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In the post of October 27, 2010 (Trust Your Angels), I reported a wondrous adventure that unfolded before me when I stopped trying to arrange my future and trusted my Angels to provide it for me. Today’s post addresses the surprising events which took place on our final night in New Orleans over Thanksgiving weekend, events which involved my sister’s guardian Angels.

Our party of four had been waiting at the hotel for a taxi to take us several blocks to the restaurant that our host, SD, had chosen for the evening. We had decided not to walk, because our host’s father, JB, a gentleman 84 years old and newly in failing health, had begun to have difficulty walking. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the taxi, as were two other parties of people, became tedious and overlong. SD was becoming anxious over the reservations we had at the restaurant, which we could lose if we were not present in a timely manner. As to the reason for the taxis’ non-appearance, SD learned that several blocks of the French Quarter had been cordoned off because of the Bayou Classic, a weekend of football between rival colleges. This was a true blowout, with people in the streets everywhere: wall-to-wall people, just like at Mardi Gras.

Learning this, we decided to walk, since a cab could not take us to the restaurant, anyway. Being unable to walk the necessary 2-3 blocks over the uneven granite stones (my 3-inch stiletto black, sequined pumps with the open toes were really only for show), I went to my room to get my walking shoes and returned to find only SD waiting for me. While I was gone after my other shoes, my sister, Martha, had left with JB, who also walked only with difficulty over those same uneven granite stones. Because JB walked slowly, the purpose of their leaving early was to give them a head start so that everyone could meet at the restaurant at approximately the same time.

SD and I stepped into the tide of humanity streaming past and fought our way to the restaurant to find that Martha and JB had not yet arrived, despite their considerable head start. More than enough time had elapsed for them to have reached their destination. SD became very concerned, since not only was my sister among those missing in action, but his ailing, infirm 84-year-old father, as well. I “scanned” the area in spirit, alert for any indication that the two of them were in trouble. My spirit scan showed nothing out of place. The impression returned to me that they were just lost. SD sat me on a chair in the foyer of the restaurant with a stern look that said, “you sit right there and don’t move….I’m not about to run after you, too”, and disappeared into the crowd to find his father and Martha.

Our host was gone a long time. In the interim, Martha and JB arrived at the restaurant, looking a little disheveled, with JB ranting about the ill-mannered, jostling crowds. Martha called SD on the cell phone and he returned shortly, much relieved that nothing untoward had befallen his father. We did not allow this little unpleasantness to mar our evening and fell to eating, drinking, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company at the marvelous restaurant chosen by our host. After a pleasant night of revelry and much laughter, we four walked back together to the hotel, arm in arm, supporting JB on the uneven pavement. Everyone retired early, but Martha stopped by my room to tell me an amazing story about her adventure with JB while they were lost.

(Continued in “Martha’s guardian Angels, Part 2”)