Continued from December 22, 2010 “Martha’s guardian Angels, Part 3”

In analyzing the movements of Martha’s guardian Angels during her adventure with JB in New Orleans, we find her Angels initially on alert, aiding her and JB in navigating the streets during the Bayou Blowout, when those streets were choked with revelers. As Martha and JB head down Bourbon Street toward #209 (the correct address), her Angels are arrayed loosely around them. Michael, the main Angel, is near her right shoulder as usual. Of the three others, one is placed ahead of her, while the remaining two are to the side and a little to the rear. Martha describes this formation as much like a wedge, with the leading Angel parting the way, while the others protect her from the side and rear.

(These Angels bear describing. All of them are tall, big, burly, muscled beings, who present a male essence. Michael, the chief Angel, has shown himself to me, as well, and what a hunk! He is bathed in golden light, has a bronzed, well-muscled body, and blonde hair to his shoulders. He has blue/green eyes. He wears a leather thong for a sweatband, and a little off-white skirt affair edged in gleaming gold. He has on brown leather sandals that criss-cross up his powerful calves, much like the representations of Greek gods. He exudes power, stamina, security, and over-whelming male attractiveness. As I write, I find it hard to breathe. This is Martha’s main guardian Angel. The other three are also tall, well-built and well-muscled male essences. Their skin is more olive, while their hair, also long, is dark-brown. Interestingly, I saw these Angels in my mind just in this way, so that as Martha was describing them, I was not surprised. Neither one of us could breathe when we saw Michael and felt his radiance. Who knew??)

So, Martha’s guardian Angels are in their usual formation around her, at their usual distance. Thus, she is aware of their presence, but feels no sense of danger. As she and JB move through the crowd, they feel no jostling, nor does anyone get in their way, despite the crowded condition of the street. Then, Martha becomes confused. Instead of heading for #209, somehow #609 becomes fixed in her mind. The accompanying overwhelming thought that presses on her is her feeling of being responsible for delivering JB safely to the restaurant in a timely manner. With these strong thoughts, she makes a bee-line for the incorrect address.

As she passes the correct address, Martha begins finding the going very difficult. She reports crowds pressing in on her; people in the way; being jostled and pushed and shoved. JB is so annoyed as to begin roundly cursing the crowd in Hungarian. With her peripheral senses, Martha feels her Angels moving in closer to her. Usually this is a sign for her that she needs now to pay attention and re-evaluate her position. Given her intense concentration in reaching her goal, though, Martha notices, but pays no heed.

Once in the 400 block (heading for the 600 block), Martha asks directions of a policeman who seems to be very dangerous from some other dimensional point of view, because suddenly her Angels move right in close. She says that were they any closer, the Angels would have been inside the two of them. Perhaps that is why she feels as if she were in a bubble, as if everything around her is surreal, because her Angels are so close that their frequency is interfering with her ability to correctly guage three dimensional space and time.

As Martha and JB move away from the policeman, her Angels move a little further away from them, a couple of steps ahead, giving them some room. She and JB reach the 600 block to find that no #609 exists; they find the quiet restaurant into which no sounds of the raucous outside noises penetrate. Her Angels move even further away, signaling safety. Martha ascertains the correct street address of her destination. She and JB leave the quiet restaurant to make their way back up the crowded street. Now, with the two of them headed in the correct direction, Martha’s Angels move into their usual position. She and JB find the going unbelievable easy. While before, heading in the wrong direction, everyone was in their way, now people move aside, turn aside, avoid pushing/shoving. The Angels are out, three steps away, clearing a path for our adventurers as they make their way to the correct destination, moving bodies out of the path with their highly vibrating frequency.

In our final installment of Martha’s guardian Angels, we shall examine in detail the inferences and implications for our budding awareness in this interesting story. We shall learn ways and means of identifying Heaven’s signs to us and how we can get out of our own way to use these signs for our benefit.

(Continued in “Martha’s guardian Angels, part 5”)

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