Archive for September 5th, 2011

Over many decades of experience, I have determined that our Angels take care of us in many unusual ways, many of which we don’t even know about until we take the time to pay attention. I’d like to share with you one way that my Angels take care of me: they always give me just enough money to live, making allowances for unexpected expenses. And that money comes in ways and through means that I never expect.

After having duly filed my income taxes for this year, my memory seemed to be that I had owed money to my state government, for which I sent the required check. Imagine my surprise when a notice came from my state government! Oh-oh, I thought. This is either very, very good or very, very bad. I opened the envelope to find a refund from these people with an explanation that line such and such did not agree with line so and so. Instructions were included, should I wish to file a disagreement. Ha! While I was thrilled to get this substantial refund, my mind went into muse mode: it remembered that every time I had an unexpected expense, money would appear in the mail from some obscure place–just enough money to pay a bill, with some left over for living. What kind of bill would require this extra money?

Putting the check away for the moment, I turned to balancing my checkbook and generally looking at my finances. Lo and behold, I found the mortgage payment due, but not enough money from my employment checks to cover the total. Adding the refund from the state government would allow me both to pay the mortgage and have a little left over for food or gas! Those foxy Angels had done it again, saving my little pink butt, as well as my credit rating.

With this gift from Heaven, I had to seriously rethink the pressures under which I am currently laboring and which I have repeatedly requested my Angels remove. Because things haven’t changed, I assumed that I was on my own in this regard. Not true. My Angels are truly watching over me, as evidenced by this unexpected infusion of cash. Something else must be in the works. Perhaps I have much to learn from the current untenable situation in which I find myself. Perhaps I am working out some serious past karma and so must live through this. Whatever the explanation, my Angels are truly working with me and are helping me out in every way that they can. Yours are doing the same, dear Readers. Keep listening. Pay attention. Slow down. Be vigilant. You will notice patterns and signs which will tell you how your Angels are working with you. Keep the faith and hang in there. Heaven cares.