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Once again your Angels have given me interesting information to share with you, the purpose of which I do not know, but those of you who read this post will know that it is for you. In my line of work, I daily come into contact with life and death, whether from my patients or from stories told to me by their family members. For their own reasons, something about me instills confidence in them. Feeling that they will receive a fair hearing, they then tell me the most amazing things, things that, by their own admission, they are unwilling to share with others for fear of being thought “odd”, “unusual”, or the dreaded “c” word: crazy.

One of my patients had had routine surgery and was recuperating before being transferred to a rehabilitation center for further work. His wife was visiting him; both were sitting in chairs, comfortably ensconced. As I chatted with them, the patient mentioned (for some unknown reason; straight out of the blue), that his wife had been in a coma for some weeks and had now recovered. In fact, she seemed perfectly fine, with no hint of aftereffects from such a lengthy period of unconsciousness. Looking at her with great interest, I gently asked a few searching questions. This was all she needed and she proceeded to tell me the story:

For several weeks she apparently had been unconscious in a hospital. She had no recollection of much of this time. Near the end of the coma—she did not know at the time that the coma was about to end—she became aware of floating above her body, which was in the hospital bed below her. She saw her father, mother, nurses, other hospital personnel, all around her bed. In adjacent corridors and rooms she saw other people, although she was not present in those areas. Her father was speaking to her. As she became more aware of her surroundings, she noticed a hollow tube that appeared in the air around her. Somewhere far down the tube she saw a light, which was bright, but did not hurt her eyes.

At this point, she interrupted her narrative to tell me that she had bargained with the Being in the Light to come back to the earth. I asked her what the Being had said to her and how she came to feel that she was bargaining with It. With that question, she continued her narrative. She said that as she moved through the tube and went into the Light, she knew that this was it, that she was leaving her body, her family, and her life on earth. Upon acknowledging this realization, she told the Being, “Oh, no. I can’t leave. I have little children. There’s no one who can take care of them!” With these words, she immediately found herself back in the hospital bed to horrible pain, which has now passed. Since that time, she has much peace, knowing that “death” is not the dreaded bogeyman under the bed, but a peaceful, beautiful floating toward an amazing Light of pure and unconditional Love.

On ending her narrative, I thanked her profusely for sharing this incredible story with me, which has the same elements of near-death experiences (NDE), as reported by Dr. Moody (see Reading). She also thanked me, saying that she was relieved that I believed her story. She said that initially she had only told her mother, who, thank the Angels, listened and believed her. Since having had this NDE, she is less reluctant to share, although she is still reticent to some extent—all the more amazing that she shared it with me, a total stranger. The peace and joy on her face is unmistakable and she exudes a calmness that only a profound experience such as this can impart.

This kind of experience, willingly shared, can uplift us all as we struggle with our little daily grind. For me, it reaffirms my commitment to staying open to guidance, to staying open to the experiences dictated by my own Angels (even though these experiences may not be very pleasant nor do they always make sense to my logical, rational mind), and to keeping the lines of communication to our Angels open by continually listening to Them. This I do through stilling my mind, stilling my thoughts, avoiding the temptation to judge and criticize others, and to roll with whatever comes my way. Some days I even succeed with all of these; some days I have to try again. My hope is that those of you reading this interesting story will find the inspiration to continue to stay in touch with your Angels.