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“Little darlin’, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter. Little darlin’ it feels like years since it’s been clear. Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo); here comes the sun, what I say. It’s all right.” (from “Here Comes the Sun”, sung by the Beatles). It has, indeed, been a long, cold, lonely winter up here in the frozen tundra of New England and we are finally digging ourselves out. Crocuses are in full bloom, smiling at the sun, while busy and resourceful little bees sip their nectar for future honey pots; tulips peek out of the warm earth, stretching upward in anticipation of glowing red in the full light of day; peepers cheep in the wetlands, singing, “Pick me!! Pick me!!” I, too, have thawed and am bursting with unusual thoughts, occurrences, and revelations after a long, frozen, dry spell. Welcome back, dear Readers, and Happy Spring to you!

One of the most unusual experiences I have had in a long list of many strange and unusual experiences has to do with crystals. If this had not happened to me, I would have been hard pressed to accept it as a reality. Happen it did. I present my experience to you to read it, ponder it, examine it, test it, and perhaps to provide me with an explanation of what exactly occurred. Let us turn, then, to the story:

Some short time ago, a woman of my acquaintance, Lola, spoke to me glowingly of her crystal work, mentioning that she uses crystals in her capacity as a healer. Specifically, she spoke of Lemurian crystals, discussed extensively by a remarkable woman from the UK, one, Diana Cooper, who has written several books on this subject (see Links). According to Ms. Cooper, Lemurian crystals are 10 times more powerful than Reiki in the ability to heal, and were used by the Lemurians (in a civilization that pre-dated Atlantis) to heal the earth. These crystals are now available from mines in Brazil and can again be used for healing. As Lola waxed eloquent on this subject, adding that certain crystals spread heat through her palms when placed in her hand, I listened with an open but admittedly skeptical mind, since I had had no prior experience with any form of crystal work.

After a few minutes of explanation, Lola produced two small, flat boxes. She opened one to reveal a singularly unimpressive quartz crystal. Obviously rough-hewn, it measured approximately 3.5-4 inches in height, about 1.5-2 inches in width in the rough shape of an obelisk. Several of the faces were smooth, but much of the crystal was bubbly and coarse, much as it must have looked while still in the earth. The smooth faces stretched upward, coming to a rough point. Lola dropped it into my open left palm and immediately I experienced……………nothing. No warmth, no tingle, no gasp, no nothing.

Looking rather dumbly at this hunk of rock in my hand, I was suddenly inspired to pass my right palm over the top of the crystal, cupping it between my two hands, but without toughing my right palm to the crystal. As I did this, I felt a deep, low, electromagnet hum: WAHMP……WAHMP……WAHMP, repeated rhythmically, like the hum of a small, but mighty electric motor. I took my right palm away. The hum stopped. I returned my right hand; the deep-throated hum returned. In great surprise, I turned to Lola and asked her whether she had heard and felt this deep, electric throbbing. She said, “no”, that she had felt heat, but heard no hum. It felt to me as if there was a huge voltage across this crystal which had turned to current flow as I completed the circuit when my palms faced each other with the crystal between. Interestingly, there was no electric shock, just the very deep, electric hum. Taking the crystal from my palm, Lola chattered some more about crystals, how each one is tuned to the individual and that to pick one requires touching or being near to it, to observe one’s reaction. For her, since she feels heat, it is necessary to touch the crystal. Others can feel vibrations, or, in my case, an odd, electric throbbing.

My gaze turned to the second little box on the desk. Although up to this point, crystals had only been pretty colored rocks to me, now I was on fire to see this newest crystal. I couldn’t in politeness ask Lola to take it out and put it into my palm, but she was already removing the cover, as if in accord with my silent, unspoken request. This crystal was infinitely more interesting to me than the first, although I could not have given a rational reason for my heightened interest. Smaller than the first, it measured approximately 2.5-3 inches in height and, perhaps, 1/2 inch in diameter. It, too, was in the shape of an obelisk, but with more than 4 faces, all coming to a point. On one of the smooth faces, tiny horizontal marks, as if etched with a fine pin point or laser, lined the surface, nearly from top to bottom. It was these marks that drew my gaze. I knew from somewhere that these marks were information stored in this crystal, though how and why information would be on the crystal was a question that I could not answer. I held up my palm and Lola laid the crystal on it. As I turned away from her, toward my left, I immediately saw in my mind’s eye the curvature of the earth, close to the ground. In this incredible span of ground, approximately 1/8th of the circumference of the earth, I saw several of these crystals stuck into the ground—much like our high-voltage towers, angled so that their peaks pointed toward each other. Above the peaks, electromagnetic signals, or signals of this type of frequency, were being broadcast between the crystals, connecting them into a cohesive whole, sending some type of information.

Turning to Lola in awe, I tried to describe my vision to her, “I don’t know how to say this, but these crystals were connected and they were sending information in the form of some kind of energy that radiated from their tops”. Without batting an eyelash, Lola told me that, yes, indeed, these crystals had been planted in the earth by the Lemurians and the crystals had communicated between themselves for some purpose, purportedly to heal the planet. As she said this, goose bumps coursed all up and down my body, until I was almost resonating with them. I also knew that the crystal had much more to tell me, but that it would be impolite to go further with this discussion at this time. Reluctantly, I returned the small crystal to Lola and asked her whether the crystal had spoken to her, as well. She said that she would need to meditate on it, but to date, it had not shown her anything like what I had seen.

Then and there, I knew that my next and first stop would be at a crystal shop close by, where, interestingly enough, they sell Lemurian crystals. I can see the color and the number. They must all have the horizontal markings. I can see, too, that once one crystal is in my possession, I will be connected to all of the crystals on the planet and who knows what ancient information they will reveal.

That is my unusual experience. From regarding crystals as pretty, innocent, pointy hunks of rock, I am now aflame to storm that crystal shop and see what kinds of reactions I might receive from them. If any of you have had crystal experience or can recommend reading on this subject, please share it with us. It might contribute to the change in world consciousness which is currently proceeding at an every faster pace.