As one who had never been interested in or aware of the power of crystals, my first contact with Lemurian crystals came as a shock (see April 11, 2011 Crystal Surprise) (see also Links, Diana Cooper). Today came another shock. While visiting a new acquaintance, Selma, she brought out a basket filled with crystals of every size, shape, color, configuration, and texture. Shiny, rough, smooth, purple, mauve, rose, white, they nestled, humming softly. From the first, my attention became fixed on a large obelisk, which I immediately identified as a Lemurian crystal from the characteristic horizontal markings on one faceted face. To refresh our memories, these horizontal markings are etched into the crystal with such fine precision that they appear to have been done by a laser. This particular crystal was approximately 6 inches tall, with a hefty weight, and a solid “feel”. Holding it in my hand, I looked in the basket and noticed several more of these crystals. The others were not as large as this, but of a good size and heft.

In conversation with Selma, I wondered fleetingly whether I would have any reaction to this crystal (see Crystal Surprise, April 11, 2011). There was no immediate sense of warmth, pulsing current, or sound, but suddenly I received the unmistakable impression that this crystal needed to placed upright so that it could begin its function, which is the transmission of energy. The message was strong and it was urgent. Unfortunately, Selma was not listening. As I reached for another crystal and began to tell her what the large crystal had communicated to me, she interrupted me with words, whose specifics I do not remember, but the gist of which was that these crystals belonged to her, that she would be the one deciding what they would and would not do, and that she was not the least bit happy with my interference in her crystal affairs. Of course, I immediately retreated, apologizing for my intrusion, telling her that I had only been repeating what the crystal had told me. Thinking to myself, “Well, that’s that!”, I prepared to listen to Selma expound on her other crystals.

In the space of a heartbeat, Selma did an about-face. Suddenly she became very interested in what the Lemurian crystals had to say, so I explained while placing them upright around her apartment. All six of them wanted to be upright, placed around the room, encircling it. Upright, they would then connect with each other and began transmitting energy to raise the frequency of the space and of anyone within their circle. Despite her earlier strong reaction, Selma allowed me to place the crystals for their maximum effect. We sat on the couch, encircled with the crystals, which, presumably had begun transmitting.

For a long time, I was so absorbed in Selma’s very interesting conversation that I did not take notice of the vibrations around me. Soon, though, I began to feel a force embracing me, impacting me at my heart chakra and moving upwards. I asked Selma whether she felt anything. She said that she could feel it from her third chakra, also moving upwards as if it were trying to lift her. Again, I told her how the web worked and how powerful it would be for her if she were to make some kind of permanent placement of the crystals—they would let her know where they needed to be placed.

We continued the conversation for some little time, then I bade adieu due to extreme pressure to go to visit Selma’s friend, Louise, who lived just a few doors down (see post of April 18, 2011 Everyday Wonders). Near the end of my visit with Louise, the crystals again communicated with me. Giving very specific instructions, they had me sketch out for Louise how they wanted to be arranged for maximum effect. They required little pots made of glazed clay, preferably rounded rather than V-shaped. The pots must have saucers. The pots were to be filled with small, rounded quartz stones of varying shapes and sizes in a mixture of white and pink. The white ones would amplify white light, while the pink ones would send out love to impact the heart chakra. Each crystal would be placed upright in a pot, then surrounded with these small quartz stones. The pot with the upright crystal would be placed around the room in conjunction with its sister crystals, which would then all begin transmission.

Louise and I were aghast at this information, I most of all, since up until April 11 when I had my first encounter with Lemurian crystals, I had considered all crystal work to be bogus hocus-pocus. Dear Readers, there is nothing like direct, undeniable experience to convince those willing to keep an open mind. As you can imagine, I am now on fire to acquire large crystals—it feels like six—to place in my own sunroom in little pots filled with white and pink quartz crystals. At present, I do not know where this is leading and with what consequences, but the journey is fascinating. I would appreciate hearing from any of you who have crystal experience or who have information about this entire process. Thank you all for accompanying me on this most interesting journey.

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1   Sonia    
August 6th, 2011 at 12:58 pm

Please let me know of any information that you find out about crystals! While I find them interesting I too have doubted their ability to do anything.

Reading this post (and the one from April) fills me with a desire for Crystals. But of course I don’t want to go out and buy them and then not be able to place them in the right way.

It’s funny, I totally trust and believe in your knowledge on this subject. Even though I have spoke with others who have and use crystals, I didn’t get this same level of confidence?

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