Archive for September 26th, 2011

Have you ever lost your keys/cell phone/nail clippers/mind and looked everywhere for them to no avail? Then you found them at a later time in a spot that you had previously searched? This uncanny experience happened to me just recently and it was so unusual that I must report it to you, dear Readers.

Several months ago, I used my nail clippers in the car on the way to work. They were in a particular pocket in my purse. I found them, used them, and put them back in that same pocket. A few days later, I needed them again and looked for them in their particular pocket. No clippers. I searched in every pocket of that purse. No clippers. That seemed very odd because I was so certain that I had returned them as I have described to you. I thought no more about it until the next time that I needed them on the road. Once again, I could not find them.

On arriving home, instead of just feeling with my hand, I turned each and every pocket of that purse inside-out and there was not a nail clipper to be found. I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that I was 100% confident that no nail clippers existed in my purse. By now, the clippers had been gone for several months and this was most inconvenient at times. Occasionally, I briefly lamented their loss and wondered where they could have gotten to. It seemed most strange, particularly since I knew that I had returned them to my purse.

One day, a few weeks ago, I came down to the kitchen, saw my purse sitting in its place and wondered idly whether my clippers had shown up yet. Walking over to the purse, I put my hand into the particular pocket that was the home for the nail clippers. I wasn’t even surprised when they popped right into my hand. So, after several months of absence, reality had shifted and my nail clippers came back.

This interesting experience helped me recall a previous similar one that occurred almost fifteen years ago with my car keys and a different purse. There, too, the keys had been in the purse and just a few minutes later, were nowhere to be found. I turned that purse inside out, too, to no avail. Beside myself, I called on my Angels. After another few minutes, I put my hand into my purse and the car keys fell right into them.

Several interesting ideas have come out of these experiences. Why, for example, was my idle thought connected with the idea of my nail clippers “returning” rather than of “being found”? My idle thought was most specific: I looked at the purse with a slightly bemused smile on my face and thought to myself, as I pictured the clippers, “I wonder if they’ve come back yet?” Then, on a whim, I put my hand into the purse and came up with the clippers. Perhaps my Angels are instructing me in other facets of what we call “reality” to help me understand it better. Perhaps when things are “lost”, they are not truly lost in the sense of having changed position, rather that they are in the same position as before, but the space around them has shifted so that they are not accessible. Once the space has shifted into our reality again, then we have access to them again. What exactly is occurring with this movement into and out of our reality is unclear and I invite any of my Readers to enlight us.

The other interesting idea here is that things can return without directly asking for Angelic help in finding the “lost” object. With these nail clippers, I had never asked for Angelic aid—very uncharacteristic of me because I am all about asking your Angels for help. Even though I had needed those clippers for several months, somehow I was never inspired to ask for help in locating them. Part of my latest Angelic instruction may be learning to regard reality differently and I needed direct experience to bring the message home. Whatever the Angels are trying to teach us, having my nail clippers return in this manner was an interesting and educational surprise.