Continued from December 23, 2010 “Martha’s guardian Angels, part 4”

In this final installment of Martha’s guardian Angels, we shall examine in detail the inferences and implications for our budding awareness in this interesting story, learning ways and means of identifying Heaven’s signs to us and how we can get out of our own way to use these signs for our benefit.

As your Angels continue to exhort you, awareness is key in our dealings with the other dimension. Being aware is the single most important characteristic you can cultivate which will allow you to interact successfully with your own Angels. What were Martha’s challenges in terms of awareness?

A. Initially, it was necessary for her to be aware of the guardian Angels’ formation around her and JB. At the outset of walking in the correct direction toward the restaurant, the formation did not change, so Martha needed to be only peripherally aware of it. Reaching the correct address, #209, Martha received the message from her Head Guardian Angel, Michael, which translated to, “hey, hey, hey, heads up!” This she ignored, being convinced that the correct address was #609. In all of my dealings with guidance, the message has always been right and whenever I have ignored it, I have always been wrong. We do, however, have free will and it can be our choice to ignore guidance. From sad experience, we ignore guidance at our peril and to our detriment, because the Angels are always right.

B. On going past the correct address, Martha becomes aware of difficulty in progressing. People begin jostling her and JB, and her Angels move in closer. Her awareness of difficulty in progressing through the crowd is commendable, but now her concentration slips. She is aware of the Angels moving closer, but pays no heed. At this point, had she been fully aware and paying attention, she would have realized that her Angels were sending her a very clear message through all of this difficulty. Had she been able to give up on the idea that she knew the correct address, she could have stopped and called SD to verify the correct address, thus saving herself and JB a good deal of stress and worry, not to mention preventing them both from being jostled, pushed, and shoved to no good purpose.

C. Moving further away from the correct address and encountering a dangerous policeman, Martha again feels her guardian Angels moving even closer, so close as to be almost inside of her. Still she takes no steps to rectify her incorrect information, other than to move away from the policeman, still in an incorrect direction. Again she is peripherally aware of something wrong, but is so focused on her goal that she ignores all guidance. It is at this juncture that tragedy can occur. She is totally focused on her own will, she ignores totally all guidance which is nearly screaming in her ear that something is dreadfully wrong, yet she doggedly persists on pursuing her own ideas. How many of us have found ourselves in this no-win situation? Like drugged automatons, we march through life, ignorantly and arrogantly pursuing our own current good ideas, totally against guidance, sometimes with tragic results. Far easier to learn awareness and a little humility so that we can start to bring success and happiness into our lives, courtesy of our Angels.

D. Continuing in that same incorrect direction, i.e., away from the correct address, the crowd continues to jostle, bump, push, shove, and otherwise get in her and JB’s way. Angels are close, signaling danger. Martha ignores all of this, convinced that she is correct in her assessment of the situation. Again, intense concentration on a particular idea, attitude, outlook, or point of view can and will blind us to the correct path before us. Because it is not our path, the path we have chosen for ourselves, we often ignore health, wealth, and bliss that could be ours.

E. They finally find #609; learn that it is the wrong address. Heading back the way they came, Martha again becomes aware of the relaxed attitude of the Angels. She also becomes aware of how easily the crowd parts for her and JB, allowing them to reach their correct goal quickly. No longer distracted by fixation on a fruitless idea and with her awareness of the correct path heightened, she and JB quickly return to the restaurant that they had passed so long ago.

The message for us, dear Readers, is to continue to be aware of our thoughts, ideas, attitudes, and outlooks. Keep them pointed in the right direction, i.e., toward Angelic guidance. Examine some of those attitudes and ideas. Must we have it all our way? Could we relax our death-grip on our own desires and at least give our Angels the courtesy of listening to what they have to say? It’s not really a power struggle between us and them. What they want for us is really what we want for ourselves. Sit with that idea, allow it to percolate into your consciousness, and see what wondrous gifts are in store for you as you allow Angelic guidance to light your way.

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