Archive for January 3rd, 2011

Not long ago, I was ranting and raving to my Angels about how few resources I seem to have at my disposal, given the monumental tasks they have laid out for me. In particular, I seem to be extremely short on time. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything that needs to be done on a regular basis, not to mention taking time for the many unexpected things that come up from day to day.

While it is tempting to elaborate about my many burdens, each of you, doubtless, has just as many demands—if not more—for your time, as well. All philosophy aside for a moment, I confess to feeling quite put out with all that is expected of me. Yes, I am whining, and sometimes I actually rant and rave. “There is no time!” I wail to entities who exist in a dimension devoid of time. “I need more time!” I cry to timeless beings.

After one particularly large stormcloud of negativity, my Angels quietly showed me where to find so much time that there is seemingly time to burn. It lies in the little areas of time between time and it lies in understanding that much of what we need to accomplish takes less time than it takes to whine about it. Let us take washing dishes as an example. The sink is full of dirty dishes and the plants are gasping for water. You absolutely must leave for work in 20 minutes. It seems that the choices are either wash the dishes or water the plants. It turns out that this is not an either/or question. There is actually time for both things, with a little efficiency and some quick action. Washing the dishes takes, at most, 15 minutes. Watering the plants takes, at most, 10 minutes. Neither task takes hours. In fact, you can run the water for the dishes while you are watering the plants, so that the entire affair probably will take, at most, 15 minutes. Voila! The kitchen is clean, the plants succulent, and you are a happy camper, with 5 minutes to spare.

The most striking example I can present to you, though, of actually having more time than seemingly is present, is a particular Saturday morning after my rant session about having no time. I had returned home at 1:00 a.m. and had gone to bed quickly. Arising at 9:30 a.m., I washed, dried my hair, dressed, did my morning devotions, and was out the door by 11:00 a.m. I picked up the mail, drove 8 miles to town, paid my mortgage, and shopped for Christmas baking and cooking, returning home by 12:30 p.m. With all of this under my belt, I still had an entire hour before I had to leave for work. In that hour, I had a leisurely breakfast, complete with a restorative cup of coffee and dessert. Now I still had 30 minutes! It almost seemed as if time had become dilated after my hearty rant! In that time, I straightened up in the kitchen and picked up some of the inevitable clutter that occurs with a busy household. I left the house at 1:30 p.m., having accomplished more in a short period of time than I thought possible.

Since then, I am acutely aware of how much time we can waste. Perhaps we waste it by dreading a particular task. I remember dreading a task for six straight months. Then, one day, I decided to tackle it. The entire task was finished in less than three days. I had wasted 6 good months dreading a task which I accomplished in its entirety in less than three days. Mind-boggling! Perhaps we waste time by thinking that we have no time. If you find yourself in this situation, notice how long it takes you to do the dishes, for example, or the laundry, or anything else, provided that you do the task without interruptions. If a task is, indeed, multi-faceted and extremely large, allocate 15 minutes a day to it. Faithfully devote 15 minutes each day. Set the microwave timer. Stay at it until the 15 minutes is up. Do this every day. Before you know it, your office will be cleaned up and so will your basement.

Whatever your particular dilemma with time, your Angels assure you that you have time enough, if you are clever in looking for it. Some keys to productive time management are avoidance of procrastination, consistent effort, remaining with a task until it is completed, and rest periods to reward yourself for having persisted in your efforts.

Both your Angels and I wish you the best for the coming year. May it be productive, now that you have a new handle on Time.