Archive for July 31st, 2011

My Angels have given me important information in the form of an allegory, which needs to be shared with all of you who might be suffering in areas that don’t seem to change. Not to bore you with the details of my sometimes pathetic life, I will only say that it has two amazingly stuck places. Think miles of tangled string. Think boulders that won’t budge. Think frustration to the max. Since learning about Ho o’ponopono (see Links, Dr. Hew Len) last October (2010), I have faithfully been practicing this mantra to no apparent avail, thus far. Yet, the message from Heaven was clear: persist in this direction for positive resolution of those stuck places. How was the allegory presented? Read on, dear Readers. This might speak to you as well.

Last August, I purchased a pendulum-driven banjo clock that chimes on the half-hour and on the hour. It has two places to wind it, one for the clock and one for the chimes. The chimes winder is finicky and requires some care in order for it to work. Not long ago, I would the chimes up too tightly and it wouldn’t chime at all. Usually when this is the case, the clock must be taken to a repair shop because a spring wound too tight will not unwind by itself—it just stays wound. Not having a clock repair shop even remotely close by, I decided to apply to Angelic aid, instructing my Angels to fix the chimes. Surprisingly (?!), the chimes worked for a few hours, then again stopped. I had the impression that I should let the clock wind down over a week, then rewind only the clock portion, not even inserting the key into the chimes winder. This I did, and noticed that the chimes worked again for a short while. Emboldened, I gingerly tried the chimes winder and got it too tight again. Drats. You would think that I would learn. But noooooooo.

Again I instructed my Angels to fix the chimes. Again, the clock chimed for a few hours, after which it stopped chiming. Again, I let the clock run down all the way, then rewound it, this time not touching the chimes winder at all. The chimes did not work at all, no way, no how.

Even though it seemed that I was having no success with this clock at all, I nevertheless had a totally positive feeling that at some point in time, the chimes would again work. With this expectation (see also June 5, 2010 Seek with Expectation), I decided that this week I would again just wind up the clock, leave the chimes winder alone, and once again instruct my Angels to fix the chimes so that they will work. I did as I had planned. In the process of winding the clock, the chimes began to fitfully sound, bonging out 11 o’clock. I was in shock. These chimes hadn’t sounded in more than a week, and to my knowledge, they were still wound too tightly. They have been bonging for two days so far, unwinding themselves to the point where they will be fully operational very soon.

Living through this, I realized that my Angels were giving me information about those two huge stuck areas in my life. The message I got was that those places would slowly unravel and smooth out with patience, persistence, and the expectation of a positive outcome. Beyond having the expectation that they will be ironed out, I must also stop visiting them (i.e., stop fiddling with the chimes winder), stop looking and listening to see whether they are fixed yet, and occupy myself with seemingly unrelated matters (i.e., wind the clock only). These seemingly unrelated matters are somehow connected with the stuck places and will allow them to be resolved. The message is really clear that by following these instructions, my stuck places will be history—possibly in the near future. Now comes my challenge: practicing not visiting them, moving away from them toward seemingly unrelated matters—which, nevertheless, will bring about resolution of the stuck places. Sure, I’ll do it. I have nothing to lose except the tangled mess of these two areas. I’ll let you know how things work out.