party and was really drunk. Her Angels put her into a closet, an ordinary closet with an ordinary doorknob, but no lock on the knob. People tried to get into the closet, but could not get in. The door wasn’t locked, but no one could get in, and, while she was still drunk, Martha could not get out. She slept in the closet all night, safe from what can befall an attractive, blonde, inebriated young woman. In the morning, she easily opened the door (remember, it wasn’t locked), exited the closet, and went home safely.

(Continued in “Martha’s guardian Angels, Part 4”)

Continued from December 20, 2010, “Martha’s guardian Angels, Part 1”

When it became clear that no taxi would be able to reach us and that we would have to walk to the restaurant, our host, SD, gave my sister, Martha, the address of the restaurant and directions to reach it. She repeated the address to him and she and JB set off ahead of us. As she and JB walked, she noticed nothing out of the ordinary with her Guides, four big, brawny, burly Angels who habitually accompany her. She and JB walked jauntily, joking and laughing. She repeated the address out loud, #209, and JB made a joke out of the numbers that must have mixed them up in her head. At this instant, her head became fogged and she became unsure of the address she had heard from our host. She and JB were probably standing right in front of the restaurant, but Martha was unsure of this–she said that it felt “hazy”. She received a message from her head Guide, Michael, which translated to “hey, hey, hey, heads up!” Ignoring this pointed feeling, she became totally focused on #609, instead of #209. As her focus changed, she noticed that the going became difficult immediately after she asked a policeman for directions to #609.

As my sister took JB’s arm and started guiding him down the street with determination, she became even more distracted by a skimpily clad woman on a balcony who was throwing beads to the crowd. Martha felt as if the woman were keeping her there for the beads, which my sister desired. She finally caught some beads and started to move with JB in tow. So many people were everywhere, though, that the two of them could not seem to go anywhere. At this juncture, they were still very close to the restaurant, just a few doors away, but my sister had it fixed in her head that she needed to get to #609 in a hurry. She felt responsible for JB, knowing that our host would be most unhappy if she did not reach the restaurant quickly with his father, so she was very determined to get him there promptly.

Fighting their way to the 400 block, Martha found that she could not see the numbers on the buildings, so she stopped and asked a second policeman for directions. This one didn’t answer, only grunted. At this point, she said that her Guides moved right in, right next to them. She said that if they had been any closer, her Guides would have been inside her and JB. Martha felt as if she were in a bubble, the entire episode seemed so surreal to her. She said that JB walked the best he had all trip—harrumphing all the way. After leaving the grunting policeman, the Guides moved out a little way from her, approximately a few steps ahead. In this fashion, she and JB continued to fight their way to #609.

Despite her fierce determination to deliver JB safely to the restaurant, Martha managed to be aware that it was becoming very hard to move. They had to zig-zag around people because the crowd wasn’t moving and everyone seemed to be in their way. Her Guides stayed close by, not in their usual flanking arrangement. Despite this, she and JB kept going. After hardly moving, she had some inkling that something was amiss, so she decided to call our host to confirm the street number of the restaurant. Thinking that she had left her cell phone at the hotel, she asked JB for his. JB didn’t answer, being too busy cursing (in Hungarian) at the crowd which was busy getting in their way. As they struggled toward #609, they both noticed that the environment had changed, becoming seedier. This part of the French Quarter did not seem like an area that our host would choose; it seemed not his taste at all. By this time, both of them knew that something was seriously wrong. They reached the place where #609 should have been, but no restaurant was to be found.

A short distance away, not at #609, which did not seem to exist, Martha found a small, quiet restaurant, a seeming oasis in the vast sea of seething humanity. As they entered the restaurant, they found that not even the street noises penetrated the calm silence. Martha also noticed that her Guides moved further away from them, not hugging them so closely. Both of them now apparently able to focus, JB suddenly found his cell phone. Martha immediately called our host, got the correct address (#209) from him, and she and JB proceeded to retrace their steps.

With everyone relieved to be found, Martha and JB started back to the 200 block to rendezvous with our host and me. As they walked, Martha was struck with how easily they progressed. People no longer stood in their way. In fact, people moved aside as the two of them passed, turning away from them to make a clear path. That same road that had seemed clogged with unwashed humanity jostling and crowding them now became a smooth road as the way was cleared for them to pass. The Guides also moved out, three steps away, loosely flanking them. In this manner, with her guardian Angels in “safe mode” position, Martha and JB made their way back in record time along a path that had only recently been nearly impossible to traverse.

(Continued in “Martha’s guardian Angels, Part 3”)

In the post of October 27, 2010 (Trust Your Angels), I reported a wondrous adventure that unfolded before me when I stopped trying to arrange my future and trusted my Angels to provide it for me. Today’s post addresses the surprising events which took place on our final night in New Orleans over Thanksgiving weekend, events which involved my sister’s guardian Angels.

Our party of four had been waiting at the hotel for a taxi to take us several blocks to the restaurant that our host, SD, had chosen for the evening. We had decided not to walk, because our host’s father, JB, a gentleman 84 years old and newly in failing health, had begun to have difficulty walking. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the taxi, as were two other parties of people, became tedious and overlong. SD was becoming anxious over the reservations we had at the restaurant, which we could lose if we were not present in a timely manner. As to the reason for the taxis’ non-appearance, SD learned that several blocks of the French Quarter had been cordoned off because of the Bayou Classic, a weekend of football between rival colleges. This was a true blowout, with people in the streets everywhere: wall-to-wall people, just like at Mardi Gras.

Learning this, we decided to walk, since a cab could not take us to the restaurant, anyway. Being unable to walk the necessary 2-3 blocks over the uneven granite stones (my 3-inch stiletto black, sequined pumps with the open toes were really only for show), I went to my room to get my walking shoes and returned to find only SD waiting for me. While I was gone after my other shoes, my sister, Martha, had left with JB, who also walked only with difficulty over those same uneven granite stones. Because JB walked slowly, the purpose of their leaving early was to give them a head start so that everyone could meet at the restaurant at approximately the same time.

SD and I stepped into the tide of humanity streaming past and fought our way to the restaurant to find that Martha and JB had not yet arrived, despite their considerable head start. More than enough time had elapsed for them to have reached their destination. SD became very concerned, since not only was my sister among those missing in action, but his ailing, infirm 84-year-old father, as well. I “scanned” the area in spirit, alert for any indication that the two of them were in trouble. My spirit scan showed nothing out of place. The impression returned to me that they were just lost. SD sat me on a chair in the foyer of the restaurant with a stern look that said, “you sit right there and don’t move….I’m not about to run after you, too”, and disappeared into the crowd to find his father and Martha.

Our host was gone a long time. In the interim, Martha and JB arrived at the restaurant, looking a little disheveled, with JB ranting about the ill-mannered, jostling crowds. Martha called SD on the cell phone and he returned shortly, much relieved that nothing untoward had befallen his father. We did not allow this little unpleasantness to mar our evening and fell to eating, drinking, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company at the marvelous restaurant chosen by our host. After a pleasant night of revelry and much laughter, we four walked back together to the hotel, arm in arm, supporting JB on the uneven pavement. Everyone retired early, but Martha stopped by my room to tell me an amazing story about her adventure with JB while they were lost.

(Continued in “Martha’s guardian Angels, Part 2”)