Archive for September 12th, 2011

After having successfully caught and relocated two little grey mice in the past few years, I was feeling quite smug that my Angels had been so good as to help me catch them without the use of traps. I also thought that I had finally rid the house of them. Wrong. One evening I was typing at the computer when I heard the tell-tale rusting of little feetsies in the kitchen. It was either an extremely large roach or a mouse. I was hoping for the latter. Sneaking up on it, I saw that it was, indeed, a mouse and, of course, I was not swift enough to catch it. How can those little things move so quickly on their tiny little feet?

We played cat and mouse for several weeks until one Saturday not long ago. I was writing at the dining room table when I heard the rustle in the kitchen. Creeping stealthily, I grabbed a small plastic bowl and went for the mouse. This time I knew that the mouse was mine. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that that mouse was headed for the woods ten miles away. I just needed to catch it. Very quickly, it showed itself and I swiftly plopped the plastic bowl over it. Luckily for the mouse, somehow the bowl had caught the edge of a small shelf, giving the mouse just enough room to escape from under the bowl. I was flabbergasted. As the mouse busied itself in running away from me, I looked at it seriously and told it, “You don’t understand. You’re MINE!” With that, I once again plopped the bowl down and this, time, definitely caught the little furry creature. From that moment, it was but five more before we were on our way to my favorite mouse relocation headquarters, a densely wooded area exactly ten miles from my house—far enough away that the mouse would not find its way back home, even without a blind-fold.

So what is significant about this event? It is that definite knowing that something was going to occur. In all of my dealings with this mouse, this was the first and only time that I knew this mouse would be gone from my house. That was why I was so surprised when I did not succeed in catching it the first time. That was why I actually had a conversation with the mouse, letting it know who was boss. That mouse actually looked at me when I was talking to it, giving me just enough time to plop the bowl over it. This knowing comes directly from the Angels and becomes more and more a part of your life as you become more tuned to the other world.