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Continued from December 20, 2010, “Martha’s guardian Angels, Part 1”

When it became clear that no taxi would be able to reach us and that we would have to walk to the restaurant, our host, SD, gave my sister, Martha, the address of the restaurant and directions to reach it. She repeated the address to him and she and JB set off ahead of us. As she and JB walked, she noticed nothing out of the ordinary with her Guides, four big, brawny, burly Angels who habitually accompany her. She and JB walked jauntily, joking and laughing. She repeated the address out loud, #209, and JB made a joke out of the numbers that must have mixed them up in her head. At this instant, her head became fogged and she became unsure of the address she had heard from our host. She and JB were probably standing right in front of the restaurant, but Martha was unsure of this–she said that it felt “hazy”. She received a message from her head Guide, Michael, which translated to “hey, hey, hey, heads up!” Ignoring this pointed feeling, she became totally focused on #609, instead of #209. As her focus changed, she noticed that the going became difficult immediately after she asked a policeman for directions to #609.

As my sister took JB’s arm and started guiding him down the street with determination, she became even more distracted by a skimpily clad woman on a balcony who was throwing beads to the crowd. Martha felt as if the woman were keeping her there for the beads, which my sister desired. She finally caught some beads and started to move with JB in tow. So many people were everywhere, though, that the two of them could not seem to go anywhere. At this juncture, they were still very close to the restaurant, just a few doors away, but my sister had it fixed in her head that she needed to get to #609 in a hurry. She felt responsible for JB, knowing that our host would be most unhappy if she did not reach the restaurant quickly with his father, so she was very determined to get him there promptly.

Fighting their way to the 400 block, Martha found that she could not see the numbers on the buildings, so she stopped and asked a second policeman for directions. This one didn’t answer, only grunted. At this point, she said that her Guides moved right in, right next to them. She said that if they had been any closer, her Guides would have been inside her and JB. Martha felt as if she were in a bubble, the entire episode seemed so surreal to her. She said that JB walked the best he had all trip—harrumphing all the way. After leaving the grunting policeman, the Guides moved out a little way from her, approximately a few steps ahead. In this fashion, she and JB continued to fight their way to #609.

Despite her fierce determination to deliver JB safely to the restaurant, Martha managed to be aware that it was becoming very hard to move. They had to zig-zag around people because the crowd wasn’t moving and everyone seemed to be in their way. Her Guides stayed close by, not in their usual flanking arrangement. Despite this, she and JB kept going. After hardly moving, she had some inkling that something was amiss, so she decided to call our host to confirm the street number of the restaurant. Thinking that she had left her cell phone at the hotel, she asked JB for his. JB didn’t answer, being too busy cursing (in Hungarian) at the crowd which was busy getting in their way. As they struggled toward #609, they both noticed that the environment had changed, becoming seedier. This part of the French Quarter did not seem like an area that our host would choose; it seemed not his taste at all. By this time, both of them knew that something was seriously wrong. They reached the place where #609 should have been, but no restaurant was to be found.

A short distance away, not at #609, which did not seem to exist, Martha found a small, quiet restaurant, a seeming oasis in the vast sea of seething humanity. As they entered the restaurant, they found that not even the street noises penetrated the calm silence. Martha also noticed that her Guides moved further away from them, not hugging them so closely. Both of them now apparently able to focus, JB suddenly found his cell phone. Martha immediately called our host, got the correct address (#209) from him, and she and JB proceeded to retrace their steps.

With everyone relieved to be found, Martha and JB started back to the 200 block to rendezvous with our host and me. As they walked, Martha was struck with how easily they progressed. People no longer stood in their way. In fact, people moved aside as the two of them passed, turning away from them to make a clear path. That same road that had seemed clogged with unwashed humanity jostling and crowding them now became a smooth road as the way was cleared for them to pass. The Guides also moved out, three steps away, loosely flanking them. In this manner, with her guardian Angels in “safe mode” position, Martha and JB made their way back in record time along a path that had only recently been nearly impossible to traverse.

(Continued in “Martha’s guardian Angels, Part 3”)